Noun: автомобиль машина вагон легковой автомобиль


to break in car - обкатывать автомобиль

broken-down car - сломанный автомобиль

bulletproof car - бронированный легковой автомобиль

police car - полицейская машина

secondhand / used car - подержанная машина

to stop a car / to bring a car to a stop - остановить машину

to ride in a car - ехать на машине

to go / travel by car - путешествовать на автомобиле

to jack up a car - бросить машину

to go on a joy ride in a stolen car - поехать кататься на угнанной машине

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I'll wait in the car. - Я буду ждать в машине.

I always go to work by car. - Я всегда езжу на работу на машине.

He needs a car to get to work. - Чтобы добраться до работы, ему нужна машина.

She bought a new car. - Она купила новый автомобиль.

He isn't old enough to drive a car. - Ему ещё рано водить машину.

Cars were parked on both sides of the road. - Автомобили /были припаркованы по обе стороны дороги.

She backed the car into the garage. - Она въехала в гараж задним ходом.

I've left my bag in the car. - Я оставила свою сумку в машине.

The car was on the top floor. - Машина была на верхнем этаже.

He got into the car and drove away. - Он сел в машину и уехал.

Car crime is the fastest-growing crime. - Преступления, связанные с автомобилями, являются наиболее быстро растущим видом преступности.

Police cars circled the building. - Здание окружили полицейские машины.

Three cars had jumped the rails. - Три вагона сошли с рельсов.

Coughlan was killed in a car accident. - Кафлен погиб в автокатастрофе.

Dan got out of the car and locked the door. - Дэн вылез из машины и запер дверь.

They took a cable car to the top of the mountain. - Они сели на фуникулёр, чтобы добраться до вершины горы.

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Связанные термины:

e-car: a car powered by electricity

in-car: In-car devices are ones that are designed to be used in a car.

bar car: a railroad car equipped with a bar that serves beverages, esp. liquors and beer, and sometimes snacks

car rug: a floor covering for automobiles

cop car: a police car

kit car: a car that is supplied as a set of pieces ready to be assembled

tow car: a motor vehicle equipped for towing away wrecked or disabled cars

toy car: a miniature nonfunctioning replica of a car, esp one that children play with

cable car: A cable car is a vehicle for taking people up mountains or steep hills . It is pulled by a moving cable.

car alarm: A car alarm is a device in a car which makes a loud noise if anyone tries to break into the vehicle .

car bomb: A car bomb is a bomb which is inside a car, van, or truck .

car boot: the place at the back of a car for putting luggage in

car chase: when one car is in quick pursuit of another

car coat: a short man's coat, designed to be worn when driving a car

car crash: a collision between motor vehicles

car crime: crime in which cars are stolen or in which things are stolen from cars

car-ferry: a vessel for transporting vehicles, in addition to passengers, across a body of water, esp as a regular service

car hire: the act of renting a car

car keys: a key or keys used to lock, unlock, and operate an automobile

car park: A car park is an area or building where people can leave their cars.

car part: a component of an automobile

car phone: A car phone is a mobile phone, especially one which is designed to be used in a car.

car pool: A car pool is an arrangement where a group of people take turns driving each other to work, or driving each other's children to school. In American English, car pool is sometimes used to refer simply to people travelling together in a car.

car port: A car port is a shelter for cars which is attached to a house and consists of a flat roof supported on pillars.

car radio: a radio built into the dashboard of an automobile

car seat: a seat in an automobile ; specif., a portable seat that fastens onto a car's built-in seat and is used for securing a small child

car sick: If someone feels car sick, they feel sick as a result of traveling in a car.

car thief: a person who steals automobiles

chair car: a railroad passenger car with pairs of adjustable seats on both sides of the aisle

club car: a railway carriage with comfortable extending chairs, a bar, and other comforts

coal car: a railroad car designed for transporting coal

flat car: a railroad car without raised sides or ends

fleet car: A car that is bought as one of a number owned and operated by a particular company, e. g . as company cars

funny car: a type of racing vehicle used on a drag strip, that resembles a standard automobile except in having large rear tires and a one-piece fiberglass body that must be raised for access

ghost car: an unmarked police car

hire car: a car that you rent for a specified, usually short, period

mail car: a railway coach specially constructed for the transportation of mail

motor car: A motor car is the same as a → car .

pace car: an official starter's car that leads the competing race cars around the track for one lap ( pace lap ) before moving off the track

panda car: A panda car is a police car.

prowl car: a police patrol car

race car: a car designed to travel at high speed for taking part in motor car races

radio car: a car equipped with a radio for communication

rally car: a car that has been specially designed or modified to be used in motor rallies

scout car: a fast lightly armoured vehicle used for reconnaissance

scrap car: an old or damaged car that is to be reprocessed by a scrap dealer

slot car: an electric toy racing car (often a model of a real racing car) that fits into a slotted racing track by means of a pin or blade ; the electric motor of each car is controlled by a handheld device operated by each player, as they race their cars against each other

squad car: A squad car is a car used by the police.

stock car: A stock car is an old car which has had changes made to it so that it is suitable for races in which the cars often crash into each other.

tank car: a large tank on wheels, for carrying liquids and gases by rail

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Однокоренные слова:

carious - кариозный, гнилой, имеющий полость, разрушающий кость
carriage - перевозка, каретка, вагон, экипаж, коляска, тележка, шасси, салазки, суппорт, лафет
carrier - перевозчик, носитель, несущий, курьер, держатель, багажник, авианосец, транспортер
carrion - падаль, мертвечина, дохлятина, отвратительный, гниющий
caring - заботиться, ухаживать, беспокоиться, тревожиться, питать интерес, иметь желание
carer - тот, кто ухаживает за больным, инвалидом, пожилым человеком, лицо
caries - костоеда, кариес

Связанные слова: