Noun: буфер буферный раствор амортизатор демпфер
Adjective: буферный


refresh buffer - буфер регенерации

buffer state - буферное государство

buffer box - буферный стакан

transparency buffer - буфер прозрачности

impedance buffer - трансформатор сопротивлений

buffer circuit - буферная схема

buffer delay - задержка из-за буферизации

buffer function - согласующая функция

buffer gas - буферный газ

buffer storage - буферное запоминающее устройство

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The wall buffers the noise of the traffic. - Эта стена заглушает шум уличного движения.

The trees help buffer the house from the hot summer sun. - Деревья помогают скрыть дом от жаркого летнего солнца.

She often had to act as a buffer between father and son. - Ей часто приходилось выступать в качестве буфера между отцом и сыном.

Eastern Europe was important to Russia as a buffer against the West. - Восточная Европа была важна для России в качестве буфера против Запада.

buffered saline solution for the eyes - буферизованный солевой раствор для глаз

Связанные термины:

buffer fund: money put aside to help alleviate the adverse short-term effects of something

buffer zone: A buffer zone is an area created to separate opposing forces or groups which belongs to neither of them.

buffer force: a force separating two opposing sides

buffer memory: a temporary holding area for data

buffer state: A buffer state is a peaceful country situated between two or more larger hostile countries.

buffer stock: a stock of a commodity built up by a government or trade organization with the object of using it to stabilize prices

buffer solution: a solution to which a salt of a weak acid or base has been added

capital buffer: A buffer is something that prevents something else from being harmed or that prevents two things from harming each other.

buff: Something that is buff is pale brown in colour.

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