Adjective: называемый именуемый


the so-called master race - так называемая высшая раса

recognizance to appear when called on - обязательство явиться в суд по вызову

so-called expert - так называемый эксперт

so-called friend - так называемый друг

to be called to the Bar - получить право адвокатской практики

letters to be called for - письма до востребования

a (certain) Mr. Smith has called - звонил некий мистер Смит

called-in employee - нанятый на службу

called number - вызываемый номер телефона

called party - вызываемая сторона, адресат

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He is called Tom. - Его зовут Том.

I called her twice. - Я звонил ей дважды.

He called my name. - Он назвал моё имя.

He called to her. - Он окликнул её.

It is well that he called. - Очень удачно, что он позвонил.

The bell called to dinner. - Позвонили к обеду.

He called his trump. - Он назвал свой козырь.

She called him a dirty liar. - Она назвала его грязным лжецом.

'Wait up!' he called. - — Подождите! — окликнул он.

What is this flower called? - Как называется этот цветок?

Gee, I'm so glad you called! - Вот это сюрприз! Я так рад, что ты позвонил!

She called round for a chat. - Она зашла /заглянула/ в гости, чтобы поболтать.

She neither called nor wrote. - Она не звонила и не писала.

She called him a snotty brat. - Она называла его гнусным сопляком.

We called them to say that ... - мы сообщили им по телефону, что ...

She is what is called a silly. - Она из тех, кого называют глупышками.

Police called for a SWAT team. - Полиция вызвала спецназ.

He was called for the last act. - Ему объявили, чтобы он был готов к последнему действию.

We called, but no one answered. - Мы позвонили, но никто не ответил.

The game was called off. - Игру отменили.

'Hi there!' I called out. - — Всем привет! — крикнул я.

Our son is called Matthew. - Нашего сына зовут Матвей.

What is the widget called? - Как эта штука называется?

He called me a while back. - Он звонил мне некоторое время назад.

Someone called out my name. - Кто-то выкрикнул моё имя.

He called me from New York. - Он позвонил мне из Нью-Йорка.

The teacher called the roll. - Учитель устроил перекличку.

Here the captain called a halt. - В этом месте капитан объявил привал.

Your remark was not called for. - Ваше замечание было неуместно.

They called in a TV repair man. - Они вызвали телевизионного мастера.

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Связанные термины:

call: If you call someone or something by a particular name or title, you give them that name or title.

so-called: You use so-called to indicate that you think a word or expression used to describe someone or something is in fact wrong .

called strike: a pitch not swung at by a batter but ruled a strike by the umpire

so-called expert: An expert is a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about a particular subject.

call for: If you call for someone, you go to the building where they are, so that you can both go somewhere .

call in: If you call someone in, you ask them to come and help you or do something for you.

call off: If you call off an event that has been planned, you cancel it.

call on: If you call on someone to do something or call upon them to do it, you say publicly that you want them to do it.

call out: If you call someone out, you order or request that they come to help, especially in an emergency.

call up: If you call someone up, you telephone them.

called to the bar: admitted to the practice of law as a barrister

call back: If you call someone back, you telephone them again or in return for a telephone call that they have made to you.

call down: to request or invoke

cold call: If someone makes a cold call, they telephone or visit someone they have never contacted, without making an appointment, in order to try and sell something.

call around: If you call around, you phone several people, usually when you are trying to organize something or to find some information.

call forth: to cause (something) to come into action or existence

be called to the Bar: to become a barrister

be called within the Bar: to be appointed as a Queen's Counsel

be called/held/brought to account: If someone is called, held, or brought to account for something they have done wrong, they are made to explain why they did it, and are often criticized or punished for it.

familiarly known as/familiarly called: If you say that something or someone is familiarly known as a particular thing or familiarly called a particular thing, you are giving the name that people use informally to refer to it.

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Однокоренные слова:

uncalled - неистребованный, невостребованный, непрошеный, незваный

Связанные слова: