Noun: стул кресло председатель кафедра
Verb: председательствовать возглавлять ставить во главе стоять во главе


camp / folding chair - складной стул

easy chair - удобный стул

rocking chair - кресло-качалка

task chair - офисное кресло

executive chair - кресло руководителя

to take a chair - садиться

to hold a chair - заведовать кафедрой

to leap (up) from one's chair - вскакивать со стула

chair of chemistry - кафедра химии

bed-chair - кресло-кровать

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He sat down in a chair. - Он сел в кресло.

I'll get you a chair. - Я принесу вам стул.

He was sitting in a chair. - Он сидел в кресле.

A chair made of cedar - Стул сделанный из кедра.

He sank into a chair. - Он опустился в кресло.

She acts as the chair. - Она выполняет обязанности председателя.

Chair! - К порядку!

He dropped into a chair. - Он плюхнулся в кресло.

Mr Jones took the chair. - М-р Джонс председательствовал на собрании.

He hurled a chair at me. - Он швырнул в меня стулом.

He flopped into a chair. - Он плюхнулся в кресло.

She was voted into the chair. - Ее выбрали председателем.

He sat back in his chair. - Он снова сел в кресло.

He crafted the chair lovingly. - Он смастерил этот стул с любовью.

This old chair is cheap. - Этот старый стул — дешёвый.

a chair with a broken leg - стул со сломанной ножкой

He sank back into his chair. - Он откинулся на спинку кресла.

She bounced out of the chair. - Она вскочила со стула.

He eased himself into a chair. - Он наконец то уселся в кресло и расслабился.

The offices were newly chaired. - В офисах были поставлены новые стулья.

One leg of the chair is cracked. - Одна из ножек стула треснула.

She sat the toddler in the chair. - Она посадила малыша в кресло.

She subsided into the easy chair. - Она опустилась в мягкое кресло.

I lapsed into a low chair. - Я опустился в низкое кресло.

He flumped down into the chair. - Он тяжело опустился в кресло.

She bid for a desk and a chair. - Она предложила купить у неё стол и стул.

Jimmy slouched back in his chair. - Джимми развалился в своём кресле.

He put his feet on an empty chair. - Он положил ноги на пустой стул.

She subsided into the chair - Она погрузилась (села) в кресло.

He lolled back in his chair. - Он лениво откинулся на спинку кресла.

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Связанные термины:

chair car: a railroad passenger car with pairs of adjustable seats on both sides of the aisle

co-chair: a person who chairs a committee, meeting, etc. jointly with another or others

the chair: → an informal name for electric chair

tub chair: a usually low-backed easy chair with arms even with the back or sloping up to it in a continuous curve

Bath chair: a wheelchair for invalids, often with a hood

beach chair: A beach chair is a simple chair with a folding frame, and a piece of canvas as the seat and back. Beach chairs are usually used on the beach, on a ship, or in the yard .

Brno chair: an armchair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930, having a cantilevered frame of chromium-plated or stainless steel composed of two interlocking parts, one forming the legs and arms and the other the seat and back frame, with the back and seat lightly upholstered and usually covered with leather

camp chair: a lightweight folding chair

cane chair: a chair, the back and seat of which are made of interlaced strips of cane

chair lift: A chair lift is a line of chairs that hang from a moving cable and carry people up and down a mountain or ski slope .

chair rail: a molding on an interior wall for preventing the backs of chairs from rubbing against plaster

club chair: a large, heavily upholstered armchair, usually with a low back

deck chair: a lightweight folding chair, usually with arms and a leg rest, used on ship decks, etc.

Eames chair: an upholstered swivel chair on rubber mounts, shaped to fit the body

easy chair: An easy chair is a large, comfortable padded chair.

empty-chair: to draw attention to the absence of (an invited participant in a debate or another event), esp by leaving an unoccupied place for them

high chair: A high chair is a chair with long legs for a small child to sit in while they are eating.

lawn chair: a chair or chaise longue designed for use out of doors

sedan chair: A sedan chair is an enclosed chair for one person carried on two poles by two men, one in front and one behind. Sedan chairs were used in the 17th and 18th centuries.

side chair: a chair without arms, usually one of a set used at a dining table

súgán chair: a chair with a seat made from woven sú g áns

wing chair: an easy chair having wings on each side of the back

barber chair: a chair used by barbers, adjustable in height and having an adjustable headrest, back, and footrest

barrel chair: a kind of upholstered chair with an upright, rounded back

basket chair: a chair made of wickerwork ; a wicker chair

beanbag chair: a chair like a large beanbag covered with vinyl, fabric, etc. and filled with foam pellets, as of polystyrene, that shift about to fit one's body

berbice chair: large armchair with long arms that can be folded inwards to act as leg rests

Breuer chair: a chair with a frame of continuous chrome tubing, no back legs, and cane seat and back

camping chair: a chair which is suitable for use in temporary quarters, on holiday, etc, esp by being portable and easy to set up

canvas chair: a chair in which the seat and back are made from canvas

curule chair: an upholstered folding seat with curved legs used by the highest civil officials of ancient Rome

dining chair: a seat designed to be used during mealtimes, at a dining table

folding chair: a chair that can be collapsed flat for easy storage or transport

invalid chair: a chair specially designed for an invalid to sit in

lounge chair: a chair designed for lounging, as an easy chair, chaise longue, or recliner

Morris chair: an armchair with an adjustable back and large cushions

Paimio chair: a chair developed by Alvar Aalto between 1930 and 1933, having two continuous, ribbonlike elements made of bent laminated birch veneers forming the arms and legs and supporting a sheet of bent plywood that forms the back and seat

peacock chair: an armchair, usually of rattan or wicker, with a very high, rounded back

reading chair: a chair of the 18th century having an adjustable reading stand attached to the back and a crest rail extending forward on both sides to form armrests, designed to be sat on facing the back

rocking chair: A rocking chair is a chair that is built on two curved pieces of wood so that you can rock yourself backwards and forwards when you are sitting in it.

slipper chair: a small bedroom chair with a low seat

steamer chair: a type of reclinable chair with a wooden or wicker frame, sometimes upholstered, designed for relaxing in

swivel chair: A swivel chair is a chair whose seat can be turned around a central point to face in a different direction without moving the legs.

Wassily chair: a chair designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925, having a chromium-plated tubular steel frame over which strips of canvas or leather of varying widths are stretched to form the seat, back, and arms

Windsor chair: a simple wooden chair, popular in England and America from the 18th century, usually having a shaped seat, splayed legs, and a back of many spindles

Barcelona chair: an armless, padded leather chair on a steel frame shaped like a curved X : Barcelona is a trademark for this chair

birthing chair: a chair constructed to allow a woman in labour to give birth in a sitting position

butterfly chair: a lightweight chair consisting of a piece of canvas, leather, etc. slung from a framework of metal bars

captain's chair: a hardwood armchair having a low, curved back, formed of a single rail supported by spindles, and a saddle seat

electric chair: The electric chair is a method of killing criminals, used especially in the United States, in which a person is strapped to a special chair and killed by a powerful electric current .

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