Adjective: закрытый замкнутый запертый крытый


closed season - время, когда запрещена охота

closed compound - сложное слово, которое пишется слитно

a closed circulatory system - замкнутая система циркуляции

closed vowel - закрытый гласный (звук)

closed from below - замкнутый снизу

closed on the left - замкнутый слева

closed on the right - замкнутый справа

closed under countable intersections - замкнутый при счетных пересечениях

closed under equivalence - замкнутый относительно эквивалентности

normally closed switch - выключатель с нормально замкнутыми контактами

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Closed for inventory. - Закрыто на учёт.

She closed the curtains. - Она закрыла шторы.

She went in and closed the door. - Она вошла (в комнату) и закрыла дверь.

Chemistry is a closed book to me. - Химия для меня - это закрытая книга.

The men closed round him. - Люди столпились вокруг него.

The soldiers closed ranks. - Солдаты сомкнули ряды.

The door closed with a jolt. - Дверь резко захлопнулась.

The office is closed for the day. - Офис сегодня закрыт.

The box's lid closed with a bang. - Крышка коробки со стуком захлопнулась.

The shops here are closed on Sundays. - Магазины расположенные здесь закрыты по воскресеньям.

I stepped outside and closed the door. - Я вышел на улицу и закрыл дверь.

Would you mind if I closed the window? - Вы не возражаете, если я закрою окно?

Management closed ranks. - Руководство сплотилось.

The door closed with a click. - Дверь со щелчком закрылась.

The snake closed in for the kill. - Змея приблизилась, чтобы добить жертву.

She kept her eyes tightly closed. - Её глаза оставались плотно закрытыми.

The brick works closed last year. - Кирпичный завод закрылся в прошлом году.

The office is closed on weekends. - По выходным управление закрыто.

We closed on the house on Friday. - Сделку по дому мы заключили в пятницу.

Darkness closed down on the city. - Над городом сгустилась тьма.

Anne closed her book and stood up. - Энн закрыла книгу и встала.

Her left hand closed over his arm. - Её левая рука крепко обхватила его руку.

The shops are closed during siesta. - Во время сиесты магазины закрыты.

This section of the road is closed. - Этот участок дороги закрыт.

It was a closed area of employment. - Это была закрытая сфера занятости.

The windows closed with a loud bang. - Окно с громким стуком захлопнулось.

Make sure all the windows are closed. - Убедитесь, что все окна закрыты.

...the eagle closed in on its prey... - ...орел приблизился к своей добыче...

They closed the deal on the building. - Они закрыли сделку по этому зданию.

a closed mind unreceptive to new ideas - закрытый разум, невосприимчивый к новым идеям

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Связанные термины:

close: When you close something such as a door or lid or when it closes, it moves so that a hole, gap, or opening is covered.

inclose: → enclose

closed book: something deemed unknown or incapable of being understood

closed-door: private ; barred to members of the public

closed-end: of or pertaining to an investment company issuing a fixed number of shares which are traded on an exchange

closed game: a relatively complex game involving closed ranks and files and permitting only nontactical positional manoeuvring

closed set: a set that includes all the values obtained by application of a given operation to its members

closed shop: If a factory, shop, or other business is a closed shop, the employees must be members of a particular trade union.

half-closed: partially closed

closed chain: any structural arrangement, used in the models and formulas of molecules, consisting of a chain of atoms that forms a closed geometric figure ; ring

closed cycle: a heat engine in which the working substance is continuously circulated and does not need replenishment

closed season: any of various annual periods during which it is illegal to kill or capture certain game or fish

closed shell: a shell that contains the maximum number of electrons permitted by the exclusion principle

closed source: intellectual property, esp computer source code, that is not made available to the general public by its creators

closed circuit: A closed-circuit television or video system is one that operates within a limited area such as a building.

closed company: a company under the control of its directors or fewer than five independent participants

closed fracture: a fracture in which the broken bone does not pierce the skin

closed gentian: any of several North American plants (genus Gentiana ) with dark-blue, closed, tubular flowers

closed interval: an interval on the real line including its end points, as [0, 1], the set of reals between and including 0 and 1

closed primary: a primary in which only members of a particular party may vote

closed sentence: a formula that contains no free occurrence of any variable

normally-closed: Normally-closed switch contacts are in a closed state at rest .

a closed book: If you say that someone or something is a closed book, you mean that you do not know anything about them.

closed-captioned: (of a video recording ) having subtitles which appear on screen only if the cassette is played through a special decoder

closed community: a plant community that does not allow for further colonization, all the available niches being occupied

closed corporation: a corporation the stock of which is owned by a small number of persons and is rarely traded on the open market

closed ecosystem: a self-replenishing ecosystem in which life can be maintained without external factors or outside aid

closed scholarship: a scholarship for which only certain people, such as those from a particular school or with a particular surname, are eligible

closed-end fund: A closed-end fund is an investment with a limited number of shares that does not allow new investors.

closed-end loan: A closed-end loan is a loan such as an auto loan, with fixed terms, and where the money is lent all at once and paid back by a particular date .

closed-end trust: a financial enterprise that invests its subscribed capital in securities for its investors' benefit

close in: If a group of people close in on a person or place, they come nearer and nearer to them and gradually surround them.

close off: To close something off means to separate it from other things or people so that they cannot go there.

close out: to terminate (a client's or other account ) on which the margin is inadequate or exhausted, usually by sale of securities to realize cash

close up: If someone closes up a building, they shut it completely and securely, often because they are going away .

behind closed doors: If people have talks and discussions behind closed doors, they have them in private because they want them to be kept secret .

close down: to cease or cause to cease operations

close with: to engage in battle with an enemy

algebraically closed field: a field in which every polynomial equation with coefficients that are elements of the field has at least one root in the field, as the field of complex numbers

closed-circuit television: a television system in which signals are transmitted from a television camera to the receivers by cables or telephone links forming a closed circuit, as used in security systems, etc

box cornice: a hollow cornice of boards and moldings nailed to rafters and lookouts

close season: In football and some other sports, the close season is the period of the year when the sport is not played professionally.

closed-circuit television camera: a television camera transmitting signals to receivers by cables or telephone links forming a closed circuit, as used in security systems, etc

close corporation: a small private limited company

do something behind closed doors: to do something in private because you want it to be kept secret

do something with your eyes closed: to do something very easily

ring: When you ring someone, you phone them.

ringbark: a circular band usually of a precious metal, esp gold, often set with gems and worn upon the finger as an adornment or as a token of engagement or marriage

close company: a company under the control of its directors or fewer than five independent participants

simple fracture: a fracture in which the broken bone does not pierce the skin

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Однокоренные слова:

unclosed - открытый, незаконченный
enclosed - закрытый, замкнутый
disclosed - раскрытый, обнаруженный, разоблаченный

Связанные слова: