Adjective: коричневый бурый карий темный
Noun: коричневый цвет коричневая краска медяк
Verb: подрумяниваться подрумянивать поджаривать загорать


clear brown - светло-коричневый

brown coal - бурый уголь

bright eyes, brown hair and flush beauty - яркие глаза, тёмные волосы и сияющая красота

brown hair - каштановые волосы

brown hyena - бурая гиена

brown rice - шелушёный рис

a sombre brown - тёмно-коричневый цвет

voluminous light brown hair - пышные светло-каштановые волосы

his eyes are brown - у него карие глаза

do brown - поджарить или испечь до появления румяной корочки; наставить синяков

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Her hair is dark brown like mine. - Её волосы тёмно-каштановые, как у меня.

Brown could not be reached - Брауна не могли найти, с Брауном нельзя было связаться (по телефону и т. п.)

Her skin was browned by the sun. - Её кожа загорела на солнце.

Brown alias Smith - Браун, он же Смит

Robinson v. Brown - Робинсон против Брауна

Mary Brown nee Smith - Мери Браун, урождённая Смит

Brown the meat in the pan. - Подрумяньте мясо на сковороде.

She had blue eyes and light brown hair. - У неё были голубые глаза и светло-каштановые волосы.

He was tall and thin, with short brown hair. - Он был высокий и худой, с короткими каштановыми волосами.

Brown vs. Board of Education - "Браун против министерства образования" (название судебного процесса)

her thatch of dark brown hair - копна её тёмно-каштановых волос

First brown the meat in a pan. - Сперва подрумяньте мясо на сковороде.

The room was decorated in brown. - Номер был оформлен в коричневых тонах.

John Brown Senior was a busy man - Джон Браун старший (отец - в отличие от сына) был занятым человеком

great brown eye, true and trustful - большие карие глаза, правдивые и доверчивые

Take a left turn into Brown's Close. - Поверните налево, в тупик Брауна.

the old farmer's leathery, brown skin - жёсткая, загорелая кожа старого фермера

Usually I wear black, grey, or brown. - Обычно я ношу чёрное, серое или коричневое.

Wright passed the ball square to Brown. - Райт отдал мяч перпендикулярно /под прямым углом/ на Брауна.

Brown's attempt at servile insurrection - (неудачная) попытка Джона Брауна поднять восстание рабов

James Brown, aka the "Godfather of Soul" - Джеймс Браун, также известный как "крестный отец соула"

Do you know Mr Brown's extension number? - Вы знаете добавочный номер мистера Брауна?

Brown areas represent deserts on the map. - Коричневые участки на карте обозначают пустыни.

He's got brown eyes and a cheerful smile. - У него карие глаза и весёлая улыбка.

a ripe banana with lots of brown speckles - спелый банан с множеством коричневых пятнышек

The carpet was an unpleasant muddy brown. - Ковёр был неприятного грязно-коричневого цвета.

Ann was dressed in a sloppy brown sweater. - Энн была одета в замызганный /мешковатый/ коричневый свитер.

One eye was blue but its fellow was brown. - Один из глаз был синий, но его собрат был карий.

Jones simply walked over Brown at billiards - Джонсу ничего не стоило обыграть Брауна в бильярд

She muddied the color by adding some brown. - Она замутила цвет, добавив туда немного коричневой краски.

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Связанные термины:

brown ale: a rich ale made with brown or dark malt

brown bag: a bag made of brown paper, often used for carrying a packed lunch or alcohol

brown bat: any of several small to medium-sized common bats of the genera Myotis and Eptesicus, found worldwide in caves, trees, and buildings, including M . lucifugus ( little brown bat ) and E. fuscus ( big brown bat ), a widespread North American species

brown cow: a drink made by mixing cola and milk

brown fat: tissue composed of a type of fat cell that dissipates as heat most of the energy released when food is oxidized ; brown adipose tissue. It is present in hibernating animals and human babies and is thought to be important in adult weight control

brown owl: → another name for tawny owl

brown rat: a common brownish rat, Rattus norvegicus : a serious pest in all parts of the world

brown rot: a disease of apples, peaches, etc, caused by fungi of the genus Sclerotinia and characterized by yellowish-brown masses of spores on the plant surface

nut-brown: Nut-brown is used to describe things that are dark reddish brown in colour.

brown alga: an alga of the class Phaeophyceae, usually brown owing to the presence of brown pigments in addition to the chlorophyll

brown algae: any algae of the phylum Phaeophyta, such as the wracks and kelps, which contain a brown pigment in addition to chlorophyll

brown bear: a large ferocious brownish bear, Ursus arctos, inhabiting temperate forests of North America, Europe, and Asia

brown belt: a level of expertise just below that of black belt

brown betty: a baked apple pudding made with butter, spices, sugar, and bread crumbs

brown bread: bread made with wholemeal flour, or with ingredients that give it a brown colour

brown coal: a low-quality coal intermediate in grade between peat and lignite

brown dwarf: a type of celestial body midway in mass between a large planet and a small star

brown earth: an intrazonal soil of temperate humid regions typically developed under deciduous forest into a dark rich layer ( mull ): characteristic of much of southern and central England

brown flour: wheat flour that uses approximately 85% of the whole grain

brown goods: Brown goods are electrical appliances such as televisions and audio equipment . Comparewhite goods .

brown hyena: a species of hyena ( Hyaena brunnea ) that scavenges on shores of southern Africa

brown nose: a form of light sensitization in cattle

brown paper: a coarse unbleached paper used for wrapping

brown pound: the perceived purchasing power of Britain’s Black and Asian minorities as a group

brown rice: unpolished rice, in which the grains retain the outer yellowish-brown layer ( bran )

brown sauce: a sauce made from cooked fat and flour

Brown Shirt: (in Nazi Germany) a storm trooper

brown snake: any of various common venomous snakes of the genus Pseudonaja

brown spot: a disease of many plants, characterized by irregular, brownish lesions on the fruit and foliage and by stem cankers, caused by any of several fungi, as Ceratophorum setosum or Cephalosporium apii

brown-state: (of linen and lace fabrics) undyed

brown study: a mood of deep absorption or thoughtfulness; reverie

brown sugar: sugar that is unrefined or only partially refined

Brown Swiss: a hardy breed of large, brown dairy cattle, first raised in Switzerland

brown toast: toasted wholemeal bread

brown trout: a common brownish variety of the trout Salmo trutta that occurs in the rivers of N Europe and has been successfully introduced in North America

march brown: an angler's name for the dun and spinner of various mayflies or an artificial fly imitating one of these

olive brown: a dull yellowish-brown to yellowish-green colour

seal brown: a dark brown colour often with a yellowish or greyish tinge

wall brown: any of three species of brown butterfly, esp the common Lasiommata megera, that habitually sun themselves on rocks and walls

brown bagged: a bag made of brown paper, often used for carrying a packed lunch or alcohol

brown-bagging: the practice of eating one's lunch or drinking a bottle of alcohol from a brown bag

brown butter: See beurre noir

brown creeper: a small bush bird, Finschia novaeseelandiae, of South Island, New Zealand

brown hickory: a North American hickory tree, Carya glabra

brown-nosing: If you accuse someone of brown-nosing, you are saying in a rather offensive way that they are agreeing with someone important in order to get their support.

brown seaweed: any algae of the phylum Phaeophyta, such as the wracks and kelps, which contain a brown pigment in addition to chlorophyll

golden-brown: of brown with a golden tinge

Havana Brown: a breed of medium-sized cat with large eyes, large ears, and a sleek brown coat

nigger brown: a dark brown colour

turkey brown: an angler's name for a species of mayfly, Paraleptophlebia submarginata

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Однокоренные слова:

brown off - надоедать, наскучить

Связанные слова: