Noun: ткань полотно сукно скатерть
Adjective: суконный
Verb: сгущаться свертываться


cotton cloth - хлопчатобумажная ткань

cloth of gold (silver) - золотая (серебряная) парча

grey cloth - суровая ткань, суровьё

printed cotton cloth - набивная хлопчатобумажная ткань

damp cloth - влажная тряпка

edge of cloth - кромка ткани

emery cloth, emery paper - наждачная бумага, шкурка

gentlemen of the cloth - духовенство

cloth-hall - шерстяной рынок

billiard cloth - биллиардное сукно; бильярдное сукно

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The cloth feels silky. - Ткань на ощупь шелковистая.

I like the feel of this cloth. - Мне нравится, какая эта ткань наощупь.

This end of cloth is enough for a dress. - Этого отреза хватит на платье.

Grandmother always covered the table with a lace cloth. - Бабушка всегда стелила на стол кружевную скатерть.

Red wine stains the table cloth. - Красное вино оставляет на скатерти пятна.

Dampen the spot with a wet cloth. - Смочите пятна мокрой тряпкой.

He gave the wet cloth a wring. - Он отжал влажную ткань.

Using a second cloth, wipe the floor dry. - Возьмите другую тряпку и вытрите пол насухо.

The cloth may be crisped (folded lengthwise), rolled or lapped. - Ткань можно сложить вдоль, закатать в рулон или свернуть.

Wipe the table with a damp cloth. - Вытрите стол влажной тряпкой.

Is there a clean cloth for the table? - На стол найдётся чистая скатерть?

Screw the soapy water out of the cloth. - Отожмите бельё, чтобы в нём не было мыльной воды.

Supper was ready, and the cloth was spread. - Ужин был готов, и скатерть постелена.

Some wool has been interwoven with the silk, to make the cloth heavier and stronger. - В шёлковую ткань вплели немного шерсти, чтобы сделать материал тяжелее и прочнее.

I did not mean to abuse the cloth. - Я не хотел оскорбить честь мундира.

a small cloth bag filled with lavender - небольшой полотняный мешочек, наполненный лавандой

A white damask cloth was spread over the velour foam seating. - Белая камчатная скатерть была постелена поверх бархатного сидения из пенорезины.

The cloth on the table was so stiffly starched that it stuck out at the corners. - Скатерть на столе была так сильно накрахмалена, что по углам торчала.

a two-inch cut in the cloth - двухдюймовый разрез в ткани

Squeeze the cloth out first. - Сперва отожмите ткань.

The cloth measures 3 meters. - Длина этой ткани — три метра.

The ends of the cloth lap around the pole. - Края ткани обёрнуты вокруг древка.

The right side of the cloth showed the pattern. - На лицевой стороне ткани был виден узор.

They rent the cloth to shreds. - Они разодрали эту тряпку в клочья.

Stretch out that piece of cloth. - Растяните этот кусок ткани.

She mopped her face with a wet cloth. - Она вытерла лицо влажной тканью.

Help me spread the cloth on the table. - Помоги мне развернуть на столе эту скатерть.

Wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth. - Поверхность протрите чистой сухой тканью.

The black cloth sets off the jewels nicely. - На чёрной ткани эти драгоценные камни смотрятся просто великолепно.

Give the table a good rub with a damp cloth. - Хорошенько протрите стол влажной тканью.

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Связанные термины:

J-Cloth: a light, absorbent, reusable cloth used for wiping household surfaces

cloth cap: A cloth cap is a soft flat cap with a stiff, curved part at the front called a peak. Cloth caps are usually worn by men .

tea cloth: A tea cloth is the same as a → tea towel .

the cloth: the clothes worn by a member of the clergy

altar cloth: the cloth used for covering an altar : often applied also to the frontal

bark cloth: a papery fabric made from the fibrous inner bark of various trees, esp of the moraceous genus Ficus and the leguminous genus Brachystegia

clean cloth: A cloth is a piece of cloth which you use for a particular purpose, such as cleaning something or covering something.

cloth-eared: not hearing clearly

cloth ears: a disparaging term of address to a person not hearing something

cloth-like: resembling cloth

cloth roll: a roller, located at the front of a loom, on which woven material is wound after it leaves the breast beam

cloth yard: a medieval unit of measure for cloth, fixed at 37 inches by Edward VI of England: also used as a length for longbow arrows

emery cloth: a cloth covered with abrasive emery particles, used for sanding

face cloth: a small towelling cloth used for washing

grass cloth: a cloth made from plant fibres, such as jute or hemp

kente cloth: a fabric made esp. in Ghana, woven in strips of brightly patterned bands interspersed with bands of black

nun's cloth: a thin soft plain-weave silk or worsted fabric used for veils, dresses, etc

pilot cloth: a type of thick blue cloth used esp to make sailor's coats

piña cloth: a fine fabric made from the fibres of the pineapple leaf

tammy cloth: (esp formerly) a rough-textured woollen cloth used for straining sauces, soups, etc

wire cloth: a mesh or netting woven from fine wire, used in window screens, strainers, etc

butter cloth: a type of open, unsized muslin

cloth binding: a type of binding in which a book is bound in stiff boards covered with cloth

covert cloth: a twill-weave cotton or worsted suiting fabric

double cloth: a cloth used in overcoating, blankets, brocade, etc., made by interweaving two physically discrete fabrics at various points in the pattern by bringing warp and fill yarns from each through the other to be worked on the opposite face of the compoun41.d fabric

ground cloth: groundsheet

melton cloth: a heavy smooth woollen fabric with a short nap, used esp for overcoats

monk's cloth: a heavy cotton fabric of basket weave, used mainly for bedspreads

sponge cloth: any of various porous fabrics, usually made in a loose honeycomb weave

aeroplane cloth: a strong fabric made from cotton, linen, and nylon yarns, used for some light aircraft fuselages and wings

aircraft cloth: a strong fabric made from cotton, linen, and nylon yarns, used for some light aircraft fuselages and wings

airplane cloth: a strong, plain-weave cloth of linen or cotton, originally used for airplane wings

American cloth: a glazed or waterproofed cotton cloth

cloth of gold: cloth woven from silk threads interspersed with gold

pebbleweave cloth: an irregularly textured material made from twisted yarn

drying-up cloth: a tea towel

have cloth ears: to be unable to pay attention to or understand something properly

man of the cloth: a clergyman or other ecclesiastic

drop curtain: a curtain that is suspended from the flies and can be raised and lowered onto the stage

duster: A duster is a cloth which you use for removing dust from furniture, ornaments, or other objects.

out of whole cloth: entirely without a factual basis

suede: Suede is leather with a soft, slightly rough surface.

terry: Terry or terry cloth is a type of fabric which has a lot of very small loops covering both sides. It is used especially for making things like towels and babies ' nappies .

made of whole cloth: completely untrue and not based on fact

Oxford: a city in S England, administrative centre of Oxfordshire, at the confluence of the Rivers Thames and Cherwell : Royalist headquarters during the Civil War; seat of Oxford University, consisting of 40 separate colleges, the oldest being University College (1249), and Oxford Brookes University (1993); motor-vehicle industry . Pop: 143 016 (2001)

wholestitch: a type of stitch producing an effect similar to woven cloth

cut from the same cloth: very similar in character, attitudes or behaviour

made out of whole cloth: completely fictitious or false ; made up

cut your coat according to your cloth: to make plans and decisions that are based on what you have and not what you would like

tamis: (esp formerly) a rough-textured woollen cloth used for straining sauces, soups, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

clothier - портной, фабрикант сукон
clothing - одежда, платье, обмундирование, обшивка, паруса
cloths - куски материи

Связанные слова: