Noun: церковь храм богослужение вероисповедание
Adjective: церковный духовный


to consecrate / dedicate a church - освящать церковь

to go into / enter the church - принимать духовный сан

as poor as a church mouse - бедный, как церковная мышь

deanery church - церковь, в которой служит благочинный

disharmonies of church and state - разногласия между церковью и государством

church fete - церковный праздник

church hierarchy - церковная иерархия

be irregular in church attendance - нерегулярно посещать церковь

to lead (a bride) to the altar, to church - вести (невесту) к алтарю, жениться

church porch - паперть

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We drove by the church. - Мы проехали мимо церкви.

This is the oldest church in town. - Это самая старая церковь в городе. / Это самый старинный храм в городе.

It sounds like the church bells. - Похоже на перезвон колоколов.

Church of Rome - Римско-католическая церковь (официальное название) см. тж. Catholic Church

The church burnt to the ground. - Церковь сгорела дотла.

Roman Catholic Church - Римско-католическая церковь

Laodicean Church - Лаодикийская церковь

He served the church. - Он служил церкви.

We attend the same church. - Мы ходим в одну церковь.

The church is seeking donations. - Церковь собирает пожертвования.

Church Way - Чёрч-Уэй (улица)

The church was built of brick. - Церковь была построена из кирпича.

What church do you belong to? - К какой церкви вы принадлежите?

The church was dark and quiet. - В церкви было темно и тихо.

I didn't see you in church on Sunday. - Я не видел вас в церкви в воскресенье.

The church was tithed. - Церковь была обложена десятиной.

The Church reformed me. - Церковь изменила меня к лучшему.

Turn left at the church. - У церкви поверните налево.

Don't be late for church. - Не опаздывайте в церковь.

We go to church regularly. - Мы регулярно ходим в церковь.

The church is down the block. - Церковь находится в конце квартала.

the separation of church and state - отделение церкви от государства

The interior of the church was dark. - Внутреннее убранство церкви было оформлено в тёмных тонах.

22 Church Row - Church Row 22 (название улицы)

a field nigh the church - поле близ церкви

Turn there at the church. - Поверни вон там, у церкви.

the west door of the church - западный вход в церковь

He was ordained in the Church. - Он был рукоположен в церкви.

The church was divided by schism. - Церковь была разделена расколом.

a little church with a squat tower - маленькая церковь с приземистой башней

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Связанные термины:

Church Army: a voluntary Anglican organization founded in 1882 to assist the parish clergy

church hall: a building near to or attached to a church suitable for social gatherings

church key: a device with a triangular point at one end for making holes in the tops of cans

church mode: a manner or way of doing, acting, or existing

church owl: any owl of the genus Tyto, esp T. alba, having a pale brown and white plumage, long slender legs, and a heart-shaped face: family Tytonidae

church text: a heavy typeface in Gothic style

Free Church: any Protestant Church, esp the Presbyterian, other than the Established Church

High Church: the party or movement within the Church of England stressing continuity with Catholic Christendom, the authority of bishops, and the importance of sacraments, rituals, and ceremonies

Low Church: the school of thought in the Church of England stressing evangelical beliefs and practices

New Church: a sect founded in 1787, based on Swedenborgianism

Broad Church: You can refer to an organization, group, or area of activity as a broad church when it includes a wide range of opinions, beliefs, or styles .

Church Father: any of the writers on Christian doctrine of the pre-Scholastic period

church parade: a parade by servicemen or members of a uniformed organization for the purposes of attending religious services

church pastor: A pastor is a member of the Christian clergy in some Protestant churches.

church school: A church school is a school which has a special relationship with a particular branch of the Christian Church, and where there is strong emphasis on worship and the teaching of religion .

Coptic Church: the ancient Christian Church of Egypt

Early Church: → the Early Church

Greek Church: the established Church of Greece, governed by the holy synod of Greece, in which the Metropolitan of Athens has primacy of honour

house church: a group of Christians meeting for worship in a private house

Latin Church: the Roman Catholic Church

Mother Church: the church viewed in its protective and nurturing role

parish church: the church in a subdivision of a diocese

rural church: A church is a building in which Christians worship . You usually refer to this place as church when you are talking about the time that people spend there.

state church: → established church

Anglican Church: any Church of the Anglican Communion or the Anglican Communion itself

Armenian Church: the national Church of Armenia, founded in the early fourth century ad, the dogmas and liturgy of which are similar to those of the Orthodox Church

Baptist Church: → the Baptist Church

Catholic Church: any of several Churches claiming to have maintained continuity with the ancient and undivided Church

church calendar: See ecclesiastical calendar (sense 2 )

church council: a body of lay delegates chosen from the congregation and charged with supporting the pastor in religious instruction, contributions to the church, etc

church history: You can refer to the events of the past as history . You can also refer to the past events which concern a particular topic or place as its history.

church leaders: The leader of a group of people or an organization is the person who is in control of it or in charge of it.

church service: an instance of a religious service in a church

Church Slavonic: Old Church Slavonic, esp as preserved in the liturgical use of the Orthodox church

church wedding: a wedding ceremony performed in a church and having a religious rather than civil content

Eastern Church: any of the Christian Churches of the former Byzantine Empire

Moravian Church: a Protestant Church originating in Moravia in 1722 as a revival of the sect of Bohemian Brethren . It has close links with the Lutheran Church

national church: an independent church within a country, usually representing the prevalent religion

Orthodox Church: the collective body of those Eastern Churches that were separated from the western Church in the 11th century and are in communion with the Greek patriarch of Constantinople

station church: any of the churches in Rome that have been used from ancient times as points of assembly for religious processions

Western Church: the part of Christendom that derives its liturgy, discipline, and traditions principally from the patriarchate of Rome, as contrasted with the part that derives these from the other ancient patriarchates, esp that of Constantinople

a broad church: an organization, group or area of activity that includes a wide range of opinions, beliefs or styles

Byzantine Church: the collective body of those Eastern Churches that were separated from the western Church in the 11th century and are in communion with the Greek patriarch of Constantinople

cathedral church: the principal church in a diocese

charismatic church: a church that emphasizes communal prayer and the charismatic gifts of speaking in tongues, healing, etc

church attendance: Someone's attendance at an event or an institution is the fact that they are present at the event or go regularly to the institution.

church hierarchy: The hierarchy of an organization such as the Church is the group of people who manage and control it.

Church of Rome: the Roman Catholic Church

collegiate church: a church that has an endowed chapter of canons and prebendaries attached to it but that is not a cathedral

community church: an independent or denominational church in a particular community

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Однокоренные слова:

churchy - преданный церкви, елейный, ханжеский
unchurch - отлучать от церкви
churchly - церковный
churchdom - духовный сан, церковное управление, церковные власти
churching - очистительная молитва, очистительная молитва
churchism - церковность, преданность церкви
churchless - не принадлежащий ни к одной церкви, ни к одному вероисповеданию
churchwards - по направлению к церкви
churchwise - к церкви

Связанные слова: