Noun: буй бакен буек веха
Verb: поддерживать ставить бакены поддерживать на поверхности поднимать на поверхность


to anchor a buoy - укрепить буйки

anchored buoy - заякоренный буй

nun buoy - конический буй

bell buoy - бакен с колоколом

mooring buoy - причальная бочка

fog buoy - туманный буй

buoy-supported hydrophone - гидрофон, установленный на буе; гидрофон на буе

buoy tender - лоцмейстерское судно

buoy underwater sound signal - буйковое акустическое сигнальное устройство

buoy vessel - лоцмейстерское судно

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The life vest buoyed him up. - Спасательный жилет поднял его на поверхность воды.

The hope had been the one thing that buoyed me up. - Меня поддерживала лишь надежда.

The tax breaks should help to buoy the economy. - Эти налоговые льготы должны помочь поддержать экономику на плаву.

You can use empty oil barrels to buoy up the boards so that you can get across the river. - Ты можешь использовать баки из-под нефти в качестве поплавков для плота и так переправиться через реку.

Increased demand for computers buoyed their profits. - Их прибыли остались на высоком уровне благодаря возросшему спросу на компьютеры.

The party is buoyed up by the latest opinion poll results. - Последние результаты социологических опросов вселяют в партию уверенность.

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Связанные термины:

bell buoy: a navigational buoy fitted with a bell, the clapper of which strikes when the waves move the buoy

buoy boat: a boat used in whaling for holding and towing the whales killed during a hunt

buoy rope: a rope attaching a buoy to its anchor

can buoy: a buoy with a flat-topped cylindrical shape above water, marking the left side of a channel leading into a harbour : red in British waters but green ( occasionally black) in US waters

dan buoy: a small buoy used as a marker at sea

gong buoy: a buoy in which one or more gongs are struck by hammers that swing freely with the motion of the buoy

life buoy: any of various kinds of buoyant device for keeping people afloat in an emergency

nun buoy: a buoy, conical at the top, marking the right side of a channel leading into a harbour : green in British waters but red in US waters

spar buoy: a buoy resembling a vertical log

anchor buoy: a buoy used to indicate the location of an underwater anchor

cable buoy: a buoy marking or supporting part of a submerged cable

marker buoy: a buoy used to distinguish or mark something

radio buoy: a buoy equipped to detect underwater noises and transmit them by radio

breeches buoy: a ring-shaped life buoy with a support in the form of a pair of short breeches, in which a person is suspended for safe transfer from a ship

mooring buoy: a buoy to which ships or boats can be moored

whistling buoy: a buoy having a whistle operated by air trapped and compressed in an open-bottomed chamber by the rising and falling water level caused by natural wave action

radio sono-buoy: a buoy equipped to detect underwater noises and transmit them by radio

monobuoy: a floating platform anchored offshore in deep water and equipped with pipelines leading to storage tanks onshore, to which large, deep-draft tankers moor to load or unload

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Однокоренные слова:

buoy up - поддерживать, энергию, поддерживать на поверхности, поднимать на поверхность

Связанные слова: