Noun: брат собрат коллега земляк


big / older brother - старший брат

blood brother - кровный, родной брат

kid / little / younger brother - младший брат

elder brother's care and elder brother's love - забота и любовь старшего брата

full brother - родной брат

my little brother - мой младший брат

half-brother - брат по одному из родителей

he and his brother are poles apart - он полная противоположность своему брату

he and his brother are poles asunder - он полная противоположность своему брату

paternal half-brother - единокровный брат

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You'll like my brother. - Мой брат тебе понравится.

He is my own brother. - Он мой родной брат.

She took her brother along. - Она взяла с собой брата.

Charles is brother to John. - Чарльз приходится Джону братом.

I owe my brother $50. - Я задолжал своему брату пятьдесят долларов.

His brother won the bet. - Его брат выиграл пари.

Am I my brother's keeper? - Я что нянька своему брату? (Возм. библейское происх-е фразы. Когда Бог спросил у Каина где его брат тот ответил "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?")

He's very like his brother. - Он очень похож на своего брата.

My brother sings very well. - Мой брат очень хорошо поёт.

I won't fink on my brother. - Я не стану доносить на родного брата.

Her brother was out on bail. - Её брата освободили под залог.

My brother is in sixth grade. - Мой брат в шестом классе.

My brother works in insurance. - Мой брат работает в сфере страхования.

I mistook him for his brother. - Я принял его за его брата.

He's nothing like his brother. - Он совсем не похож на брата.

Jane, come and meet my brother. - Джейн, иди познакомься с моим братом.

My younger brother is a doctor. - Мой младший брат - доктор.

She's nothing like her brother. - Она совсем не похожа на своего брата.

Stop fighting with your brother! - Прекрати драться со своим братом!

Oliver's not really her brother. - На самом деле Оливер ей не брат.

The dukedom went to his brother. - Титул герцога перешёл к его брату.

Alice's feckless younger brother - беспомощный младший брат Элис

My brother and I are very close. - Мы с моим братом очень близки.

Sarah and her brother are twins. - Сара и её брат — близнецы.

His brother died in an air crash. - Его брат погиб в авиакатастрофе.

She caught a flu from her brother. - Она подхватила грипп от своего брата.

John came up to visit his brother. - Джон приехал (с юга) навестить брата.

My brother haunts me all the time! - Мой брат вечно ходит за мной как хвост!

Tom has outgrown his elder brother - Том перерос своего старшего брата

George is my half brother. - Джордж — мой сводный брат.

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Связанные термины:

Big Brother: People sometimes use Big Brother to refer to a person, government, or organization when they think it has complete control over people and is always checking what they do.

kid brother: your younger brother

lay brother: a man who has taken the vows of a religious order but is not ordained and not bound to divine office

baby brother: a younger brother

blood brother: A man's blood brother is a man he has sworn to treat as a brother, often in a ceremony which involves mixing a small amount of their blood.

half-brother: Someone's half-brother is a boy or man who has either the same mother or the same father as they have.

foster brother: a boy brought up with another child of different parents

brother-in-law: Someone's brother-in-law is the brother of their husband or wife, or the man who is married to one of their siblings.

Brother Jonathan: the United States or its people: predecessor of Uncle Sam

brother-in-arms: a fellow soldier or comrade in a shared struggle

stepbrother: Someone's stepbrother is the son of their stepfather or stepmother.

not your brother's keeper: not responsible for other people in any way

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Однокоренные слова:

brotherhood - братство, братские отношения, профсоюз железнодорожников
brotherly - братский, по-братски

Связанные слова: