Noun: пальто шерсть пиджак оболочка
Verb: покрывать наносить покрытие облицовывать обмазывать


a coat and hat checker - гардеробщик, гардеробщица

to dust a man's coat (for him) - вздуть, поколотить кого-л.

to take off one's coat to (the) work - горячо взяться за работу

to brush on coat - наносить покрытие кистью

to coat with paint - покрывать краской

to give a coat of varnish - покрывать лаком

coat lining - подкладка пальто

to alter a coat - перешить пальто

open coat - расстёгнутое, распахнутое пальто

hole in one's coat - пятно на чьей-л. репутации

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Take your coat off. - Снимай пальто.

Do up your coat! - Застегни пальто!

Put your coat on, it's cold outside! - Наденьте пальто, на улице холодно!

A layer of snow coated the trees. - Деревья покрылись слоем снега.

Button up your coat. - Застегни пальто до конца.

Next, coat the fish with breadcrumbs. - Далее, посыпьте рыбу панировочными сухарями.

Your coat fays well. - Ваш пиджак сидит хорошо.

The cat has a silky coat. - У кота шелковистая шёрстка.

I don't like the set of his coat. - Мне не нравится, как на нём сидит пальто.

The coat fits her well. - Пальто ей как раз.

His coat was in ribbons. - Его пальто было разорвано в клочья.

I have a hole in my coat. - У меня в пальто дырка.

Dirt had coated her face - Её лицо было покрыто грязью.

The dog has a thick coat. - У этой собаки густая шерсть.

Let me take your coat. - Позвольте мне взять ваше пальто. / Разрешите ваше пальто.

He threw his coat aside. - Он отшвырнул своё пальто в сторону.

I need a new winter coat. - Мне нужно новое зимнее пальто.

There! I stained my coat. - Вот досада! Я запачкал свое пальто.

Here, let me take your coat. - Позвольте взять ваше пальто.

A film of dust coated the table. - Стол был покрыт тонким слоем пыли.

He wore a shabby coat. - Он был одет в потёртый плащ /в поношенное пальто/.

She wore a longish coat. - Она была одета в довольно длинное пальто.

She wore a sensible coat. - Она носила удобное / практичное пальто.

Someone's pinched my coat! - Кто-то стащил у меня пальто!

He took his coat with him. - Он взял с собой пальто.

He brought my coat and his. - Он принёс моё и своё пальто.

The coat had a soft lining. - У пальто была мягкая подкладка.

That coat really suits Paul. - Это пальто действительно идет Полу.

A long coat in green velvet. - Длинное пальто из зелёного бархата.

Rock dust coated his hair. - Его волосы были покрыты каменной пылью.

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Связанные термины:

base coat: the first coat of paint applied to a prepared surface

box coat: a plain short coat that hangs loosely from the shoulders

car coat: a short man's coat, designed to be worn when driving a car

coat-tail: the long tapering tails at the back of a man's tailed coat

coat tree: See clothes tree

fur coat: a coat made from animal fur

lab coat: a lightweight, usually white coat, worn to protect clothing when working in a laboratory

mink coat: a coat made of mink fur

pea coat: A pea coat or a pea jacket is a short, double-breasted overcoat made of wool and worn especially by sailors .

polo coat: a tailored overcoat of camel's hair or similar fabric

sack coat: a man's loosefitting, straight-backed coat

seed coat: the outer layer or coating of a seed

tail coat: a man's black coat having a horizontal cut over the hips and a tapering tail with a vertical slit up to the waist : worn as part of full evening dress

coat armour: a coat of arms

coat check: The coat check at a public building such as a theater or club is the place where customers can leave their coats, usually for a small fee .

coat dress: a lightweight button-through garment that can be worn either as a dress or as a coat

coat hanger: A coat hanger is a curved piece of wood, metal, or plastic that you hang a piece of clothing on.

coat pocket: A pocket is a kind of small bag which forms part of a piece of clothing, and which is used for carrying small things such as money or a handkerchief .

coat-tails: Coat-tails are the two long pieces at the back of a → tailcoat .

covert coat: a short topcoat worn for hunting

dress coat: a man's formal tailcoat with a cutaway skirt

duffel coat: A duffel coat is a heavy coat with a hood and long buttons that fasten with loops .

duffle coat: a knee-length, hooded coat made of duffel or other wool cloth

duster coat: a woman's loose summer coat with wide sleeves and no buttons, popular in the mid-20th century

frock coat: A frock coat was a long coat that was worn by men in the 19th century.

happi coat: a short, lightweight Japanese coat worn with a narrow sash over regular clothes, as to protect them from soiling

sport coat: A sport coat is a man's jacket . It is worn on informal occasions with pants of a different material.

sports coat: a man's informal jacket, made esp of tweed : worn with trousers of different material

sugar-coat: to coat or cover with sugar

trench coat: A trench coat is a type of raincoat with pockets and a belt. Trench coats are often similar in design to military coats.

white coat: a white coat worn over everyday clothes by a doctor in a hospital or a scientist

coat-trailing: provocative or contentious writing, speech, behavior, etc.

cutaway coat: a man's coat cut diagonally from the front waist to the back of the knees

Jodhpuri coat: a coat worn by men in India, similar to but shorter than a sherwani

Joseph's coat: an ornamental species of pigweed ( Amaranthus tricolor ) having red, yellow, and green upper leaves

Mackinaw coat: a thick short double-breasted plaid coat

matinée coat: a short coat for a baby

morning coat: a cutaway frock coat, part of morning dress

swagger coat: a type of woman's coat, first fashionable in the 1930s, that flares out loosely from the shoulders, esp one that is three-quarter-length

coat of arms: The coat of arms of a family, town, or organization is a special design in the form of a shield that they use as a symbol of their identity .

coat of mail: a protective garment made of linked metal rings ( mail ) or of overlapping metal plates ; hauberk

on the coat: in disfavour

rendering coat: the act or an instance of performing a play, piece of music, etc

topcoat: A topcoat is a coat that you wear over your other clothes .

trail one's coat: to invite a quarrel by deliberately provocative behaviour

arriccio: a second coat of plaster, somewhat finer than the first coat, applied over the entire surface and on which the drawing for the fresco is done

bush jacket: a casual jacket or shirt having four patch pockets and a belt

coatroom: a cloakroom

Eton jacket: a waist-length jacket with a V-shaped back, open in front, formerly worn by pupils of Eton College

greatcoat: A greatcoat is a long thick coat that is worn especially as part of a uniform .

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Однокоренные слова:

coating - покрытие, грунт, обшивка, обмазка, шпатлевка, слой краски, материал для пальто
overcoat - шинель, пальто, верхняя одежда
undercoat - подшерсток, грунтовка
coated - покрытый, просветленный
recoat - перемазывать
coatless - без пальто, не имеющий герба

Связанные слова: