Noun: проверка чек контроль осмотр
Verb: проверять контролировать сверяться сверять
Adjective: контрольный проверочный чековый клетчатый


to charge / check a book (out of a library) - заказывать книгу (из библиотеки)

to nip / check / crush in the bud - пресечь в корне, подавить в зародыше

to check calibration of instrument - поверять измерительный прибор

to conduct / make / run a check of / on smth. - осуществлять контроль, проводить проверку чего-л.

background check - расследование истории вопроса, проблемы

to produce a check - сделать шах

to hold / keep in check - держать под контролем, сдерживать

check ballot - проверочное голосование

check shirt - клетчатая рубашка

check specimen - контрольный экземпляр

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Can I pay by check? - Могу ли я расплатиться чеком?

Check your spelling and grammar. - Проверьте свои правописание и грамматику .

Hey, check out that car! - Эй, зацени ту машину!

Does his story check out? - Его рассказ подтверждается?

Can you check these proofs? - Вы можете проверить эти доказательства?

Check the time of the class. - Уточните время начала занятия.

Check your baggage in at the desk. - Зарегистрируйте багаж на стойке регистрации.

These stories don't check! - Эти рассказы не подтверждаются!

You must check out of the hotel by 10 a.m. - Вы должны выехать из гостиницы до 10 часов утра.

Check to see if the meat is done. - Проверьте, готово ли мясо.

The guards checked my passport. - Охрана проверила мой паспорт.

Check the expiry date on your passport. - Проверьте срок действия вашего паспорта.

He hastily checked the impulse. - Он быстро подавил этот порыв.

His task was to keep Jimmy in check. - Его задачей было держать Джима под контролем.

You can check your suitcases in at the desk. - Вы можете сдать свои чемоданы на стойке.

The king is in check. - Королю объявлен шах.

She wore a skirt with checks. - Она носила клетчатую юбку.

The dog checked. - Собака сбилась со следа.

Check for signs of corrosion. - Проверьте, нет ли признаков коррозии.

I'll check back tomorrow about that question. - Завтра я задам этот вопрос еще раз.

What time do you have to check in? - В какое время вам нужно приходить на работу?

Check this with sales. - Справься об этом в нашем отделе продаж.

Did you bank that check? - Ты положил этот чек в банк?

Check out this dope new song. - Зацени эту новую улётную песню.

The police are checking out his alibi. - Полиция проверяет его алиби.

"Should I send you a check?" "Why not just bring me the money when you come?" - — Прислать вам чек? — А почему бы вам просто не принести мне деньги, когда придёте?

The heat checked the paint. - От жары краска потрескалась.

The description checks with the photograph. - Описание соответствует фотографии.

Mr. Baldwin checked the enthusiasm of his visitors. - Мистер Болдуин умерил энтузиазм своих гостей.

The bank dishonored my check. - Банк опротестовал мой чек.

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Фразовые глаголы:

When you check in or check into a hotel or clinic, or if someone checks you in, you arrive and go through the necessary procedures before you stay there.

When you check things off, you check or count them while referring to a list of them, to make sure you have considered all of them.

When you check out of a hotel or clinic where you have been staying, or if someone checks you out, you pay the bill and leave.

If you check up on something, you find out information about it.

Связанные термины:

cheque: A cheque is a printed form on which you write an amount of money and who it is to be paid to. Your bank then pays the money to that person from your account.

bad check: A bad check is a check that will not be paid because there is a mistake on it, or because there is not enough money in the account of the person who wrote the check.

check in: When you check in or check into a hotel or clinic, or if someone checks you in, you arrive and go through the necessary procedures before you stay there.

check off: When you check things off, you check or count them while referring to a list of them, to make sure you have considered all of them.

check out: When you check out of a hotel or clinic where you have been staying, or if someone checks you out, you pay the bill and leave.

check up: If you check up on something, you find out information about it.

gut check: a pause to assess the state, progress, or condition of something such as an enterprise or institution

in check: under control or restraint

bank check: A bank check is a check that you can buy from a bank in order to pay someone who is not willing to accept a personal check.

blank check: a check form that has not been filled in

body check: the fair block of an opponent who has the puck by bumping with the body, shoulder to hip, from the front or side

check digit: a digit derived data-word-id="52">from data-word-id="5">and appended data-word-id="3">to a data-word-id="6396">string data-word-id="7">of data digits, used data-word-id="3">to detect corruption data-word-id="7">of the data data-word-id="6396">string during transmission or transcription

check list: a list of items, facts, names, etc, to be checked or referred to for comparison, identification, or verification

check mark: A check mark is a written mark like a V with the right side extended . It is used to show that something is correct or has been selected or dealt with.

check stub: A check stub is the part of a check that is kept by the payee with information such as the check number, date, and amount.

check valve: a valve that closes by fluid pressure to prevent return flow

coat check: The coat check at a public building such as a theater or club is the place where customers can leave their coats, usually for a small fee .

cross-check: If you cross-check information, you check that it is correct using a different method or source from the one originally used to obtain it.

price check: A price check is an investigation of the prices charged by different retailers for the same goods to find the best value.

rain check: If you say you will take a rain check on an offer or suggestion, you mean that you do not want to accept it now, but you might accept it at another time.

side check: a checkrein passing back to the saddle from the side of a horse's head

sound check: an on-the-spot rehearsal by a band before a gig to enable the sound engineer to set up the mixer

speed check: a method of checking the speed at which vehicles are travelling, used by police

spell check: the act or an instance of using a → spell-checker

spot check: If someone carries out a spot check, they examine one thing from a group in order to make sure that it is satisfactory .

time check: (in racing sports, such as motor racing, cycling, etc) an instance of checking the time taken to cover a specific distance . Time checks occur at prearranged points in a race

baggage check: a receipt for baggage left in a checkroom

check details: The details of something are its individual features or elements.

counter check: a check available at a bank for the use of depositors in making withdrawals, orig. kept in supply on a counter

credit check: a check performed by a company selling goods on credit to establish if a potential customer is creditworthy

double-check: If you double-check something, you examine or test it a second time to make sure that it is completely correct or safe .

health check: a medical checkup

parity check: a data-word-id="253">check data-word-id="9774">made data-word-id="7">of data-word-id="9919">computer data to ensure that the total number data-word-id="7">of bits data-word-id="7">of value 1 (or 0) in each unit data-word-id="7">of information remains odd or even after transfer between a peripheral device and the memory or vice versa

reality check: If you say that something is a reality check for someone, you mean that it makes them recognize the truth about a situation, especially about the difficulties involved in something they want to achieve .

rubber check: a check that is worthless because of insufficient funds in the drawer's account

weather check: if you get a weather check you find out what the weather is like

welfare check: a social security payment

cashier's check: A cashier's check is one which a cashier signs and which is drawn on a bank's own funds.

certified check: a check for which a bank has guaranteed payment, certifying there is enough money on deposit to cover the check

check a fact: Facts are pieces of information that can be discovered .

check guarantee: A check guarantee is any method, usually via a plastic card, that guarantees that a payment made by check will be honored by the account holder ’s bank .

check register: A check register is a record of transactions in a checking account .

check up on: to examine the record, character, etc. of; investigate

perpetual check: a consecutive series of checks that the checked player cannot avoid, leading to a drawn game

security check: the process of checking that a person is not armed, or carrying something dangerous

sign a check: When you sign a check, you write your name on it in a special space in order to validate it.

background check: an investigation into a person's origins and previous history

check-in queue: A queue is a line of people or vehicles that are waiting for something.

check-in time: The check-in time at a hotel is the time from which guests are expected to arrive .

check-out time: the time by which one has to check out of a hotel

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Однокоренные слова:

check back - перепроверять, переспрашивать, уйти в защиту
check in - регистрировать, регистрироваться, проверять, записывать, записываться
check off - удерживать из заработной платы, вычет
check out - проверять, отстроиться, сверять, выехать из гостиницы, одергивать
check through - посылать, пересылать, посылать багажом, проверять
check up - проверять, регистрировать, регистрироваться

Связанные слова: