Noun: задница зад бездельник лодырь
Verb: бездельничать лодырничать жить за чужой счет
Adjective: достойный порицания низкого качества дрянной низкопробный


to go on the bum - бродяжничать

lizzie bum - бродяга, путешествующий на дешёвом автомобиле

bad / bum rap - подстроенное обвинение

to bum / hitch / thumb a ride - голосовать (на дороге)

bum biology - занятия по обращению с зажигательными бомбами

go bite your bum! - замолчи! заткнись!

builder's bum - большие, обвислые ягодицы; вершина ягодиц

a bum - бич

a jakey-bum - бомж

barrel house bum - алкоголик

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This is a bum party. - Вечеринка — просто отстой.

Her son is just bumming around all day. - Её сын просто шляется весь день без дела.

I've been bumming about for the last year without a job. - Последний год я сидел без работы.

Jim got a bum deal (=unfair treatment). - С Джимом хреново (т.е. несправедливо) обошлись.

She bummed a little cash off me. - Она выклянчила у меня немного денег.

The orchestra was excellent. No one played a bum note. - Оркестр был великолепен: никто ни разу не сфальшивил /не сыграл фальшивой ноты/.

That was bum advice that you got from that chat room. - Совет, который тебе дали в этом чате, был хреновый.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

bum bag: A bum bag consists of a small bag attached to a belt which you wear round your waist . You use it to carry things such as money and keys .

bum boy: a young homosexual man

bum rap: a trumped-up or false charge

beach bum: If you refer to someone as a beach bum, you mean that they spend a lot of time enjoying themselves on the beach or in the sea .

bum steer: false or misleading information or advice

glum bum: a pessimistic person

pig's bum: an expression of derision or disagreement

a bum rap: If you say that someone has gotten a bum rap, you mean that they have been treated unfairly or punished unfairly.

bum around: If you bum around, you go from place to place without any particular destination, either for enjoyment or because you have nothing else to do.

bum's rush: forcible ejection, as from a gathering

on the bum: living as a loafer or vagrant

a bum steer: information that is wrong and misleading

bum someone out: to disappoint, annoy, or upset someone

squeaky-bum time: the tense final matches in the race to a league championship, esp from the point of view of the leaders

get the bum's rush: to be completely ignored or rejected in an unexpected and upsetting way

moon bag: a small bag worn on a belt, round the waist

give (or get) the bum's rush: to eject (or be ejected) forcibly

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Однокоренные слова:

bummer - лентяй, разочарование, неприятное происшествие, лодырь

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