Noun: капитан капитан команды полководец капитан 1 ранга
Verb: руководить быть капитаном корабля быть капитаном спортивной команды


a promotion to captain - производство в звание капитана

captain-lieutenant - капитан-лейтенант

captain of a gun - командир орудия

captain of a warship - командир военного судна

captain of the foretop - старшина носовой верхней команды

captain of the guard - начальник караула

captain of the head - неопытный человек; новичок; кок

captain of the host - военачальник

captain of the port - командир военного порта

captain of the sweepers - старшина приборки

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A captain is below a major. - Капитан по званию ниже, чем майор.

The captain always keeps a log. - Капитан всегда ведет журнал.

They chose her as captain. - Её выбрали капитаном.

Three cheers for the captain. - Трижды ура капитану!

The captain came to our rescue. - Капитан пришёл к нам на помощь.

The Captain ordered his men to fire. - Капитан приказал своим людям стрелять.

How many go to a crew with you, captain? - Из скольких человек состоит ваша команда, капитан?

The captain gave the order to lie to. - Капитан приказал лечь в дрейф.

A general ranks a captain. - Генерал выше капитана по званию.

Captain is in close arrest. - Капитан находится под строгим арестом.

the ship's captain and crew - капитан и экипаж корабля

A major ranks above a captain. - Майор по чину выше капитана.

She captained last year's team. - Она в прошлом году была капитаном команды.

Here the captain called a halt. - В этом месте капитан объявил привал.

Lord Harris captained the team. - Капитаном команды был лорд Харрис.

Homer that captain of all poetry - Гомер, величайший из поэтов

Julie's captain of the quiz team. - Жюли является капитаном команды которая играет в викторины.

We made him a captain of our ten. - Мы сделали его капитаном нашей десятки.

The team captain leads by example. - Капитан команды служит остальным образцом для подражания.

The captain hates "a woman's gab". - Капитан не выносит женской болтовни.

Homer, that captain of all poetry. - Гомер, всем поэтам поэт.

The captain shows great seamanship. - Капитан проявляет большое мореходное искусство.

They chose her as the team captain. - Они выбрали её капитаном команды.

The captain ported the ship at night. - Ночью капитан привёл корабль в порт.

The army major was demoted to captain. - Майор был разжалован в капитаны.

He is usually addressed as the Captain. - К нему обычно обращаются "Капитан".

The captain of a ship is above a seaman. - Звание капитана корабля выше звания матроса.

The Captain and crew welcome you aboard. - Капитан и экипаж приветствуют вас на борту.

The captain ordered his men to close up. - Капитан приказал сомкнуть строй.

The captain decided to scupper the ship. - Капитан принял решение потопить корабль.

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Связанные термины:

co-captain: a joint captain

sea captain: A sea captain is a person in command of a ship, usually a ship that carries goods for trade .

bell captain: a person in charge of a group of bellhops

field captain: the senior official at an archery meeting, responsible for safety

flag captain: the captain of a flagship

group captain: an officer holding commissioned rank senior to a wing commander but junior to an air commodore in the RAF and certain other air forces

port captain: an official in charge of the harbor activities of a seaport

post captain: (formerly) a naval officer holding a commission as a captain, as distinct from an officer with the courtesy title of captain

team captain: the captain of a sporting team

vice-captain: a person who deputizes for a captain and serves in his or her place during his or her absence or indisposition

Captain Cooker: a wild pig

channel captain: the most powerful member, and often the one that decides specifications, in a channel for distributing goods (which usually consists of a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer). The channel captain is sometimes the manufacturer but in the case of a chain store it may be the retailer

captain's mast: a hearing conducted by the captain of a vessel into minor offences of the crew

captain's pick: the selection by a team's captain of a player for that team, often a player who has not met criteria for automatic selection

captain's walk: → widow's walk

precinct captain: the captain of the police responsible for a district of a city

captain's biscuit: a type of hard fancy biscuit

captain's chair: a hardwood armchair having a low, curved back, formed of a single rail supported by spindles, and a saddle seat

captain of industry: You can refer to the owners or senior managers of industrial companies as captains of industry .

mast: The masts of a boat are the tall upright poles that support its sails.

capitayn: the person in charge of and responsible for a vessel

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Однокоренные слова:

captainship - звание капитана, искусство полководца

Связанные слова: