Noun: торт пирожное кекс жмых
Verb: спекаться слеживаться затвердевать уплотняться
Adjective: кусковой


chocolate cake - шоколадный торт

layer cake - слоёный торт

wedding cake - свадебный торт

a piece / slice of cake - кусочек торта

to bake a cake - испечь торт

cake of soap - кусок мыла

to scalp cake off filter - срезать пирог с фильтра

to take off the cake - снимать осадок на фильтре

cake decorations - украшения для торта

cake flour - мука для сдобы

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This cake is really yummy. - Этот торт очень вкусный /просто объедение/.

Cut the cake. - Разрежь пирог.

The cake went fast. - Пирог был тут же съеден.

We shared the cake. - Торт мы разделили.

Cut the cake into pieces. - Разрежь пирог на куски.

I made three cakes for the party. - Я сделал три торта для вечеринки.

Do you want me to cut the cake? - Ты хочешь, чтобы я разрезал торт?

The cake has three layers. - Этот торт состоит из трёх слоёв.

I offered to bring the cake. - Я вызвался принести торт.

This cake is absolutely delicious. - Этот торт очень вкусный.

Nothing beats homemade cake. - С домашним пирогом ничто не сравнится.

How long has the cake been baking? - Как долго торт уже выпекается?

After the long ride, the horse was caked with mud. - После долгой скачки лошадь была вся в грязи.

Cut the cake into quarters. - Разрежьте торт на четыре равные части.

Bake the cake for 40 minutes. - Выпекайте торт в течение сорока минут.

Sally decided to bake him a cake. - Салли решила испечь ему торт.

She nibbled daintily at her cake. - Она изящно откусила кусочек торта.

They shared the cake between them. - Они разделили торт между собой.

She refused a second piece of cake. - Она отказалась от второго кусочка пирога.

They set the cake down on the table. - Они поставили торт на стол.

The mud had caked on his boots. - Грязь на его сапогах уже засохла.

Do you want some birthday cake? - Хочешь (кусочек) праздничного торта?

Would you like a slice of cake? - Хотите кусочек торта?

The cake was a bit burnt on top. - Сверху торт слегка подгорел.

Bake the cake for 25–30 minutes. - Выпекайте торт в течение 25-30 минут.

The cake has a rectangular shape. - Торт имеет форму прямоугольника.

Go on, have another piece of cake. - Ну же, возьми ещё кусочек торта.

Please help yourself to some cake. - Пожалуйста, угощайтесь пирожными.

The cake was rectangular in shape. - Торт был прямоугольной формы.

a cake with an almond paste filling - торт с начинкой из миндальной пасты

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Связанные термины:

barm cake: a round flat soft bread roll

cake mix: Cake mix is a powder that you mix with eggs and water or milk to make a cake. You bake the mixture in the oven .

cake pan: A cake pan is a metal container that you bake a cake in.

cake shop: a shop that sells cakes

cake tin: A cake tin is a metal container that you bake a cake in.

corn cake: a flat corn bread baked on a griddle

fish cake: A fish cake is a mixture of fish and potato that is made into a flat round shape, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried .

hot cake: → pancake

oil cake: stock feed consisting of compressed cubes made from the residue of the crushed seeds of oil-bearing crops such as linseed

rice cake: a wafer or cracker made from puffed rice

rock cake: a small cake containing dried fruit and spice, with a rough surface supposed to resemble a rock

salt cake: an impure form of sodium sulphate obtained as a by-product in several industrial processes: used in the manufacture of detergents, glass, and ceramic glazes

slab cake: a large square or rectangular-shaped cake

soul cake: a round, sweet bun or small, oval cake, traditionally made to celebrate All Souls ' Day

angel cake: a very light sponge cake made without egg yolks

cake stand: a plate on a pedestal used for displaying cakes in a shop or café, or for special cakes such as wedding cakes

carrot cake: a sweet cake made with grated carrots

cattle-cake: concentrated food for cattle in the form of cakes

coffee cake: a sponge cake flavoured with coffee

cotton cake: cottonseed meal compressed into nuts or cubes of various sizes for feeding to animals

cream cake: a cake containing a filling of cream

Dundee cake: a fairly rich fruit cake decorated with almonds

Eccles cake: a pastry with a filling of dried fruit

filter cake: the solid material accumulated by a filter press

fruit cake: a rich cake containing mixed dried fruit, lemon peel, nuts, etc

funnel cake: a crisp, deep-fried cake, made by pouring batter through a funnel into fat or oil, usually in a spiral shape, and dusted with powdered sugar

Genoa cake: a rich fruit cake, usually decorated with almonds

ginger cake: a moist brown cake, flavoured with ginger and treacle or syrup

johnny cake: a type of thin flat cornbread baked on a griddle

lardy cake: a rich sweet cake made of bread dough, lard, sugar, and dried fruit

layer cake: a cake made in layers with a filling

mangia-cake: a derogatory term for a White person of Anglo-Saxon origin, used among Italo-Canadians

marble cake: a cake with a marbled appearance obtained by incompletely mixing dark and light mixtures

patty-cake: the opening words of a nursery rhyme

potato cake: a small savoury cake made from flour and mashed potatoes, often fried or baked

pound cake: a rich fruit cake originally made with a pound each of butter, sugar, and flour

simnel cake: fruit cake with marzipan eaten at Easter

sponge cake: A sponge cake is a very light cake made from flour, eggs, and sometimes fat.

tipsy cake: a kind of trifle made from a sponge cake soaked with white wine or sherry and decorated with almonds and crystallized fruit

wheat cake: a pancake made with wheat flour

white cake: a cake that is pale in color because its batter contains the whites of eggs but no yolks

yeast cake: living yeast cells compressed with starch into a cake, for use in baking or brewing

yellow cake: a cake having a rich yellow color because its batter contains both the yolks and the whites of eggs

Banbury cake: a cake consisting of a pastry base filled with currants, raisins, candied peel, and sugar, with a crisscross pattern on the top

birthday cake: a special cake eaten at a birthday party

drizzle cake: a sponge cake that has syrup drizzled over it immediately after baking

fourses cake: a traditional English bread made with lard, dried fruit, and spices

Madeira cake: a kind of rich sponge cake

sandwich cake: a cake that is made up of two or more layers with a jam or other filling

stottie cake: a flat round loaf

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Однокоренные слова:

caking - спекание, брикетирование
caked - отвердевший, затвердевший, спекшийся, сгущенный, запекшийся

Связанные слова: