Noun: холодность холод простуда озябание
Adjective: холодный слабый равнодушный неприветливый
Adverb: точно достоверно экспромтом


to bend cold - гнуть в холодном состоянии

to catch (a) cold - простудиться, подхватить простуду

cold cereal - хлопья с холодным молоком

cold attic - холодный чердак

cold drink - холодная выпивка

cold working of steel - холодная обработка стали

a cold stare - холодный взгляд

cold facts - голые факты

cold reality - объективная реальность

to walk in cold for an appointment - прийти, не договорившись о встрече

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It is cold. - Холодно.

I have a cold. - Я простужен.

I feel so cold! - Мне так холодно! / Я так замёрз!

It's rather cold. - Довольно холодно.

I've got a bad cold. - Я сильно простыл.

I can't bear being cold. - Терпеть не могу мёрзнуть.

Gosh, it's cold. - Боже, как холодно!

He has a slight cold. - У него лёгкая простуда.

The draft gave me a cold. - Я простудился от сквозняка.

It's cold for July. - Холодновато для июля. (обычно теплее)

My tea's gone cold. - Мой чай остыл.

I have a terrible cold. - У меня жуткий насморк.

It was bitter cold. - Был пронизывающий холод.

The film left me cold. - Кино оставило меня равнодушным.

You're getting colder! - Ты замерзаешь!

Your hand feels cold. - У тебя холодная рука.

I've got a stinking cold. - У меня ужасная простуда.

He has a cough and a cold. - У него кашель и насморк. / Он простужен и у него насморк.

Opera left him cold. - Опера оставила его равнодушным.

He got a cold reception. - Ему оказали холодный приём.

I like cold weather. - Мне нравится холодная погода.

They died of the cold. - Они умерли от холода.

cures for the common cold - лекарства от простуды

It feels very cold today. - Сегодня очень холодно.

The nights set very cold. - Ночи стали очень холодными.

She doesn't mind the cold. - Она не обращает внимания на холод.

It was piercingly cold. - Было пронзительно холодно.

The soup was stone cold. - Суп был холодный, как лёд.

Serve the potatoes cold. - Картофель подайте холодным.

Come in out of the cold. - Заходи в дом, не мёрзни.

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Связанные термины:

cold beer: Beer is a bitter alcoholic drink made from grain .

cold-brew: (of a drink such as tea or coffee ) prepared by steeping in cold water

cold call: If someone makes a cold call, they telephone or visit someone they have never contacted, without making an appointment, in order to try and sell something.

cold case: a police inquiry that has been suspended with the crime still unsolved

cold cash: money paid in full at the time of a business transaction

cold-cock: to strike so as to make unconscious

cold cuts: Cold cuts are thin slices of cooked meat which are served cold.

cold duck: an alcoholic beverage made from equal parts of burgundy and champagne

cold feet: loss or lack of courage or confidence

cold fish: If you say that someone is a cold fish, you think that they are unfriendly and unemotional.

cold meat: a form of meat that has been cooked and allowed to become cold

cold moon: a traditional name for a full moon occurring in December

cold one: a glass, can, or bottle of cold beer

cold pack: a method of lowering the body temperature by wrapping a person in a sheet soaked in cold water

cold room: a room that is used to chill or freeze foodstuffs

cold shut: A cold shut is a fault in the surface of a piece of metal caused by two streams of molten metal not joining properly when the piece is being cast .

cold snap: A cold snap is a short period of cold and icy weather.

cold sore: Cold sores are small sore spots that sometimes appear on or near someone's lips and nose when they have a cold.

cold spot: an area where house prices are stable and properties are slow to sell

cold tone: a bluish or greenish tinge in a black-and-white print

cold type: typesetting done by a method other than the casting of molten type

cold war: The Cold War was the period of hostility and tension between the Soviet bloc and the Western powers that followed the Second World War.

cold wave: a sudden spell of low temperatures over a wide area, often following the passage of a cold front

cold-weld: to join (two metal surfaces) without heat by forcing them together so that the oxide films are broken and adhesion occurs

cold work: the craft of shaping metal without heat

from cold: without advance notice ; without giving preparatory information

head cold: a cold which affects the mucous membranes of the nose ; the symptoms are sneezing, headaches and a blocked-up nose

ice-cold: If you describe something as ice-cold, you are emphasizing that it is very cold.

icy cold: very cold

out cold: If someone is out cold, they are unconscious or sleeping very heavily.

catch cold: to become ill with a cold

chest cold: a cold mainly affecting the chest

cold chisel: a toughened steel chisel

cold cream: an emulsion of water and fat used cosmetically for softening and cleansing the skin

cold-drawn: (of metal wire, bars, etc) having been drawn unheated through a die to reduce dimensions, toughen, and improve surface finish

cold frame: A cold frame is a wooden frame with a glass top in which you grow small plants to protect them from cold weather .

cold front: the boundary line between a warm air mass and the cold air pushing it from beneath and behind as it moves

cold fusion: the process of creating nuclear fusion at room temperature in order to create a power source

cold light: light emitted at low temperatures from a source that is not incandescent, such as fluorescence, phosphorescence, bioluminescence, or triboluminescence

cold-rolled: (of metal sheets, etc) having been rolled without heating, producing a smooth surface finish

cold rubber: synthetic rubber made at low temperatures (about 5°C). It is stronger than that made at higher temperatures and is used for car tyres

cold start: the reloading of a program or operating system

cold steel: the use of bayonets, knives, etc, in combat

cold store: A cold store is a building or room which is artificially cooled so that food can be preserved in it.

cold sweat: If you are in a cold sweat, you are sweating and feel cold, usually because you are very afraid or nervous .

cold turkey: Cold turkey is the unpleasant physical reaction that people experience when they suddenly stop taking a drug that they have become addicted to.

cold-water: designating a room, apartment, etc. that is not provided with hot water or, sometimes, a bathroom

cold winter: Winter is the season between autumn and spring when the weather is usually cold .

common cold: The common cold is a mild illness . If you have it, your nose is blocked or runny and you have a sore throat or a cough .

stone-cold: If something that should be warm is stone-cold, it is very cold.

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Однокоренные слова:

coldish - холодноватый, довольно холодный
coldly - холодно, неприветливо, с холодком
coldness - холодность, холод

Связанные слова: