Noun: колонка столбец колонна столб


gossip column - колонка светской хроники

column of route - походная колонна

along the column - по столбцу

of one column - одностолбцовый

column mean square - средний квадрат для столбцов

meter of water column - метр водяного столба

correspondence column - столбец в газете для писем в редакцию

advertisement column - столбец, раздел объявлений в газете

tall column - высокая колонна

vacuum column - вакуумная колонна

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the Times leader column - главная колонка газеты "Таймс"

The column was attacked from the rear. - На колонну напали с тыла.

Enemy aircraft were strafing the column. - Колонну обстреливали самолёты врага.

Each column of soldiers marched away as soon as it formed. - Как только солдаты выстраивались в колонну, она тут же выступала.

He did not require a religion to be the column of society. - Он не требовал, чтобы религия была опорой общества.

Turn to Page 5, column 2. - Перейдём к странице 5, столбец 2.

He was at the head of the column. - Он был во главе колонны. / Он возглавлял колонну.

He faced them to the left and marched them westward in a long column. - Он скомандовал им повернуться налево и длинной колонной повел их в западном направлении.

a Corinthian column - коринфская колонна / колонна коринфского ордена

The article takes up three columns. - Статья занимает три колонки.

The head of the column advanced boldly. - Голова колонны смело продвигалась вперёд.

The test tube held a column of white powder. - Пробирка содержала столбик белого порошка.

Add up the numbers in each column. - Сложите числа в каждом столбце.

She writes a weekly column for the paper. - В этой газете она ведёт ежедневную колонку.

The roof is supported by a central column. - Крыша поддерживается центральной колонной.

The column obstructed our view of the stage. - Колонна загораживала нам вид на сцену.

The newspaper devoted several columns to the subject. - Газета посвятила этой теме несколько колонок.

The error appears at the bottom of the second column. - Ошибка появляется в нижней части второго столбца.

His arms couldn't quite girth the stone column. - Он не мог полностью обхватить руками эту каменную колонну.

M. Temple was in charge of the "Men and Matters" column. - М. Темпл отвечал за колонку "Люди и дела".

She's ready to dish on boys, beauty, and break-ups in her new column. - В своей новой колонке она готова посплетничать о парнях, красоте и расставаниях.

She writes a gossip column in the paper. - В газете она ведёт раздел светской хроники.

The column was transferred bodily to a new site by the bank of the river. - Колонная была полностью перенесена на новое место, на берегу реки.

Twice a week he churns out a dishy column on the latest tidings from Tinseltown. - Два раза в неделю он штампует колонку новостей с последними сплетнями из Голливуда.

'The Sun' devoted 10 column inches to the event (=their article filled a column ten inches long). - Газета "Сан" посвятила этому событию десятидюймовую колонку текста (т.е. статья заполнила газетный столбец длиной в десять дюймов).

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Связанные термины:

column inch: a unit of measurement for advertising space, one inch deep and one column wide

advice column: In a newspaper or magazine, the advice column contains letters from readers about their personal problems, and advice on what to do about them.

agony column: In a British newspaper or magazine, the agony column contains letters from readers about their personal problems, and advice on what to do about them.

bubble column: A bubble column is a reactor in which a gas bubbles up through a liquid or slurry .

column inches: the amount of coverage given to a story in a newspaper

column shift: A column shift is a gearshift lever mounted on the steering column.

fifth column: (originally) a group of Falangist sympathizers in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War who were prepared to join the four columns of insurgents marching on the city

gossip column: A gossip column is a part of a newspaper or magazine where the activities and private lives of famous people are discussed.

short column: a column whose relative dimensions ensure that when it is overloaded it fails by crushing, rather than buckling

social column: a column in a newspaper or magazine that details the activities of members of fashionable society

spinal column: Your spinal column is your spine .

control column: a lever or pillar, usually fitted with a handwheel, used to control the movements of an aircraft

obituary column: the division of a publication reserved for obituaries

personal column: The personal column in a newspaper or magazine contains messages for individual people and advertisements of a private nature .

showbiz column: a column about the entertainment industry

society column: a column in a newspaper or magazine that details the activities of members of fashionable society

steering column: In a car or other vehicle, the steering column is the rod on which the steering wheel is fixed .

column extractor: A column extractor is a tall vessel in which one liquid removes something from another liquid using physical contact .

vertebral column: a series of contiguous or interconnecting bony or cartilaginous segments that surround and protect the spinal cord

correspondence column: a section of a newspaper or magazine in which are printed readers ' letters to the editor

distillation column: A distillation column is a tall vessel in which crude oil is heated and separated into its components .

fractionating column: a long vertical cylinder used in fractional distillation, in which internal reflux enables separation of high and low boiling fractions to take place

lonely hearts column: the part of a newspaper or magazine where lonely hearts ads appear

lost-and-found column: a column in a newspaper that carries advertisements from people who have lost or found things

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Однокоренные слова:

columned - колоннообразный, напечатанный столбцами, столбчатый, стебельчатый
columnist - обозреватель, журналист, фельетонист

Связанные слова: