Noun: центр середина средоточие бюро
Verb: центрировать концентрировать концентрироваться центровать


documentation center - центр информационного обслуживания

donor center - донорский центр

center drilling - центровка отверстий сверлением

center of equilibrium - центр равновесия

group with trivial center - группа без центра

group without center - группа без центра

angle at center - центральный угол

plumb to the center - прямо в яблочко, в точку

a quartet of dancers in pool of light at center stage - четвёрка танцоров в луче света в центре сцены

shopping center - торговый центр

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Her entire attention centered on her children. - Всё её внимание сосредоточено на детях.

The staircase is in the center of the building. - Лестница находится в центре здания.

The company is moving its sales center downtown. - Компания перемещает свой центр продаж в деловую часть города.

Center for Disease Control - Центр по контролю заболеваемости (в США)

John lofted a long hit to center. - Джон с силой послал мяч в центр.

American Business Center - Американский бизнес-центр

She was the center of attention. - Она была в центре внимания.

It is in the center of town. - Это в центре города.

We took a walk from our house to the center of town. - Мы прошли пешком от нашего дома до центра города.

They conducted a series of tests on me at the health center. - В медицинском центре у меня взяли анализы.

Allergic Disease Center - Центр по изучению аллергических заболеваний (в США)

Center the picture on the wall. - Выровняйте картину на стене.

The water deepens toward the center of the river. - По мере приближения к центру реки, вода становится глубже.

He was accepted as an intern at NASA Ames Research Center. - Его взяли стажёром в Эймсовский исследовательский центр НАСА.

the center of the room - центр комнаты

a white-hot center of the fire - раскалённый добела центр пламени

He took a trip to the shopping center. - Он съездил в торговый центр.

The conference center offers a health spa. - Конференц-центр предоставляет услуги спа.

We moved to Center Street when I was young. - Мы переехали на Центральную улицу, когда я был молод.

She is on loan to the Center from her job in Oklahoma. - Она временно работает в этом центре, оставив свою постоянную работу в Оклахоме.

Volunteers constitute more than 95% of the center's work force. - Свыше 95 процентов работников центра составляют волонтеры.

The shopping center's gross leasable area is currently 1,074,359 square feet. - Общая площадь сдаваемых в аренду помещений торгового центра в настоящее время составляет 1 074 359 кв. футов.

Lancastrian city center - ланкастерский центр города

He hit the ball to deep center. - Он выбил мяч далеко вглубь центральной зоны.

the master control center at NASA - главный центр управления НАСА

They had to reinforce the center. - Им пришлось укрепить центр.

in the upper center of the picture - в верхней центральной части изображения

the team's nonpareil center fielder - бесподобный центральный филдер этой команды (в бейсболе — игрок центральной зоны внешнего периметра поля)

That vase in the picture is not centered. - Эта ваза расположена не по центру картины.

The town green was the center of activity. - Центром активности стал городской выпас.

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Связанные термины:

centre: A centre is a building where people have meetings, take part in a particular activity, or get help of some kind .

call center: A call center is an office where people work answering or making telephone calls for a particular company.

center bit: a bit with a sharp, projecting center point and cutting wings on either side

city center: The city center is the busiest part of a city, where most of the shops and businesses are.

cost center: A cost center is a department in a company that does not bring the company direct profit .

dead center: the position of maximum ( top dead center ) or minimum ( bottom dead center ) extension of a crank and a connecting rod, in which both are in the same straight line

live center: the center in the revolving spindle of a lathe or other machine on which work is turned

off-center: not in the exact center

roll center: The roll center is the center about which a vehicle body rolls .

center around: to have as a central point, focus of attention, etc.

center field: the middle area of the outfield

center plate: one of a pair of plates that fit together and support the body of a car on a truck, while allowing the truck to rotate with respect to the body. One plate ( body center plate ) is attached to the underside of the car body and the other ( truck center plate ) is part of the car truck

center punch: a steel punch for marking a spot where a hole is to be drilled

center stage: If something or someone takes center stage, they become very important or noticeable .

civic center: a building complex housing a theater or theaters for the performing arts and sometimes exhibition halls, a museum, etc., and usually constructed or maintained by municipal funds

health center: A health center is a building in which a group of doctors have offices where their patients can visit them.

nerve center: any group of nerve cells that function together in controlling some specific sense or bodily activity, as breathing

profit center: A profit center is a part of a company that is responsible for its own costs and profits.

storm center: the shifting center of a cyclone, an area of lowest barometric pressure and comparative calm

trauma center: a hospital that provides emergency treatment to physical injuries

blending center: A blending center is a place for mixing fluids, gases, and powders .

business center: A business center is a room in a hotel with facilities such as computers and a fax machine, that allows guests to work while they are staying at the hotel.

center forward: an offensive player who covers the center of the field and who usually starts the kickoff

fitness center: A fitness center in a hotel is a large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit .

Lincoln Center: a centre for the performing arts in New York City, including theatres, a library, and a school

shopping center: a complex of stores, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. grouped together and having a common parking area

center of mass: the point in a body or system of bodies at which the entire mass may be assumed to be concentrated

childcare center: a place or business offering childcare for working parents

community center: a meeting place, often a complex of buildings, where the people of a community may carry on cultural, recreational, or social activities

detention center: A detention center is a sort of prison, for example, a place where people who have entered a country illegally are kept while a decision is made about what to do with them.

left-of-center: holding liberal views in politics ; left-wing

separation center: a center where persons in the armed forces are discharged or released from active duty

bottom dead center: Bottom dead center is the point at which the piston of an engine is nearest to the axis of the crankshaft . On a vertical engine, this is the lowest point that the piston reaches.

center of gravity: that point in a body or system around which its mass or weight is evenly distributed or balanced and through which the force of gravity acts

entertainment center: any of various freestanding cabinets with adjustable shelves and compartments for holding video and audio devices and materials, as a TV, a DVD player, CDs, etc.

front and center: If a topic or question is front and center, a lot of attention is being paid to it or a lot of people are talking about it.

right-of-center: holding conservative views in politics ; right-wing

top dead center: Top dead center is the position of an engine's piston when it is at the very top of its stroke .

World Trade Center: a name licensed by World Trade Centers Association to its members to identify any of a number of iconic buildings worldwide to promote world trade and international business relationships; one such former building complex, at 417m (1368 ft), the tallest in the US, stood in Manhattan, New York, from 1974 until its destruction on September 11, 2001, in which 2,750 people died; reconstruction of the complex began in 2002

youth centre: a centre providing leisure activities for young people, often associated with a church or community centre

community correctional center: (in the US) a detention centre

Garment District: an area in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, including portions of Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 34th and 40th Streets and the streets intersecting them, that contains many factories, showrooms, etc., related to the design, manufacture, and wholesale distribution of clothing

operations centre: a centre where activities of a business, organization, etc, are administrated and take place

recreation centre: a facility open to the public for leisure and recreation activities

right-of-centre: You can describe a person or political party as right-of-centre if they have political views which are closer to capitalism and conservatism than to socialism but which are not very extreme.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts: a centre for the performing arts in New York City, including theatres, a library, and a school

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Однокоренные слова:

centering - центрирующий, центрирование, центровка, опалубка
centered - центрировать, концентрировать, концентрироваться, центровать, сосредотачивать

Связанные слова: