Adjective: близкий закрытый тесный тщательный
Adverb: близко почти вплотную коротко
Verb: закрываться закрывать замыкаться замыкать
Noun: закрытие завершение конец заключение
Preposition: близ


close / firm / strong bond - тесная связь

to close / seal off a breach - закрывать брешь

close / closed / intimate / narrow circle - узкий круг, круг избранных, круг приближённых

to close a circuit - замкнуть цепь

to close the eyes - закрыть глаза

to close a discussion - прекратить обсуждение

to keep a thing close - держать что-л. в секрете

to keep / lie close - прятаться

close friend - близкий друг

close translation - точный перевод

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We must all stay close. - Мы все должны держаться поближе.

He is close on sixty. - Ему около шестидесяти.

The school is close by. - Школа расположена рядом.

Come close so I can see you. - Подойди поближе, чтобы я мог тебя увидеть.

The shops close at six. - Магазины закрываются в шесть.

His friend was close to death. - Его друг был близок к смерти.

The house is close to the park. - Дом расположен рядом с парком.

Close the door tightly. - Закрой плотно дверь.

Keep in close touch with me. - Поддерживайте со мной тесную связь.

close in size and shape - близкие по размеру и форме

It was a close race. - Это был очень равный забег.

Jesus! That was close! - О господи! Ещё бы чуть-чуть! / Боже, вот это пронесло!

I wanted to see them close to. - Я хотел рассмотреть их поближе.

Close your eyes and make a wish. - Закрой глаза и загадай желание.

The two brothers are very close. - Два брата очень близки.

He hugged her close to him - Он крепко прижал её к себе.

The day had reached its close. - День подошёл к концу.

I forgot to close the gate. - Я забыл закрыть ворота.

She closed the curtains. - Она закрыла шторы.

The flowers close up at night. - Цветы закрываются (сворачивают свои бутоны) на ночь.

Inflation is close to 7 percent. - Инфляция приближается к 7%.

Keep a close watch on the children. - Внимательно следите за детьми.

The men closed round him. - Люди столпились вокруг него.

The soldiers closed ranks. - Солдаты сомкнули ряды.

The prison is close to anarchy. - Обстановка в тюрьме близка к анархии.

They worked in close rapport with us. - Они работали в тесном контакте с нами.

Management closed ranks. - Руководство сплотилось.

A close vote is expected. - Ожидается почти равное разделение голосов.

He drew her close to him. - Он привлёк её к себе.

The town is close at hand. - Город — совсем рядом, на расстоянии вытянутой руки.

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Фразовые глаголы:

To close something off means to separate it from other things or people so that they cannot go there.

If someone closes up a building, they shut it completely and securely, often because they are going away.

If a group of people close in on a person or place, they come nearer and nearer to them and gradually surround them.

Связанные термины:

close in: If a group of people close in on a person or place, they come nearer and nearer to them and gradually surround them.

close off: To close something off means to separate it from other things or people so that they cannot go there.

close out: to terminate (a client's or other account ) on which the margin is inadequate or exhausted, usually by sale of securities to realize cash

close-run: If you describe something such as a race or contest as a close-run thing, you mean that it was only won by a very small amount.

close-set: (esp of the eyes) positioned close together

close up: If someone closes up a building, they shut it completely and securely, often because they are going away .

up-close: very close; in close range to

close call: a narrow escape from danger

close down: to cease or cause to cease operations

close-knit: A close-knit group of people are closely linked, do things together, and take an interest in each other.

close order: an arrangement of troops in compact units at close intervals and distances, as for marching

close ranks: to support the other members of a group totally and oppose any criticism or attacks from outside

close round: to encircle ; surround

close shave: a narrow escape

close-stool: a wooden stool containing a covered chamber pot

close with: to engage in battle with an enemy

close work: work that involves focusing your eyes on a nearby object, such as a book or computer screen, for a prolonged period of time

close combat: the act of fighting at close quarters

close company: a company under the control of its directors or fewer than five independent participants

close-cropped: Close-cropped hair or grass is cut very short.

close-fisted: very careful with money ; mean

close-fitting: Close-fitting clothes fit tightly and show the shape of your body.

close-grained: (of wood) dense or compact in texture

close harmony: a type of singing in which all the parts except the bass lie close together and are confined to the compass of a tenth

close-hauled: with the sails flat, so as to sail as close to the wind as possible

close-lipped: not talking or revealing much

close-mouthed: Someone who is close-mouthed about something does not say much about it.

close season: In football and some other sports, the close season is the period of the year when the sport is not played professionally.

close-shaven: (of hair) cut very short

a close call: a situation in which someone only just manages to avoid an accident or disaster

close neighbour: A country's neighbour is a country that is next to it.

close position: an arrangement of a chord that has the three upper voices close together

close quarters: a narrow cramped space or position

close relative: Your relatives are the members of your family.

close scrutiny: If a person or thing is under scrutiny, they are being studied or observed very carefully.

close to/on: Close to a particular amount or distance means slightly less than that amount or distance. In British English, you can also say close on a particular amount or distance.

close up/to: If you look at something close up or close to, you look at it when you are very near to it.

in close-up: If you see something in close-up, you see it in great detail in a photograph or piece of film which has been taken very near to the subject .

a close shave: If you describe a situation as a close shave, you mean that there was nearly an accident or a disaster but it was avoided .

close corporation: a small private limited company

close-out sale: a sale held to clear stock from a shop that is ceasing to operate

close punctuation: punctuation in which many commas, full stops, etc, are used

close to home: if a remark is close to home, it makes people feel uncomfortable or upset because it is about a sensitive or very personal subject

to close ranks: If you say that the members of a group close ranks, you mean that they are supporting each other only because their group is being criticized .

at close quarters: If you do something at close quarters, you do it very near to a particular person or thing.

close by/at hand: Something that is close by or close at hand is near to you.

close one's eyes: to die

close the books: to balance accounts in order to prepare a statement or report

close the window: A window is a space in the wall of a building or in the side of a vehicle, which has glass in it so that light can come in and you can see out.

medium close shot: a shot taken fairly close to the subject, but not as close as a close-up

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Однокоренные слова:

close about - окутывать, окружать
close down - закрывать, прекращать работу, задраивать, подавлять, прикрываться
close in - приближаться, сблизиться, наступать, огораживать, окружать, сокращаться
close on - почти, приблизительно
close out - ликвидировать, закрывать, закрытие позиции
close up - закрываться, закрывать, затягиваться, поблизости

Связанные слова: