Noun: цвет колорит оттенок краска
Adjective: цветной цветовой
Verb: окрашиваться окрашивать раскрашивать красить


purity of color - чистота цвета

to color / dye / tint hair - красить волосы

a horse of a different color - совершенно другое дело

to lose color - выгорать, выцветать, обесцвечиваться, терять цвет

color programming - программирование раскраски

background color - фоновый цвет

object color - цвет предмета

primary color - основной цвет

magenta color - яркокрасный цвет

vivid color - яркий цвет

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Fall colored the trees. - Осень окрасила листву деревьев.

Her favorite color is blue. - Ее любимый цвет — голубой (синий).

The color of blood is red. - Цвет крови — красный.

the color scheme of a room - цветовая гамма помещения

The black is an essential color. - Чёрный относится к основным цветам.

What color are your eyes? - Какого цвета у тебя глаза?

You can choose whichever color you want. - Можете выбрать любой цвет, какой только захотите.

My nephew colored a picture for me. - Племянник раскрасил для меня картинку.

The room needs more color. - Помещению нужно больше цвета.

The sky was suffused with a warm pink color - Небо было залито тёплым розовым цветом.

A blue scarf would bring out the color of your eyes. - Синий шарф подчеркнул бы цвет ваших глаз.

The shirts discolored. - Рубашки выцвели.

She's using a new lip color. - У неё новый оттенок помады.

What color paint shall we use? - Какого цвета краску будем использовать?

Eye color is an inheritable trait. - Цвет глаз — это наследственная черта.

His eyes were bluish-green in color. - Его глаза были голубовато-зелёного цвета.

Choosing a color took the most time. - Выбор цвета занял больше всего времени.

an artist's awareness of light and color - художественное восприятие света и цвета

a nice color pamphlet of the various telephones of the Bell System - симпатичный цветной рекламный проспект с изображениями различных телефонов фирмы "Белл Систем"

The child colored the drawings. - Ребёнок раскрасил эти рисунки.

the shrillness of her hair color - пронзительность цвета её волос

the artist's daring use of color - смелое цветовое решение этого художника

barbaric use of color or ornament - варварское использование цвета или орнамента

He has an artist's eye for color. - У него намётанный на цвета глаз художника.

The color in the lobby is subdued. - Интерьер вестибюля выдержан в приглушённых тонах.

Eye and hair color are hereditary. - Цвет глаз и волос передаётся по наследству.

We colored the water with red ink. - Мы окрасили воду красными чернилами.

This color matches your skin tone. - Этот цвет подходит к оттенку вашей кожи.

That is a color not found in nature. - Это цвет, который не встречается в природе.

That color is very unbecoming on her. - Тот цвет совсем ей не идёт.

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Связанные термины:

colour: The colour of something is the appearance that it has as a result of the way in which it reflects light. Red, blue, and green are colours.

r-color: an r -like acoustic quality given to a vowel, produced by retroflex articulation

color bar: → color line

color in: If you color in a drawing, you give it different colors using crayons or paints .

in color: If a movie or television program is in color, it has been made so that you see the picture in all its colors, and not just in black, white, or gray .

of color: who is nonwhite; now esp., who is black

off-color: varying from the usual, standard, or required color

oil color: a color or paint made by grinding a pigment in a drying oil, esp. linseed oil

color-blind: Someone who is color-blind cannot see the difference between colors, especially between red and green.

color chart: a chart with samples of paint colours

color-code: to use specific colors, according to a code, for wires, switches, cards, files, etc.

color-coded: Things that are color-coded use colors to represent different features or functions.

color-field: designating or of a style of abstract painting in which colors are applied to a canvas, often in large patches, with little variation in tone and little emphasis on form

color guard: the persons carrying and escorting the colors ( flag ) in a parade, ceremony, etc.

color line: the barrier of social, political, and economic restrictions imposed on blacks or other nonwhites

color phase: a variant, atypical coloration of fur, feathers, skin, etc. occurring in an individual or an animal group

false color: photography using infrared-sensitive film that produces images in which heat-emitting areas or objects appear red

flame color: bright reddish-orange

flesh color: of a color resembling any shade of human skin

four-color: designating or of a printing process using separate plates in yellow, red, blue, and black, so as to produce any color or colors

local color: behavior, speech, etc. characteristic of a certain region or time, depicted in a novel, play, etc. to add authenticity

lose color: to become pale

skin color: the colour of a person's skin, ie Black, White, etc

straw color: a pale-yellow color

three-color: designating or of a full-color printing process using three separate plates, each reproducing one primary color

tone color: → timbre

acrylic color: a color or paint made by mixing pigments in a solution of acrylic resin

albumin color: a color fixed to a fabric by an albuminous mordant

change color: to become pale

color-bearer: the person assigned to carry the colors, or flag, as in a parade or ceremony

color filter: colored glass, dyed gelatin, etc., used to produce certain color or light effects, as in photography

color scheme: In a room or house, the color scheme is the way in which colors have been used to decorate it.

FD&C color: any of the synthetic pigments and dyes that are approved by the FDA for use in foods, drugs, and cosmetics

ground color: a primary coat of paint ; priming ; base coat

king's color: a white ceremonial ensign with a royal cipher, flown on special occasions by the British Royal Navy

poster color: an opaque paint with a binder, such as gum or glue, that is water-soluble, used as for posters

primary color: Primary colors are basic colors that can be mixed together to produce other colors. They are usually considered to be red, yellow, blue, and sometimes green .

temper color: any of the colors appearing on the surface of clean, unoxidized steel heated in air, from pale yellow at the coolest to dark blue at the hottest : used as an approximate indication of temperature

additive color: red, green, or blue-violet, as used in the additive process of color photography

color blindness: of or relating to any defect in the normal ability to distinguish certain colours

secondary color: a color, as orange, green, or violet, produced by mixing two primary colors

color photograph: a photograph that is developed and printed in colour

color television: television that broadcasts in real-life colours, as opposed to black and white

under color of: under the pretext or guise of

complementary color: one of a pair of primary or secondary colors opposed to the other member of the pair on a schematic chart or scale ( color wheel ), as green opposed to red, orange opposed to blue, or violet opposed to yellow

four-color problem: the problem, solved in 1976, of proving the theorem that any geographic map can be colored using only four colors so that no connected countries with a common boundary are colored the same color

four-color process: a process for reproducing colored illustrations in a close approximation to their original hues by photographing the artwork successively through magenta, cyan, and yellow color-absorbing filters to produce four plates that are printed successively with yellow, red, blue, and black inks

ash gray: pale gray resembling the color of ashes

colour bar: discrimination against people of a different race, esp as practised by White people against Black people

colour code: a system of easily distinguishable colours, as for the identification of electrical wires or resistors

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Однокоренные слова:

discolor - обесцвечивать, обесцвечиваться, пачкать, пачкаться, изменять цвет
colorless - бесцветный, бледный
coloring - раскраска, окраска, колорит, цвет, красящее вещество, чувство цвета
colorful - красочный, яркий
colored - цветной, окрашенный, красочный, раскрашенный, крашеный
colors - расцветка, флаг, знамя
colorable - правдоподобный, окрашиваемый, благовидный
colorant - краситель

Связанные слова: