Noun: закрытие закрывание заключение замыкание
Adjective: заключительный итоговый


closing day - последний срок

breaker closing push button - кнопка замыкания автоматического выключателя

closing circuit breakers - включение автомата защиты цепи; включающий автомат защиты цепи

breech closing spring assembly - пружина запирающего механизма в сборе

breech closing spring - пружина запирающего механизма; закрывающая пружина

wedge breech-block closing mechanism - закрывающий механизм клинового затвора

self-closing butterfly valve - автоматический дисковый затвор

closing buy transaction - срочная сделка, ликвидирующая позицию продавца

closing of leaf canopy - смыкание лесного полога; сомкнутость крон

closing captions - заключительные титры

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The fog was closing in fast. - Туман быстро приближался.

the closing weeks of the year - заключительные недели года

the closing of the local school - закрытие местной школы

The sun had set and dusk was closing in. - Солнце уже село, и становилось всё темнее.

It's early closing today. - Сегодня все закрываются рано.

the closing scene of the film - заключительная сцена фильма

in the closing years of his life - в последние годы жизни

The store where we shop is closing. - (Тот) магазин, где мы обычно делаем покупки, закрывается.

The enemy is closing in on the city. - Враг приближается к городу.

a lawyer's closing argument at the trial - заключительная речь адвоката на суде

The patrol car was rapidly closing on us. - Патрульный автомобиль быстро приближался к нам.

She was having trouble closing the drawer. - У неё не получалось закрыть ящик.

You don't have a prayer of closing this deal. - У тебя нет никаких шансов заключить эту сделку.

We empty the till each night at closing time. - Мы забираем кассу каждый вечер перед закрытием.

The days are closing in now that it is September. - Сейчас сентябрь, дни становятся короче.

Everyone came tumbling out of the bar at closing time. - Все вывалились из бара в момент его закрытия.

The stores were closing, and the streets began to empty. - Магазины стали закрываться, и улицы начали пустеть.

The play was a fizzle, opening and closing the same night. - Пьеса оказалась провальной: кроме премьеры, спектаклей больше не было.

We met with our lawyer before the closing on our new house. - Перед заключением сделки по нашему новому дому мы встретились со своим юристом.

Hardly a month goes by without another factory closing down. - Едва ли не каждый месяц закрывается очередная фабрика.

We used to hear people rolling out of the pubs at closing time. - Раньше нам было слышно, как во время закрытия люди выкатываются из пабов.

Alack, it's truethe only good restaurant in town is closing! - Увы, это правда — закрывается единственный хороший ресторан в городе!

They had been shocked to hear that the hospital was closing down. - Они были в ужасе, когда узнали, что больница закрывается.

What's the closing date for entries? - До какого числа принимаются заявки на участие?

the closing of an old railway station - закрытие старого вокзала

The other car was closing on us fast. - Другой автомобиль быстро к нам приближался.

We're closing out this line of swimwear. - Мы закрываем эту линию купальников.

We are closing in fully absorbed market. - Мы закрываем свои позиции на рынке при ситуации, когда сумма продаж равна сумме покупок.

Closing her eyes, she melted into his embrace. - Закрыв глаза, она растворилась в его объятиях.

I'm glad to see that the wound is closing (up) nicely. - Я очень рад, что рана так хорошо затягивается.

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Связанные термины:

close: When you close something such as a door or lid or when it closes, it moves so that a hole, gap, or opening is covered.

inclose: → enclose

closing costs: fees charged to a purchaser by a bank, lawyer, etc. for services related to a sale, as title search, appraisal, etc

closing date: the final day on which a person can enter a competition, enrol on an educational course, etc

closing error: the amount by which a computed, plotted, or observed quantity or position differs from the true or established one, esp when plotting a closed traverse

closing price: On the stock exchange, the closing price of a share is its price at the end of a day's business.

closing time: Closing time is the time when something such as a shop, library, or pub closes and people have to leave.

early closing: the shutting of most of the shops in a town one afternoon each week

self-closing: that shuts automatically

closing argument: In a court case, a lawyer's closing argument is their final speech, in which they give a summary of their case.

closing ceremony: A ceremony is a formal event such as a wedding . [...]

closing-down sale: a sale held to clear stock from a shop that is ceasing to operate

closing-out sale: a sale held to clear stock from a shop that is ceasing to operate

early closing day: a day on which most shops in a town or area close after lunch

close in: If a group of people close in on a person or place, they come nearer and nearer to them and gradually surround them.

close up: If someone closes up a building, they shut it completely and securely, often because they are going away .

close off: To close something off means to separate it from other things or people so that they cannot go there.

close out: to terminate (a client's or other account ) on which the margin is inadequate or exhausted, usually by sale of securities to realize cash

close down: to cease or cause to cease operations

close with: to engage in battle with an enemy

stock market closing report: a summary of the prices of stocks and shares at the end of trading including information about their gains or losses over the trading period

complimentary close: the part of a letter that by convention immediately precedes the signature, as “Very truly yours,” “Cordially,” or “Sincerely yours

error of closure: the amount by which a computed, plotted, or observed quantity or position differs from the true or established one, esp when plotting a closed traverse

closing the stable door after the horse has bolted: acting too late, because the problem that the action would have prevented has already occurred

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Однокоренные слова:

enclosing - огораживание, ограждение

Связанные слова: