Noun: капитал столица заглавная буква прописная буква
Adjective: капитальный основной главный превосходный


borrowed capital - заёмный капитал

foreign capital - зарубежные вложения

idle capital - мёртвый капитал

industrial capital - промышленный капитал

national / state capital - национальный капитал

provincial capital - местный капитал

to establish a capital - сколотить капитал

to invest / put up / tie up capital - вложить капитал

to raise capital - увеличить капитал

advanced capital - авансированный капитал

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He was a capital companion. - Он был замечательным спутником.

Washington is the capital of the USA. - Вашингтон — столица США.

Capital letter is used in all proper names. - Все имена собственные пишутся с заглавной буквы.

All his capital is locked up in land. - Весь его капитал вложен в землю.

The Opposition made a lot of capital out of the Minister's mistake on TV. - Из этой ошибки министра в эфире телевидения оппозиция извлекла немалую выгоду.

Troops are advancing on the capital. - На столицу надвигаются войска.

Eurobonds provide an important capital source for multinational companies and foreign governments. - Еврооблигации представляют важный источник капитала для мультинациональных компаний и иностранных правительств.

Our capital concern was to avoid defeat. - Нашей главной заботой было избежать поражения.

He gave his son some capital to set him up. - Он выделил сыну небольшой капитал, чтобы тот смог встать на ноги.

We headed south towards the capital. - Мы направились на юг, в сторону столицы.

The Nigerian capital used to be Lagos. - Раньше столицей Нигерии был Лагос.

He is from Ankara, the Turkish capital. - Он из Анкары, столицы Турции.

The title was printed in capital letters. - Название было напечатано заглавными буквами.

Is capital punishment a deterrent to crime? - Является ли смертная казнь фактором, сдерживающим преступность?

Capital Construction Board - Управление капитального строительства (в СССР)

All his capital is locked up in foreign companies. - Все его деньги вложены в иностранные компании.

His handwritten capital S's look a lot like lowercase s's. - В его почерке заглавная буква "S" очень похожа на строчную.

those clowns at the state capital - эти придурки в столице штата

the political intrigues of the capital - столичные политические интриги

The Georgian state capital is Atlanta. - Столицей штата Джорджия является Атланта.

Sixty MPs abstained in the vote on capital punishment. - Шестьдесят парламентариев воздержались от голосования по вопросу о смертной казни.

The main function of the merchant banks is to raise capital for industry. - Основная функция коммерческих банков — накапливать капитал для промышленности.

the security cordon around the capital - кордон безопасности вокруг столицы

Unemployed workers marched on the capital. - Безработные двинулись маршем на столицу.

Prices are exorbitantly high in the capital. - Цены в столице — непомерно высокие.

We may have to divest assets to raise capital. - Возможно, придётся продать активы с целью привлечения капитала.

The company has had a sudden influx of capital. - Компания получила неожиданный приток капитала.

Hollywood is the capital of the movie industry. - Голливуд является столицей киноиндустрии.

a persuasive argument against capital punishment - убедительный довод против смертной казни

30,000 people fled to the safety of the capital. - Тридцать тысяч человек укрылись в столице.

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Связанные термины:

capital sum: an amount of money paid to an insured person or paid as an initial fee or investment

block capital: a plain capital letter

capital asset: See fixed asset

capital city: the seat of government of a country or other political unit

capital cost: a cost incurred on the purchase of land, buildings, construction and equipment to be used in the production of goods or the rendering of services

capital gain: the amount by which the selling price of a financial asset exceeds its cost

capital gains: Capital gains are the profits that you make when you buy something and then sell it again at a higher price .

capital goods: Capital goods are used to make other products . Compareconsumer goods .

capital lease: A capital lease is a lease that is treated as the purchase of the asset that is being leased.

capital levy: a tax on capital or property as contrasted with a tax on income

capital loss: A capital loss is a loss on investment property .

capital ship: one of the largest and most heavily armed ships in a naval fleet

capital stock: the par value of the total share capital that a company is authorized to issue

capital value: The value of something is how much money it is worth .

human capital: the abilities and skills of any individual, esp those acquired through investment in education and training, that enhance potential income earning

loan capital: borrowed capital

risk capital: capital invested in an issue of ordinary shares, esp of a speculative enterprise

seed capital: Seed capital is an amount of money that a new company needs to pay for the costs of producing a business plan so that they can raise further capital to develop the company.

share capital: A company's share capital is the money that shareholders invest in order to start or expand the business.

small capital: a letter having the form of an upper-case letter but the same height as a lower-case letter

capital account: A country's capital account is the part of its balance of payments that is concerned with the movement of capital.

capital assets: any assets, tangible or intangible, that are held for long-term investment

capital budget: a budget for major capital or investment expenditures

capital buffer: A buffer is something that prevents something else from being harmed or that prevents two things from harming each other.

capital expense: A capital expense is the cost of acquiring or making improvements to fixed assets .

capital gearing: the ratio of a company's debt capital to its equity capital

capital growth: The growth of something such as an industry, organization, or idea is its development in size, wealth, or importance .

capital inflow: In economics, capital inflow is the amount of capital coming into a country, for example in the form of foreign investment .

capital letter: Capital letters are the same as capitals .

capital market: the financial institutions collectively that deal with medium-term and long-term capital and loans

capital offence: a crime for which the death penalty is used

capital outlay: a capital expenditure

capital surplus: any surplus of a business firm not derived from direct earnings or profits

cushion capital: a capital, used in Byzantine, Romanesque, and Norman architecture, in the form of a bowl with a square top

equity capital: the part of the share capital of a company owned by ordinary shareholders or in certain circumstances by other classes of shareholder

erotic capital: the influence and earning power a person has as a result of his or her sexual attractiveness

fashion capital: If a place is the capital of a particular industry or activity, it is the place that is most famous for it, because it happens in that place more than anywhere else.

flight capital: funds transferred abroad in order to avoid high taxes or to provide for a person's needs if flight from the country becomes necessary

growth capital: Capital is a large sum of money which you use to start a business, or which you invest in order to make more money.

issued capital: the shares of a company that have been sold or distributed

refugee capital: money from abroad invested, esp for a short term, in the country offering the highest interest rate

social capital: the network of social connections that exist between people, and their shared values and norms of behaviour, which enable and encourage mutually advantageous social cooperation

trading capital: the total amount of money available for buying assets

venture capital: Venture capital is capital that is invested in projects that have a high risk of failure, but that will bring large profits if they are successful .

working capital: Working capital is money which is available for use immediately, rather than money which is invested in land or equipment .

authorized capital: the total amount of value of the shares that a company is allowed to distribute

capital allowance: the practice of allowing a certain amount of money spent by a company on fixed assets to be taken off the profits of the company before tax is imposed

capital allowances: the money spent by a company on fixed assets which can be taken off the profits of the company before tax is imposed

capital employed: the money used by a business for buying land, buildings, equipment etc

capital equipment: the equipment that a business buys

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Однокоренные слова:

capitalism - капитализм
capitalist - капиталистический, капиталист
capitalize - капитализировать, печатать прописными буквами, превращать в капитал
capitally - основательно, превосходно, великолепно, чрезвычайно

Связанные слова: