Noun: кошки


all cats are grey in the night - ночью все кошки серы

cats and dogs are often antagonistic - кошки и собаки часто не ладят

cats and dogs are often antagonistical - кошки и собаки часто не ладят

cats and dogs are often antipathetic - как правило, кошки и собаки плохо уживаются

cats and dogs are often antipathetical - как правило, кошки и собаки плохо уживаются

it is pouring cats and dogs - льёт как из ведра

cats and dogs - сомнительные ценные бумаги, которые не могут служить обеспечением ссуды

raining cats and dogs - сильный дождь (ливень); сильный дождь

dog my cats! - чёрт возьми!

suffering cats! - черт! вот ведь!

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Cats are very clean animals. - Кошки очень чистоплотные животные.

Cats are naturally clean. - Кошки по своей природе чистоплотны.

Cats can see in the dark. - Кошки могут видеть в темноте.

Cats are very territorial. - У кошек очень развит инстинкт защиты своего участка.

I have an allergy to cats. - У меня аллергия на кошек.

She abhors cats. - Она терпеть не может кошек.

I'm not overly fond of cats. - Я не очень люблю кошек.

a pair of verminous old cats - пара старых блохастых котов

Our cats are similar in size. - Наши кошки — примерно одного размера.

She has a morbid fear of cats. - Она патологически боится кошек.

The cats are asleep on the floor. - Кошки спят на полу.

There are some cats in the garden. - В саду несколько кошек.

Male cats spray to mark territory. - Коты разбрызгивают мочу, чтобы пометить территорию.

She had an irrational fear of cats. - Она патологически боялась кошек.

the average life span of house cats - средняя продолжительность жизни домашних кошек

Cats come in many shapes and sizes. - Кошки поставляются во многих формах и размерах. (об игрушках)

Cats are not able to perceive colour. - Кошки не способны различать цвета.

Cats are said to be naturally curious. - Говорят, кошки от природы чрезвычайно любопытны.

People impute great cleverness to cats. - Кошкам приписывают большой ум.

The cats saw I had an ally, and melted. - Парни увидели, что я с приятелем, и испарились.

Cats have an instinctive desire to hunt. - Коты обладают инстинктивной потребностью охотиться.

a batty old lady who lives with 100 cats - чокнутая старуха, которая живёт с сотней кошек

Cats possess a natural hunting instinct. - Кошки обладают врождённым охотничьим инстинктом.

Cats rely on stealth to catch their prey. - Чтобы поймать свою жертву, кошки полагаются на скрытность.

Some people think black cats are unlucky. - Некоторые считают, что чёрные кошки приносят неудачу.

The cats jumped down and came to meet us. - Кошки спрыгнули вниз и вышли нам навстречу.

We had to use cats to drive the rats out. - Чтобы выгнать крыс, мы завели кошек.

Cats and dogs will sooner be cater-cosins. - Скорее подружатся кошка с собакой.

Human beings, dogs, and cats are all mammals. - Все люди, собаки и кошки являются млекопитающими.

Cats and dogs have always been natural enemies. - Кошки и собаки всегда были естественными врагами.

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Связанные термины:

cat: A cat is a furry animal that has a long tail and sharp claws . Cats are often kept as pets.

bobcat: A bobcat is an animal in the cat family which has reddish-brown fur with dark spots or stripes and a short tail. Bobcats live in North America .

catboat: a sailing vessel with a single mast, set well forward and often unstayed, and a large sail, usually rigged with a gaff

cat-o'-nine-tails: a rope whip consisting of nine knotted thongs, used formerly to flog prisoners

big cat: Big cats are lions, tigers, and other large wild animals in the cat family.

fat cat: If you refer to a businessman or politician as a fat cat, you are indicating that you disapprove of the way they use their wealth and power.

she-cat: a female cat

Sno-Cat: a type of snowmobile

tomcat: a male cat

tom cat: A tom cat is a male cat.

top cat: the most powerful or important person

a bag of cats: a bad-tempered person

alley cat: An alley cat is a cat that lives in the streets of a town, is rather fierce, and is usually not owned by anyone.

civet cat: any of several nocturnal, catlike carnivores (family Viverridae) of Africa, India, Malaysia, and S China, with spotted, yellowish fur : valued for its → civet (sense 1 )

korat cat: rare blue-grey breed of cat

Manx cat: a short-haired tailless variety of cat, believed to originate on the Isle of Man

tabby cat: a cat that is brindled with dark stripes or wavy markings on a lighter background

tiger cat: a medium-sized feline mammal, Felis tigrina, of Central and South America, having a dark-striped coat

white cat: → another name for catworm

rain cats and dogs: to rain very heavily

Angora cat: a long-haired variety of cat, originating in Britain from crosses between Abyssinian and Siamese breeds in the 1960s

calico cat: a domestic cat, esp. a female one, of variegated black, yellow, and white coloring

fraidy-cat: someone who frightens easily or is afraid of many things

native cat: any of various Australian catlike carnivorous marsupials of the genus Dasyurus

Somali cat: a breed of cat with medium-length silky hair, large ears, and a bushy tail

Balinese cat: a breed of cat with medium-length silky hair, a plumed tail, blue eyes, large ears, and a dark mask, tail, and paws

Burmese cat: a breed of cat similar in shape to the Siamese but typically having a dark brown or blue-grey coat

cat's cradle: a game played by making intricate patterns with a loop of string between the fingers

cat's whisker: a pointed wire used to make contact with the crystal in a crystal radio receiver

Cheshire cat: a cat in the children's story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865), notable for its broad smile

domestic cat: a small domesticated feline mammal, Felis catus (or domesticus ), having thick soft fur and occurring in many breeds in which the colour of the fur varies greatly: kept as a pet or to catch rats and mice

hunting cat: → another name for cheetah

mountain cat: any of various wild feline mammals, such as the bobcat, lynx, or puma

Persian cat: A Persian cat is a type of cat which has a round face and long hair.

scaredy-cat: someone who is easily frightened

Siamese cat: A Siamese cat is a type of cat with short cream and brown fur, blue eyes, dark ears, and a dark tail.

snowshoe cat: a breed of cat with soft short hair, blue eyes, an inverted V-shaped marking on the face, and white feet

Turkish cat: a breed of cat with soft white semi-long hair and coloured markings on the head and tail

fight like Kilkenny cats: to fight until both parties are destroyed

Abyssinian cat: a variety of cat with a long body and a short brown coat with black or dark brown markings

breed of cat: type; sort ; variety

colourpoint cat: a cat with increased pigmentation of cooler points of the body, such as ears, feet, tail, nose, and scrotum (in males)

four old cat: a variation of the game of one old cat, played with four bases and four batters

Himalayan cat: a cat with increased pigmentation of cooler points of the body, such as ears, feet, tail, nose, and scrotum (in males)

marmalade cat: a cat that is streaked orange or yellow and brown in colour

one old cat: a form of baseball in which there is a home plate and one other base, and in which a player remains at bat and scores runs by hitting the ball and running to the base and back without being put out

it's raining cats and dogs: said to mean that it is raining very heavily

ring-tailed cat: a catlike omnivorous mammal, Bassariscus astutus, of S North America, related to but smaller than the raccoons : family Procyonidae, order Carnivora ( carnivores ). It has yellowish-grey fur and a long bushy tail banded in black and white

tortoiseshell cat: a cat of the domestic tortoiseshell breed, usually female, having black, cream, and brownish markings

blue catfish: a large freshwater catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, that is a popular food fish in the states of the Mississippi River valley

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Однокоренные слова:

cater - угождать, поставлять, поставлять провизию, потворствовать, обслуживать зрителя
cation - катион