built-in refrigerator - встроенный холодильник

built-in cabinet - встроенный шкаф

custom built software - программное обеспечение, сделанное на заказ

custom-built furniture - мебель, изготовленная по заказу

purpose-built flats - квартиры, построенные для сдачи в аренду

built-in furniture - встроенная мебель

built-in robe - встроенный шкаф для одежды

jerry-built shack - лачуга, построенная кое-как, на скорую руку

built-in shelves - встроенные полки

built-in microcomputer - встроенный микропроцессор

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Rome was not built in a day - Рим не сразу строился

The bridge was built a decade ago. - Мост был построен десять лет назад.

We built the house ourselves. - Мы построили дом сами.

He built the house on spec. - Он построил этот дом в надежде, что сможет выгодно сдать его в аренду или продать.

a wall built out of concrete blocks - стена, построенная из бетонных блоков

a house built of hewn logs - дом построен из отёсанных брёвен

I built this house single-handedly. - Я построил этот дом сам, в одиночку.

A district was built up with new blocks of flats. - Один из участков был застроен новыми домами.

I built a birdhouse in shop. - На уроке труда я изготовил скворечник.

The house was built of adobe. - Дом был построен из самана /кирпича-сырца, глинобетона/.

The church was built of brick. - Церковь была построена из кирпича.

They built a fire of brushwood. - Они развели костёр из хвороста.

The house was built back in 1235. - Этот дом был построен еще в 1235 году.

The planes were built in Germany. - Самолёты были построены в Германии.

She built a fire in the fireplace. - Она развела в камине огонь.

The bridge was built in the 1890s. - Мост был построен в девяностых годах девятнадцатого века.

Christie is very powerfully built. - Кристи очень крепкого телосложения.

The houses are built on low ground. - Эти дома построены в низине.

The school was built by volunteers. - Школа была построена волонтёрами.

Our relationship is built on trust. - Наши отношения построены на доверии.

They built their house on a hilltop. - Они построили свой дом на вершине холма.

The houses are built on high ground. - Эти дома построены на возвышенности.

He built a model airplane from a kit. - Он построил модель самолета из комплекта.

They built a house on the oceanfront. - Они построили дом на берегу океана.

The difficulties seem to be built in. - Кажется, заниматься этим делом и иметь массу проблем - одно и то же.

Once built, stone walls last forever. - После постройки каменные стены остаются навечно.

a palace built in a neoclassical style - дворец, построенный в неоклассическом стиле

Houses should be built on high ground. - Дома следует строить на возвышенности.

They built their house on bare ground. - Они построили свой дом на голой земле.

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Связанные термины:

build: If you build something, you make it by joining things together .

custom-build: to make according to the specifications of an individual buyer

self-build: the practice of building one's own home

self-built: the practice of building one's own home

upbuild: to build up; enlarge, increase, etc

built-in: Built-in devices or features are included in something as a part of it, rather than being separate.

built-up: A built-up area is an area such as a town or city which has a lot of buildings in it.

in-built: built-in ; integral

brick-built: made of bricks

built cane: bamboo split into strips of triangular section, tapered, and glued to form a stiff but flexible hexagonal rod: used, esp formerly, for making fishing rods

coach-built: (of a vehicle) having specially built bodywork

home-built: built at home

jerry-built: If you describe houses or blocks of flats as jerry-built, you are critical of the fact that they have been built very quickly and cheaply, without much care for safety or quality.

well-built: A well-built person, especially a man, has quite a big body and quite large muscles .

carvel-built: (of a vessel) having a hull with planks made flush at the seams

clinker-built: (of a boat or ship) having a hull constructed with each plank overlapping that below

custom-built: If something is custom-built, it is built according to someone's special requirements .

heavily built: with a big heavy body

purpose-built: A purpose-built building has been specially designed and built for a particular use.

square-built: sturdy and strong-looking

built environment: → the built environment

built-up area: An area is a particular part of a town, a country, a region, or the world.

powerfully built: (of a person, esp a man) big and physically strong, with large muscles

build in: to incorporate or construct as an integral part

build up: If you build up something or if it builds up, it gradually becomes bigger, for example because more is added to it.

be built on sand: to not have a strong or a proper basis, and therefore to be likely to fail or come to an end

built-in storage: If you refer to the storage of something, you mean that it is kept in a special place until it is needed .

build into: to make (something) a definite part of (a contract, agreement, etc)

built-in obsolescence: the policy of deliberately limiting the life of a product in order to encourage the purchaser to replace it

the built environment: the buildings and all other things constructed by human beings

jerry-build: to build (houses, flats, etc) badly using cheap materials

build up to: If you build up to something you want to do or say, you try to prepare people for it by starting to do it or introducing the subject gradually.

built like a brick shithouse: having a large and powerful physique

Rome was not built in a day: said to mean that it takes a long time to do a job or task properly, and you should not rush it or expect to do it quickly

someone or something is built like a tank: said to mean that someone is very big and strong, or that something has been made very well and very solidly, and will last for a long time

system building: a method of building in which prefabricated components are used to speed the construction of buildings

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Однокоренные слова:

overbuilt - надстраивать, застраивать, чрезмерно застраивать
rebuilt - восстановленный, перестроенный, отремонтированный
inbuilt - встроенный
unbuilt - не построенный, незастроенный

Связанные слова: