Noun: камера фотокамера фотоаппарат кинокамера


automatic camera - автоматический фотоаппарат

to load a camera - зарядить фотоаппарат, зарядить камеру

camera transit - фототеодолит

photo-conductive camera tube - передающая трубка с фотопроводимостью

nonstorage camera tube - безынерционный кинескоп

multiple aerial-camera assembly - агрегат аэрофотокамер

telescopic camera - телескопическая камера

to be interviewed on-camera - давать интервью для телевидения

superspeed camera - кино сверхскоростная кинокамера

video camera with a built-in video recorder - видеокамера с встроенным видеомагнитофоном

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Don't jump the camera. - Не трясите фотоаппарат.

The camera shutter clicked. - Затвор фотоаппарата щёлкнул.

The camera never lies. - Камера никогда не лжет.

Lights, camera, action! - Свет, камера, мотор!

The camera sometimes lies. - Камера иногда лжёт.

I brought my camera along - Я взял с собой фотоаппарат.

I think the camera is busted. - По-моему, камера сломана.

She gave him a camera for Christmas. - Она подарила ему на Рождество фотоаппарат.

The camera records badly. - Камера плохо записывает.

That camera is out of stock. - Этой камеры больше нет в наличии.

The camera is simple to use. - Камера проста в использовании.

It's just an ordinary camera. - Это всего лишь обычная камера.

The camera is in automatic mode. - Камера находится в автоматическом режиме.

She set the camera on automatic. - Она установила камеру на автоматический режим.

Try to avoid jiggling the camera. - Старайтесь не трясти камеру.

My camera is fully automatic. - Моя (фото-, видео-) камера является полностью автоматической.

I wasn't able to focus the camera. - Я не смог сфокусировать камеру.

Mind the camera doesn't get broken. - Смотри не сломай камеру /фотоаппарат/.

Thanks for the loan of your camera. - Спасибо, что одолжил свою камеру.

The camera also operates underwater. - Кроме того, камера работает под водой.

She proved to be a natural on camera. - Оказалось, что перед камерой она ведёт себя естественно и непринуждённо.

He struck a jaunty pose for the camera. - Он лихо подбоченился перед камерой.

I'll trade you my camera for your drill. - Я обменяю свою камеру на вашу дрель. (амер.)

Have you bought any film for the camera? - Вы купили плёнку для камеры?

All the kids were mugging for the camera. - Все дети гримасничали на камеру.

I wasn't able to get the camera to focus. - Я не смог сфокусировать камеру.

The crime was caught on camera by police. - Момент совершения преступления был зафиксирован полицией на видеокамеру.

The camera's shutter mechanism is broken. - У этой камеры сломан механизм затвора.

Who's been messing around with my camera? - Кто баловался с моей камерой?

The thief was caught on a security camera. - Вор попался на одну из камер видеонаблюдения.

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Связанные термины:

in camera: If a trial is held in camera, the public and the press are not allowed to attend .

on camera: If someone or something is on camera, they are being filmed.

box camera: a simple box-shaped camera having an elementary lens, shutter, and viewfinder

camera crew: a group of people who are involved in the operation of a film camera

camera-shy: Someone who is camera-shy is nervous and uncomfortable about being filmed or about having their photograph taken .

camera tube: the part of a television camera that converts an optical image into an electrical signal

CCTV camera: a closed-circuit television camera

cine camera: a camera in which a strip of film moves past the lens, usually to give 16 or 24 exposures per second, thus enabling moving pictures to be taken

disc camera: a type of camera that used a film that took the form of a disc

film camera: a camera for taking moving pictures for a cinema film

off camera: If you do something or if something happens off camera, you do it or it happens when not being filmed.

spy camera: a hidden, disguised or miniature camera used in espionage

aerial camera: a camera used to take pictures from the air

camera lucida: an instrument attached to a microscope, etc to enable an observer to view simultaneously the image and a drawing surface to facilitate the sketching of the image

camera phone: A camera phone is a mobile phone that can also take photographs .

camera-ready: designating or of copy, artwork, etc. that is ready to be photographed for making into a plate for printing

caméra stylo: the use of the camera as a means of personal expression, esp as practised by some directors of the New Wave

candid camera: a small camera that may be used to take informal photographs of people, usually without their knowledge

colour camera: a camera that takes colour photographs

gamma camera: a medical apparatus that detects gamma rays emitted from a person's body after the administration of a radioactive drug and so produces images of the organ being investigated

movie camera: a camera in which a strip of film moves past the lens, usually to give 16 or 24 exposures per second, thus enabling moving pictures to be taken

reflex camera: a camera in which the image is composed and focused on a large ground-glass viewfinder screen . In a single-lens reflex the light enters through the camera lens and falls on the film when the viewfinder mirror is retracted . In a twin-lens reflex the light enters through a separate lens and is deflected onto the viewfinder screen

speed camera: A speed camera is a camera positioned at the side of a road which automatically photographs vehicles that are going faster than is allowed . The photographs can be used as evidence in a court of law .

video camera: A video camera is a camera that you used in the past to record events to watch later on video.

camera obscura: a darkened chamber or small building in which images of outside objects are projected onto a flat surface by a convex lens in an aperture

camera operator: a person who operates a film or television camera

compact camera: a simple 35 mm snapshot camera not having interchangeable lenses or through-the-lens focusing but sometimes having automatic focusing, exposure, and winding

digital camera: A digital camera is a camera that produces digital images that can be stored on a computer, displayed on a screen, and printed.

electron camera: a camera which uses electron beams, esp a television camera that converts an optical image into an electrical signal

instant camera: a type of camera which self-develops and prints photographs immediately after they have been taken

pinhole camera: a camera with a pinhole as an aperture instead of a lens

process camera: a large camera used in the photographic processes involved in the printing industry

security camera: A security camera is a video camera that records people's activities in order to detect and prevent crime.

automatic camera: a camera in which the lens aperture or the shutter speed or both are automatically adjusted to the prevailing conditions

miniature camera: a small camera using 35 millimetre film

panoramic camera: a still camera having a movable lens that horizontally scans a view while exposing a long photographic plate or strip of film

programmed camera: a camera with electronic facilities for setting both aperture and shutter speed automatically on the basis of a through-the-lens light value and a given film speed

camera-ready copy: type matter ready to be photographed for plate-making without further alteration

piece to camera: a TV report in which a reporter is filmed saying something

subminiature camera: a pocket-sized camera, usually using 16 millimetre film with a very fine grain so that negatives can produce considerably enlarged prints

on (or off) camera: so positioned as to be within (or out of) the camera's field of view

Polaroid Land Camera: any of several types of camera yielding a finished print by means of a special developing and processing technique that occurs inside the camera and takes only a few seconds to complete

thermal imaging camera: a camera that can make infrared radiation visible

Schmidt system: a wide-angle optical system having a concave, spherical mirror whose aberration is neutralized by a correcting lens: often used in special, photographic reflecting telescopes to obtain clear pictures of large areas of the celestial sphere

Schmidt telescope: a catadioptric telescope designed to produce a very sharp image of a large area of sky in one photographic exposure . It incorporates a thin specially shaped glass plate at the centre of curvature of a short-focus spherical primary mirror so that the resulting image, which is focused on a photographic plate, is free from spherical aberration, coma, and astigmatism

closed-circuit television camera: a television camera transmitting signals to receivers by cables or telephone links forming a closed circuit, as used in security systems, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

camerist - фотограф
cameral - камеральный,