Noun: здание


building block - блок для строительства

public building - общественное здание

low building - малоэтажный дом

dilapidated / gutted / ramshackle / tumbledown building - полуразвалившийся дом

to build / erect / put up a building - построить здание

to renovate a building - ремонтировать, реставрировать здание

to demolish / raze / tear down a building - снести здание

to make a land ready for building - готовить строительную площадку

burning building - горящее здание

commodious building - просторное здание

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How tall is that building? - Какой высоты это здание?

The building dates from 1857. - Это здание было построено в 1857 г.

The clouds are building up. - Тучи собираются.

What's the height of the building? - Какова высота этого здания?

a building 100 stories high - стоэтажное здание / здание высотой в сто этажей

The building is unsafe. - Здание является небезопасным.

The building squatted low - Приземистое здание

The building faces the park. - Фасад здания обращён на парк.

The building is unsound. - Здание непрочно.

The building was levelled. - Здание сравняли с землёй.

The building reeks of smoke. - Здание провоняло дымом.

The whole building is alarmed. - Всё здание — на сигнализации.

the long side of the building - длинная сторона здания

The fire consumed the building - Огонь уничтожил здание.

the upper floors of a building - верхние этажи здания

We bought the land for building. - Мы купили эту землю под застройку.

Police cars circled the building. - Здание окружили полицейские машины.

Fire gutted the building. - Огонь полностью уничтожил всё внутри здания.

the great bulk of a building - огромная масса здания

The ivy mantles the building. - Плющом увито всё здание.

The building fell into decay. - Здание обветшало.

The building is in disrepair. - Это здание находится в аварийном состоянии.

He has charge of the building. - Он отвечает за это здание. / Он управляет этим домом.

He refused to quit the building. - Он отказался покинуть здание.

The building exploded in flames. - Охваченное пламенем здание взорвалось.

The building was in good repair. - Здание было в хорошем состоянии.

a building of sound construction - здание прочной постройки

He gained access to the building. - Он получил доступ к зданию.

An arsonist torched the building. - Здание кто-то умышленно поджёг.

The building is to be taken down. - Здание предназначено на слом.

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Связанные термины:

build: If you build something, you make it by joining things together .

custom-build: to make according to the specifications of an individual buyer

self-build: the practice of building one's own home

self-built: the practice of building one's own home

upbuild: to build up; enlarge, increase, etc

building land: land on which construction can take place

building line: the boundary line along a street beyond which buildings must not project

building plot: a piece of land on which a house can be built

building site: A building site is an area of land on which a building or a group of buildings is in the process of being built or altered .

bridge-building: efforts to establish communications and friendly contacts between people in order to make them friends or allies

building block: If you describe something as a building block of something, you mean it is one of the separate parts that combine to make that thing.

building paper: any of various types of heavy-duty paper that usually consist of bitumen reinforced with fibre sandwiched between two sheets of kraft paper: used in damp-proofing or as insulation between the soil and a road surface

building permit: a permit for construction work

building trade: the economic sector comprising all companies and workers involved in construction

building trades: the trades and professions concerned with the creation and finishing of buildings, such as carpenters, plasterers, masons, electricians, etc.

building worker: a labourer, bricklayer, etc who works in the construction industry

building works: construction projects

image-building: improving the brand image or public image of something or someone by good public relations, advertising, etc

jerry-building: the act of building ( houses, flats, etc) badly using cheap materials

listed building: (in Britain) a building officially recognized as having special historical or architectural interest and therefore protected from demolition or alteration

nation-building: Journalists sometimes use nation-building to refer to government policies that are designed to create a strong sense of national identity .

office building: An office building is a large building that contains offices.

public building: a building that belongs to a town or state, and is used by the public

system building: a method of building in which prefabricated components are used to speed the construction of buildings

apartment building: An apartment building or apartment house is a tall building which contains different apartments on different floors .

building industry: the economic sector comprising all companies involved in construction

building inspector: An inspector is a person, usually employed by a government agency, whose job is to find out whether people are obeying official regulations .

building labourer: an unskilled worker on construction sites

building materials: materials such as bricks, cement, timber, etc

building society: In Britain, a building society is a business which will lend you money when you want to buy a house. You can also invest money in a building society, where it will earn interest . Comparesavings and loan association .

character-building: improving certain good or useful traits in a person's character, esp self-reliance, endurance, and courage

tenement building: ( now esp in Scotland ) a large building divided into separate flats

unlisted building: a building that is not amongst those buildings officially recognized as having special historical or architectural interest and therefore protected from demolition or alteration

building contractor: an individual or company that contracts for the construction of houses, etc

parliament building: the building where a parliament meets

Empire State Building: → the Empire State Building

build in: to incorporate or construct as an integral part

build up: If you build up something or if it builds up, it gradually becomes bigger, for example because more is added to it.

sick building syndrome: Sick building syndrome is a group of conditions, including headaches, sore eyes, and tiredness, which people who work in offices may experience because the air there is not healthy to breathe .

boatbuilding: Boatbuilding is the craft or industry of making boats.

bodybuilding: Bodybuilding is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger .

build into: to make (something) a definite part of (a contract, agreement, etc)

the Empire State Building: a very high skyscraper in New York City

jerry-build: to build (houses, flats, etc) badly using cheap materials

building and loan association: (in the UK) a cooperative organization that accepts deposits of money from savers and uses them to make loans, secured by mortgages, to house buyers . Since 1986 they have been empowered to offer banking services

build up to: If you build up to something you want to do or say, you try to prepare people for it by starting to do it or introducing the subject gradually.

cooperative bank: (in the UK) a cooperative organization that accepts deposits of money from savers and uses them to make loans, secured by mortgages, to house buyers . Since 1986 they have been empowered to offer banking services

block: A block of flats or offices is a large building containing them.

psychological block: a large solid piece of wood, stone, or other material with flat rectangular sides, as for use in building

empire-builder: a person who seeks extra power for its own sake, esp by increasing the number of his or her subordinates or staff

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Однокоренные слова:

rebuilding - восстановление, перестройка, реконструкция, капитальный ремонт, капремонт

Связанные слова: