Noun: колледж университет коллегия высшее учебное заведение


college / university campus - университетский городок

college / school chaplain - священник при колледже, школьный священник

the cloistered atmosphere of a small college - замкнутая атмосфера маленького колледжа

collegiate / college dictionary - словарь для студентов высших учебных заведений

a school dignified with the name of a college - школа, которой дали громкое название колледжа

college diploma - диплом об окончании колледжа

an essential requirement for admission to college - необходимое требование, чтобы быть принятым в колледж

college / university faculty - преподаватели университета, колледжа

college graduate - выпускник колледжа

neighbour college - соседняя школа

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Ted's a college professor. - Тед — преподаватель колледжа.

She had three years of college. - Она проучилась три года в колледже.

a group of college students - группа студентов колледжа

I'm sure he has a college education. - Я уверен, что у него высшее образование.

He got in with a wild set at college. - В колледже он попал в дурную компанию.

He studied art in college. - Он изучал искусство в колледже.

I went to Mount Holyoke College. - Я пошёл в колледж Маунт-Холиок.

Royal Naval College - Военно-морской колледж Великобритании

Her college is set in the countryside. - Её колледж находится в сельской местности.

Dad likes college ball. - Папа любит университетский спорт (бейсбол, футбол или баскетбол).

She recently graduated from college. - Она недавно закончила колледж.

The college is named for George Washington. - Колледж назван в честь Джорджа Вашингтона.

They were able to send their kids to college. - Они смогли отправить своих детей в колледж.

On graduation from college, she got a good job. - Окончив колледж, она получила хорошую работу.

She dropped out of college. - Она бросила колледж.

What was your major in college? - Какова была ваша специальность в колледже?

She mastered French in college. - В университете она в совершенстве овладела французским языком.

The house is situated near the college. - Дом находится недалеко от колледжа.

Trinity College, Cambridge - Тринити-Колледж /колледж Святой Троицы/, Кембридж

He studied film in college. - Он изучал кино в колледже.

I started college last week. - На прошлой неделе я пошёл в колледж.

She studied dance in college. - Она изучала танцы в университете.

We met each other in college. - Мы встретились /познакомились/ в колледже.

She studied drama in college. - Она изучала актёрское мастерство в колледже.

She studied music in college. - Она изучала музыку в колледже.

I studied history in college. - Я изучал историю в колледже.

He just scraped into college. - Он еле-еле поступил в вуз.

She is floundering in college. - Она испытывает трудности в колледже.

He studied theology at college. - Он изучал теологию в колледже.

She studied forestry in college. - В колледже она изучала лесоводство.

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Связанные термины:

art college: a college at which students study and make art of various kinds, such as drawing, painting and sculpture

college try: an enthusiastic attempt that utilizes all one's energy and resources

cow college: an agricultural college

Joe College: a typical college student, esp one devoted to having fun

Bible college: an institution of higher education that specializes in Bible study, typically for the education of Protestant clergy

city college: an educational institution providing higher education and lower-level tertiary education in the US and Canada

college-bound: intending to go to college

college radio: radio broadcasting from stations affiliated with a college or university

drama college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

music college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

naval college: a place where people are trained for the Navy

Open College: → the Open College

quit college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

staff college: a training centre for executive military personnel

attend college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

barber college: a school for training barbers

college course: A course is a series of lessons or lectures on a particular subject.

college degree: A degree at a university or college is a course of study that you take there, or the qualification that you get when you have passed the course.

college pudding: a baked or steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit and spice

college student: a student at a university or college

finish college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

junior college: an educational establishment providing a two-year course that either terminates with an associate degree or is the equivalent of the freshman and sophomore years of a four-year undergraduate course

Sacred College: the collective body of the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church

village college: a centre, often for a group of villages, with educational and recreational facilities for the whole neighbourhood

A & M college: a university originally specializing in Agriculture and Mechanical subjects

business college: a college providing courses in secretarial studies, business management, accounting, commerce, etc

catering college: a further education college where you learn to cook as a profession

classical college: (in Quebec ) a college offering a programme that emphasizes the classics and leads to university entrance

college graduate: a student who has recently graduated from college

college lecturer: A lecturer is a teacher at a university or college .

college professor: a lecturer or researcher who works in a college

commercial college: a college providing tuition in commercial skills, such as shorthand and book-keeping

community college: A community college is a local college where students from the surrounding area can take courses in practical or academic subjects .

electoral college: The electoral college is the system that is used in the United States in presidential elections . The electors in the electoral college act as representatives for each state, and they elect the president and vice-president.

heralds' college: in England, a royal corporation, appointed in 1484, in charge of granting and recording armorial emblems and coats of arms, keeping records of genealogies, etc.

Pontifical College: a major theological college under the direct control of the Roman Curia

teachers' college: a college, usually having a four-year curriculum and granting a bachelor's degree, for training teachers for elementary and secondary schools

technical college: In Britain, a technical college is a college where you can study arts and technical subjects, often as part of the qualifications and training required for a particular job .

tertiary college: a college system incorporating the secondary school sixth form and vocational courses

training college: a school providing training for a special field or profession

agricultural college: a college of further education where students learn farming skills

college of arms: any of several institutions in the United Kingdom having a royal charter to deal with matters of heraldry, grant armorial bearings, record and trace genealogies, etc

College of Justice: the official name for the Scottish Court of Session ; the supreme court of Scotland

correspondence college: an educational institution that runs courses and keeps in contact with its students by post

denominational college: a college associated with a particular religious denomination

found a college: A college is an institution where students study after they have left school.

land grant college: a state university established with a grant of public land

secretarial college: a college where people are trained to be secretaries

sixth-form college: (in England and Wales ) a college offering A-level and other courses to pupils over sixteen from local schools, esp from those that do not have sixth forms

the Open College: (in Britain) a college of art founded in 1987 for mature students studying foundation courses in arts and crafts by television programmes, written materials, and tutorials

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Однокоренные слова:

colleger - студент колледжа, заключенный, лицо, окончившее колледж
collegian - студент колледжа, заключенный, лицо, окончившее колледж

Связанные слова: