Noun: случай дело корпус место
Abbreviation: автоматизированное проектирование систем
Verb: покрывать упаковывать в ящик обшивать вставлять в оправу


to break a murder case - распутать дело об убийстве

breaking the case - совещание судей перед вынесением решения

authenticated case - достоверный случай

borderline case - крайний случай, пограничный случай

celebrated case - известный случай

clear case - ясная ситуация, понятный случай

hypothetical case - гипотетическая ситуация

isolated case - одиночный случай

rare case - редкий случай

similar case - похожий случай, сходная ситуация

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He lost the case. - Он проиграл это дело.

In this case he acted right. - В этом случае он поступил правильно.

This is an exceptive case. - Это исключительно сложный случай.

This case is more complicated. - Этот случай — более сложный.

Jim put his violin back in its case. - Джим положил скрипку обратно в футляр.

The defence rests its case. - Защите нечего добавить.

men cased in iron from head to foot - мужчины, закованные с головы до ног в железные доспехи

The case was decided. - Дело было решено.

OK, OK, just get off my case! - Ладно, хорошо, только отстаньте!

Let me relieve you of your case. - Позвольте мне понести ваш чемодан.

That didn't use to be the case. - Раньше такого не было.

In case of fire, break the glass. - В случае пожара разбейте стекло.

I always keep my gun handy just in case. - Я, на всякий случай, всегда держу свое ружье под рукой.

They settled the case out of court. - Они решили дело, не обращаясь в суд.

He was casing the field for a career. - Он присматривался, каким бы делом ему заняться.

This case is dismissed! - Это дело закрыто!

The case is still at hearing. - Дело всё ещё в суде.

Your case comes up next week. - Ваше дело рассмотрят на следующей неделе.

Was it a case of demonic possession? - Был ли это случай одержимости бесами?

She has a mild case of the flu. - У неё слабая /неопасная/ форма гриппа.

The clock has a walnut case. - У этих (настенных) часов — ореховый корпус.

The case promises to be a nutty one. - Этот случай обещает быть пикантным.

The rule does not apply to this case. - Это правило неприменимо к данному случаю.

The ring is enclosed in a plastic case. - Кольцо помещено в полиэтиленовый пакет.

a bad case of the heaves - сильные рвотные позывы

The court will not hear this case. - Суд не будет заслушивать это дело.

The evidence is relevant to the case. - Это свидетельство относится к делу.

The case was thrown out of court. - Делу было отказано в рассмотрении в суде.

The case generated public outrage. - Это дело вызвало возмущение общественности.

Around 50 police officers are on the case. - Около пятидесяти сотрудников полиции занимаются этим делом.

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Связанные термины:

in case: You use in case in expressions like 'in case you didn't know ' or 'in case you've forgotten ' when you are telling someone in a rather irritated way something that you think is either obvious or none of their business.

bad case: A particular case is a particular situation or incident, especially one that you are using as an individual example or instance of something.

best-case: being the best that can possibly be expected ; optimal

case file: a file kept on a person who is involved in a medical, legal, or social work investigation

case law: Case law is law that has been established by following decisions made by judges in earlier cases.

case shot: a quantity of small projectiles enclosed in a single case, as a shrapnel shell, for firing from a gun

cold case: a police inquiry that has been suspended with the crime still unsolved

cot case: a person confined to bed through illness

day case: a patient or case that comes into hospital for a surgical procedure and is dealt with and released in the course of one day

egg case: ootheca

hard case: a tough person not swayed by sentiment

moot case: a case dealing with an abstract question, or one seeking a judgement on a right before the right has been asserted

nut case: one who is eccentric or crazy

sad case: a person considered to be ludicrously contemptible or pathetic

test case: A test case is a legal case which becomes an example for deciding other similar cases.

wing case: one of a pair of hardened forewings ; elytron

case-by-case: considering each case individually rather than considering several cases together as a whole

a case of: If you say that a task or situation is a case of a particular thing, you mean that it consists of that thing or can be described as that thing.

basket case: If someone describes a country or organization as a basket case, they mean that its economy or finances are in a seriously bad state.

case-harden: to form a hard surface layer of high carbon content on (a steel component) by heating in a carburizing environment with subsequent quenching or heat treatment

case knife: → sheath knife

case knives: → case knife

case method: the teaching or elucidation of a subject or issue through analysis and discussion of actual cases, as in business education

case notes: the notes taken by a doctor, lawyer, or social worker about a case they are working on

case papers: the notes taken by a doctor, lawyer, or social worker about a case they are working on

case stated: a statement of the facts of a case prepared by one court for the opinion or judgment of another court

case study: A case study is a written account that gives detailed information about a person, group, or thing and their development over a period of time.

case system: a system followed by some languages, in which a set of grammatical categories, sometimes marked by inflection, indicates the relation of the noun, adjective, or pronoun to other words in the sentence

cigar case: a case of a suitable size and shape to hold cigars

court case: a legal action

glass case: a case made of glass, usually in a wood or metal frame, used for displaying and protecting precious or important objects

heart case: a patient undergoing treatment for a heart condition

index case: the first case of a disease, or the primary case referred to in a report

jewel case: A jewel case is a box for keeping jewels in.

joined case: a trial combining multiple related claims, etc

legal case: In law, a case is a trial or other legal inquiry .

lower case: Lower-case letters are small letters, not capital letters.

murder case: a murder that is being investigated by the police, or tried in court

music case: a kind of briefcase for carrying sheet music

pastry case: a case made of pastry that is filled with fruit, custard etc to make a tart or flan

pencil case: a case for carrying pencils, pens, rubbers, etc

sample case: a handheld container of samples of products used by a salesperson to show potential customers what is available

spore case: → sporangium

stated case: a statement of the facts of a case prepared by one court for the opinion or judgment of another court

toilet case: a waterproof bag for holding bathrooms items ( soap and toothpaste etc.) when you are travelling

tragic case: A particular case is a particular situation or incident, especially one that you are using as an individual example or instance of something.

upper case: Upper case letters are capital letters.

vanity case: a woman's small hand case used to carry cosmetics, etc

violin case: a portable container that you keep a violin in

worst case: a situation in which the most unfavourable conditions prevail

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Однокоренные слова:

casement - окно, оконная створка, оконный переплет, створный оконный переплет
caseous - творожистый, сырный
casern - казарма, барак
casing - кожух, оболочка, обсадные трубы, картер, обшивка, футляр, опалубка, облицовка
encase - упаковывать, опалубить, обрамлять, вставлять, класть, полностью закрывать
incase - упаковывать, класть, вставлять, заключать, полностью закрывать, обрамлять
uncase - распаковывать
casal - падежный
caseate - подвергаться творожистому перерождению, подвергаться творожистому некрозу
cased - в жестком переплете, помещенный в корпус, в упаковке

Связанные слова: