Noun: грудь грудная клетка сундук ящик
Adjective: грудной


chest cavity - грудина

tool chest - ящик с инструментами

tea chest - ящик чая

sugar chest - мешок сахарного песка

to beat the chest - бить себя кулаком в грудь

to throw out one's chest (with pride) - выпячивать грудь вперёд (от гордости)

dower chest - сундук с приданым

chest measurements - объём груди

to stick out one's chest - выпячивать грудь

chest strap - грудной обхват

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The chest was bagged up with money. - Сундук только что не лопался от золота.

He has a broad chest. - У него широкая грудная клетка.

He was shot in the chest. - Его уложили выстрелом в грудь.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. - Сердце бешено колотилось у неё в груди.

He felt sharp chest pains and went to see the doctor. - Он почувствовал острую боль в груди и пошёл ко врачу.

The sword entered in his chest. - Меч пронзил его грудь.

A military chest was formed. - Была создана войсковая касса.

I wonder what ever there can be inside this chest. - Интересно, что же может быть внутри этого ящика.

I hugged my knees to my chest. - Я прижала колени к груди.

A candle was alight on the chest of drawers. - На комоде горела свеча.

A cough settled in her chest. - Кашель обосновался в её груди. / В её груди поселился кашель.

He was hospitalized for chest pains. - Он был госпитализирован из-за болей в груди.

My heart was thumping inside my chest. - Сердце колотилось у меня в груди.

He is playing his cards close to his chest. - Он никому не рассказывает, что у него на уме. (букв. разыгрывает карты близко к груди, то есть не показывает их никому)

a stuffy feeling in my chest - ощущение заложенности у меня в груди

The ball took me an awful whack on the chest. - Мяч сильно ударил меня в грудь.

The pain is in my upper chest. - Болит в верхней части груди.

The bullet penetrated her chest - Пуля проникла в ее грудную клетку

He plugged him right in the chest. - Он залепил ему (пулю) прямо в грудь. (амер.)

He has a lot of hair on his chest. - У него очень волосатая грудь.

He bared his chest to show the scar. - Он обнажил свою грудь, чтобы показать шрам.

The water came up as far as my chest. - Вода дошла мне аж до груди.

He died after being knifed in the chest. - Он умер после удара ножом в грудь.

A deep sigh was wrenched from his chest. - Глубокий вздох вырвался у него из груди.

She ran, her heart pounding in her chest. - Она бежала, и сердце бешено колотилось у неё в груди.

There was a bad hole drilled in his chest. - Грудь у него была прострелена.

He was admitted last night for chest pains. - Он поступил (в больницу) вчера вечером с жалобами на боли в груди.

She felt an alarming tightness in her chest. - Она почувствовала тревожное стеснение в груди.

The ball hit him full in the chest. - Мяч попал ему прямо в грудь.

His wide chest tapers to a small waist. - Его широкая грудь сужается к тонкой талии.

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Связанные термины:

pyx chest: the chest in which coins from the British mint are placed to be tested for weight, etc

sea chest: a usually large firm chest used by a sailor for storing personal property

tea chest: A tea chest is a large wooden box in which tea is packed when it is exported. People also use tea chests for putting things in when they move from one house to another.

war chest: A war chest is a fund to finance a project such as a political campaign.

cedar chest: a chest made of cedar, in which woolens, furs, etc. are stored for protection against moths

chest cold: a cold mainly affecting the chest

chest hair: Hair is the short, fine threads that grow on different parts of your body.

chest voice: a voice of the lowest speaking or singing register

hope chest: a young woman's collection of clothes, linen, cutlery, etc, in anticipation of marriage

slop chest: a stock of merchandise, such as clothing, tobacco, etc, maintained aboard merchant ships for sale to the crew

steam-chest: a chamber that encloses the slide valve of a steam-engine and forms a manifold for the steam supply to the valve

wind chest: a box in an organ in which air from the bellows is stored under pressure before being supplied to the pipes or reeds

chest-on-chest: a chest of drawers fitted onto another, somewhat larger one

chest freezer: a freezer shaped like a chest with a door that opens by lifting up

chest height: A particular height is the distance that something is above the ground or above something else mentioned .

bachelor chest: a chest of drawers, esp., one for men's shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc.

campaign chest: money collected and set aside for use in a campaign, esp. a political one; a campaign fund

chest expander: a device for strengthening the chest muscles, consisting of two handles attached to strong springs or elastic cords that the user pulls apart across the chest

chest infection: a respiratory infection mainly affecting the chest

chest register: the lower register of the voice, in which the lower range of tones is produced

community chest: a fund raised by voluntary contribution for local welfare activities

medicine chest: a small chest or cupboard for storing medicines, bandages, etc

treasure chest: A treasure chest is a box containing treasure.

chest compression: Chest compression is the act of applying pressure to someone's chest in order to help blood flow through the heart in an emergency situation .

chest measurement: the circumference of the trunk, measured around the middle of the chest

chest of viols: a set of viols of different sizes, usually six in number, used in consorts

chest specialist: a physician who specializes in diseases affecting the organs in the chest

chest of drawers: A chest of drawers is a low, flat piece of furniture with drawers in which you keep clothes and other things.

toolbox: a metal or plastic box which contains general tools that one needs at home, for example to do repairs to one's house or car

get something off one's chest: to unburden oneself of troubles, worries, etc, by talking about them

get something off your chest: If you get something off your chest, you talk about something that has been worrying you.

beat your breast: to show regret or anger very publicly about something that has gone wrong in a way that is usually not sincere

keep your cards close to your chest: to not tell anyone about your plans or thoughts

something will put hairs on your chest: said to mean that an alcoholic drink is very strong

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Однокоренные слова:

inchest - упаковывать в ящики
chesty - с широкой грудью, полногрудая, грудастая, чахоточный, заносчивый
chested - то грудью, лежащий в сундуке, ящике, грудый
chester - Честер, город в Англии, Честер, в штатах Айова,
chestful - полная грудь

Связанные слова: