Noun: пуля ядро боек грузило


to shoot a bullet - выпустить пулю

a bullet ricochets - пуля отлетает рикошетом

a bullet lodges somewhere - пуля попадает куда-л.

the bullet rebounded from the wall - пуля срикошетила от стены

to send a bullet through one's head - пустить себе пулю в лоб, застрелиться

wild bullet - шальная пуля

bullet-assembling machine - станок для сборки пуль

bullet base - основание пули

bullet-point - параграф под "звёздочкой"

bullet repayment - единовременное погашение

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Every bullet has its billet. - Пуля виноватого найдет.

A bullet grazed his arm. - Пуля зацепила /задела/ его руку.

The bullet went flying over my head. - Пуля пролетела у меня над головой.

The bullet lodged in her shoulder. - Пуля попала ей в плечо.

A bullet sang past my ear. - Мимо моего уха пронеслась пуля.

One bullet punctured his lung. - Пуля пробила ему легкое.

The bullet tore through his leg. - Пуля пронзила его ногу.

How long will it take for the bullet wound to heal over? - Сколько времени заживает пулевое ранение?

A bullet whistled past him. - Мимо него просвистела пуля.

He fired at him, but the bullet went wide. - Он в него выстрелил, но пуля прошла мимо.

The bullet didn't come close. - Пуля прошла далеко в стороне.

the zing of the passing bullet - свист пролетающей пули

The bullet got him in the leg. - Пуля попала ему в ногу.

The bullet explodes on impact. - При ударе пуля разрывается.

The bullet lodged in his brain. - Пуля засела в его мозгу.

The bullet penetrated her chest - Пуля проникла в ее грудную клетку

The bullet embedded itself in a wall. - Пуля врезалась в стену.

The bullet had gone through his hand. - Пуля прошла через его руку навылет.

lodge a bullet in the table - всадить в стол пулю

His life has been snuffed out by a bullet. - Его сразила пуля.

The bullet pierced his lung. - Пуля пробила ему лёгкое.

The bullet narrowly missed her heart. - Пуля чуть было не попала ей в сердце. (прошла очень близко от сердца)

The bullet failed to penetrate. - Пуле не удалось проникнуть внутрь.

The bullet sang past his helmet. - Пуля пронеслась мимо его шлема.

I finally bit the bullet and left. - В конце концов, я собрался с духом и ушёл.

He was killed by an assassin's bullet. - Он погиб от пули убийцы.

Doctors had to operate to remove the bullet. - Врачам пришлось провести операцию, чтобы извлечь пулю.

The bullet passed not five inches from my head! - Пуля прошла меньше, чем в пяти дюймах от моей головы!

The bullet had entered his brain. - Пуля проникла в его мозг.

He was killed by a single bullet. - Он был убит одной-единственной пулей.

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Связанные термины:

bullet hole: hole made by a bullet

bullet-headed: with a head shaped like a bullet

bullet point: A bullet point is one of a series of important items for discussion or action in a document, usually marked by a square or round symbol .

bullet-proof: Something that is bullet-proof is made of a strong material that bullets cannot pass through.

bullet train: a passenger train that travels at very high speed

bullet wound: a wound made by a bullet

dumdum bullet: a soft-nosed or hollow-nosed small-arms bullet that expands on impact and inflicts extensive laceration

magic bullet: In medicine, a magic bullet is a drug or treatment that can cure a disease quickly and completely.

rubber bullet: A rubber bullet is a bullet made of a metal ball coated with rubber. It is intended to injure people rather than kill them, and is used by police or soldiers to control crowds during a riot.

silver bullet: a simple and immediate remedy for an intractable problem

tracer bullet: a round of small arms ammunition containing a tracer

dumdum (bullet): a soft-nosed bullet that expands when it hits, inflicting a large, jagged wound

plastic bullet: A plastic bullet is a large bullet made of plastic, which is intended to make people stop rioting, rather than to kill people.

bullet-resistant: not allowing bullets to pass through

get the bullet: to lose your job .

percussion bullet: a bullet that is exploded by percussion

bite the bullet: to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation

to bite the bullet: If someone bites the bullet, they accept that they have to do something unpleasant but necessary .

bully tree: any of several tropical American trees of the sapodilla family that yield balata

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