Noun: команда командование приказ владение
Adjective: командный находящийся в распоряжении командования
Verb: командовать управлять владеть приказывать


to call out a command - выкрикнуть команду

to issue a command - подавать команду

to run the command - исполнять команду

to try the command again - пытаться повторно выполнить команду

in response to a command - по команде

to arouse / win / command admiration - вызывать восторг, вызывать восхищение

to command loyalty - быть лояльным

maintenance crew / command - бригада технического обслуживания

cancel command - команда отмены (напр., задания)

filter command - команда фильтрации

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He has a good command of German. - Он хорошо владеет немецким.

She commanded us to leave. - Она приказала нам уйти.

He has complete command of his emotions. - Он полностью владеет собой.

Shoot when I give the command. - Стрелять по команде.

The hill commands a good view. - С холма открывается красивый вид.

Your command is taken off. - Вы лишаетесь полномочий командовать.

When I give the command, fire! - Как только я отдам приказ, стреляйте!

He bellowed a command to his men. - Он громко скомандовал своим подчинённым.

He commands a platoon of 60. - Он командует взводом из шестидесяти солдат.

He felt fully in command of the situation. - Он чувствовал, что полностью владеет обстановкой.

National Command authority - Высшее национальное военное командование (в США)

The general commanded a huge army. - Генерал командовал огромной армией.

It was in the nature of a command. - Это было нечто вроде приказания.

He finally felt in command of his life. - Наконец-то он почувствовал, что сам управляет своей жизнью.

He commands the 4th Battalion. - Он командует Четвёртым батальоном.

The mountain commands the plain. - Гора возвышается над равниной.

This speaker commands a high fee. - Этот лектор требует высокий гонорар.

We are expected to obey his commands. - Мы обязаны подчиняться его приказам.

Colonel ordered the command to halt. - Полковник приказал полку остановиться.

She shouted out commands to the crew. - Она выкрикивала команды экипажу. / Она громко командовала экипажем.

The system recognizes voice commands. - Система распознаёт голосовые команды.

The commands he held under the Crown. - Воинские посты, которые он занимал в Британской империи.

Suddenly the word of command is given. - Неожиданно раздаются слова команды.

Disable this command on your computer. - Отключите эту команду на компьютере.

The colonel ordered the command to halt. - Полковник приказал подразделению остановиться.

Who is the officer in command of the unit? - Кто командир этого подразделения?

We had no choice but to do as they commanded. - Нам ничего не оставалось делать, кроме как им подчиниться.

He immediately took command of the situation. - Он немедленно установил контроль над ситуацией.

The whole army is under the general's command. - Вся армия находится под командованием генерала.

He commands the 4th Battalion of the Scots Guard. - Он командует 4-м батальоном Шотландской гвардии.

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Связанные термины:

Air Command: the Canadian air force

command key: (on a computer keyboard ) a key used when executing commands

command line: typed instructions that access a computer system

command paper: (in Britain) a government document that is presented to Parliament, in theory by royal command

command post: A command post is a place from which a commander in the army controls and organizes their forces.

high command: The high command is the group that consists of the most senior officers in a nation's armed forces.

self-command: → self-control

Bomber Command: a former unit of the Royal Air Force dedicated to tactical and strategic bombing during World War II and the first decades of the Cold War

command economy: In a command economy, business activities and the use of resources are decided by the government, and not by market forces.

command loyalty: Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something.

command module: a module used as the control room and living quarters in a spacecraft and functioning as the splashdown vehicle

command respect: If you have respect for someone, you have a good opinion of them.

control command: a keyed instruction conveyed to a computer by using the control key in conjunction with the standard keys

Fighter Command: a former unit of the Royal Air Force dedicated to the use of fighter aircraft, noted for its success against German bombers and their escorts during the Battle of Britain

Mobile Command: the Canadian army and other land forces

command guidance: a method of controlling a missile during flight by transmitting information to it

command language: the language used to access a computer system

command structure: The structure of something is the way in which it is made, built, or organized .

Maritime Command: the naval branch of the Canadian armed forces

chain of command: the various individual officers, ranks etc that constitute a hierarchy each level receiving orders from the one above it and passing on the orders to the one below

command a majority: A majority is the difference between the number of votes or seats in parliament or legislature that the winner gets in an election, and the number of votes or seats that the next person or party gets.

command a salary: A salary is the money that someone is paid each month by their employer, especially when they are in a profession such as teaching, law, or medicine.

command performance: A command performance is a special performance of a play or show which is given for a head of state.

second-in-command: A second-in-command is someone who is next in rank to the leader of a group, and who has authority to give orders when the leader is not there.

command and control: authority exercised by a commander or a military force

Strategic Air Command: a former American Air Force and Defence command, disbanded in 1992

have sth at one's command: If you have a particular skill or particular resources at your command, you have them and can use them fully .

centralized economy: an economy in which business activities and the allocation of resources are determined by government order rather than market forces

planned economy: an economy in which business activities and the allocation of resources are determined by government order rather than market forces

be in command/be in command of yourself: If you are in command or in command of yourself, you are relaxed and able to react and behave in the way that you want to.

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Однокоренные слова:

commandant - комендант, начальник
commander - командир, командующий, начальник, командующий
commanding - командующий, внушительный, доминирующий, начальствующий
commandment - заповедь, приказ
commandite - командитное товарищество, коммандитное товарищество

Связанные слова: