Noun: центр середина средоточие бюро
Verb: центрировать концентрировать концентрироваться центровать


in the centre - посередине

at the centre of events - в самой гуще событий

trade centre - торговый центр

relocation centre - лагерь для интернированных

exhibition centre - выставочный центр

infant health centre - детская консультация

medical centre - медицинский центр

the centre of an orb - центр шара

centre of symmetry - центр симметрии

writing centre - физиол. центр письма

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They now live in the city centre. - Сейчас они живут в центре города.

Music Centre - Дом музыки

Book Centre - Дом книги

Her political views are slightly left of centre. - По политическим убеждениям она находится чуть левее центра.

It is the biggest centre of its kind. - Это самый крупный центр такого рода.

I dislike being the centre of attention. - Я не люблю быть в центре внимания.

The police have cordoned the town centre. - Полиция оцепила центр города.

police on patrol in the city centre - полицейский патруль в центре города

We drove right through the town centre. - Мы поехали прямо через центр города.

The bus goes right to the centre of town. - Автобус ходит прямо до центра города.

Draw a line through the centre of the circle. - Начертите прямую линию, проходящую через центр круга.

The road passes right through the town centre. - Дорога проходит прямо через центр города.

The title isn't quite centred on the page, is it? - Заглавие не совсем по центру страницы, так?

This is the business centre of the capital and is no longer residential. - Теперь это уже не жилой, а деловой район столицы.

All our interest centres in our family. - Все наши интересы сосредоточены на семье.

The village centred on its market square. - Центром деревни был рынок.

The conversation centred on the election. - Разговор шёл о выборах.

The number 61 bus runs to the city centre. - Автобус номер шестьдесят один курсирует до центра города.

We took a detour to avoid the town centre. - Мы направились в объезд центра города.

The city centre was devastated by the bomb. - Центр города был разрушен бомбой.

radial roads leading out of the city centre - радиальные дороги, ведущие из центра города

Police blocked off the city centre streets. - Полицейские заблокировали центральные улицы города.

The centre is staffed mainly by volunteers. - Персонал данного центра составляют в основном добровольцы.

The centre provides a job placement service. - В данном центре предоставляются услуги службы занятости.

The arrow hit the dead centre of the target. - Стрела попала точно в яблочко.

Our hotel is bang in the centre of the town. - Наш отель находится в самом центре города.

I pass the sports centre on the way to work. - Я прохожу мимо спортивного центра по дороге на работу.

Just follow the signposts to the city centre. - Просто следуйте по указателям в центр города.

It's not exactly a cultural center like Paris. - Это место не назовёшь культурным центром вроде Парижа.

He always seems to be at the centre of things. - Такое впечатление, будто он всегда находится в центре событий.

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Связанные термины:

call centre: A call centre is an office where people work answering or making telephone calls for a particular company .

centre bit: a drilling bit with a central projecting point and two side cutters

centre-fire: (of a cartridge ) having the primer in the centre of the base

centre half: a defender who plays in the middle of the defence

centre pass: a push or hit made in any direction to start the game or to restart the game after a goal has been scored

city centre: The city centre is the busiest part of a city, where most of the shops and businesses are.

cost centre: a unit, such as a department of a company, to which costs may be allocated for cost accounting purposes

dead centre: the exact top ( top dead centre ) or bottom ( bottom dead centre ) of the piston stroke in a reciprocating engine or pump

job centre: In Britain, a job centre is a place where people who are looking for work can go to get advice on finding a job, and to look at advertisements placed by people who are looking for new employees .

law centre: an office, usually staffed by professional volunteers, at which free legal advice and information are provided to the general public

live centre: a conically pointed rod mounted in the headstock of a lathe that locates and turns with the workpiece

off-centre: If something is off-centre, it is not exactly in the middle of a space or surface.

play-centre: a regular meeting of small children arranged by their parents or a welfare agency to give them an opportunity of supervised creative play

rest centre: a place where people can rest

soft centre: a chocolate that has a soft filling

the Centre: the sparsely inhabited central region of Australia

town centre: the most important commercial or business area of a town, containing most of the shops, banks, restaurants etc

active centre: the region in an enzyme molecule in which the reactive groups that participate in its action are juxtaposed

centre court: the main court of a tennis complex, esp at Wimbledon

centre ground: the nominal space in the political spectrum that is neither right or left

centre punch: a small steel tool with a conical tip used to punch a small indentation at the location of the centre of a hole to be drilled

centre spread: the pair of two facing pages in the middle of a magazine, newspaper, etc, often illustrated

centre stage: If something or someone takes centre stage, they become very important or noticeable .

civic centre: the public buildings of a town, including recreational facilities and offices of local administration

craft centre: a large shop that sells craftwork

crisis centre: a place providing help to victims of crime, natural disasters, etc

field centre: a research centre equipped for field studies, usually located in or near an area of scientific interest

garden centre: A garden centre is a large shop, usually with an outdoor area, where you can buy things for your garden such as plants and gardening tools.

health centre: A health centre is a building in which a group of doctors have offices or surgeries where their patients can visit them.

music centre: a single hi-fi unit containing (for example) a turntable, amplifier, radio, cassette player, and compact disc player

nerve centre: The nerve centre of an organization is the place from where its activities are controlled and where its leaders meet .

profit centre: a unit or department of a company that is responsible for its costs and its profits

rehab centre: a centre or clinic where people with an alcohol or drug addiction are treated

remand centre: In Britain, a remand centre is an institution where people who are accused of a crime are sent until their trial begins or until a decision about their punishment has been made.

sports centre: a place where people take part in sports

storm centre: the centre of a cyclonic storm, etc, where pressure is lowest

urban centre: an urban area that is large and heavily populated

youth centre: a centre providing leisure activities for young people, often associated with a church or community centre

aquatic centre: a complex with facilities for water sports, including swimming pools

birthing centre: a private maternity hospital

business centre: a place providing office facilities and services

centre forward: A centre-forward in a team sport such as football or hockey is the player or position in the middle of the front row of attacking players.

centre section: the constricted part of the trunk between the ribs and hips

contact centre: an office where staff carry out an organization's telephone transactions

cultural centre: If an area or town is a centre for an industry or activity, that industry or activity is very important there.

daycare centre: an establishment offering daycare to preschool children, enabling their parents to work full time or have extended relief if child care is a problem

fitness centre: a place which has gym equipment

freezer centre: a store that specializes in selling freezers

heritage centre: a museum that houses exhibits describing the culture and history of a particular place and its inhabitants

leisure centre: A leisure centre is a large public building containing different facilities for leisure activities, such as a sports hall, a swimming pool, and rooms for meetings.

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Однокоренные слова:

central - центральный, главный, центровой, центральная телефонная станция
centreing - центрирование, кружало, опалубка
centric - центральный
centrical - центральный
centring - центрирующий, центрирование, центровка, опалубка
centrist - центрист
centreless - бесцентровый, неотцентрированный, нецентрированный