Noun: сообщество община общество общность
Adjective: общественный


the scientific community - научный мир

community feeling - чувство принадлежности к данному сообществу

sense of community and fellowship - чувство содружества и братства

community affairs - вопросы местного самоуправления

community hospital - общественная больница

to encourage liaison with the local community - поддерживать связь с местными организациями

village community - сельская община

community-health / public-health nursing - медсестринское дело

urban-type community - поселок городского типа

community office - общественное учреждение

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European Community - Европейское сообщество

She was honoured as a community leader. - Её уважали как общественного лидера.

a respectable member of the community - достойный представитель общества / уважаемый член общества

They hoped to join the NATO community. - Они надеялись вступить в блок НАТО.

We know that community is made of smaller units. - Мы знаем, что общество состоит из более мелких единиц.

European Coal and Steel Community - Европейское объединение угля и стали

Blank terror reigned over the community. - Жуткий, безумный страх воцарился в общине.

The disease spread quickly among the members of the community. - Болезнь быстро распространилась среди членов общины.

The new arts centre will serve the whole community. - Новый центр искусств послужит всему обществу.

We will try to reform him within the community. - Мы попытаемся исправить его в своём кругу (не прибегая к помощи посторонних).

They formed a community of scientists. - Они образовали сообщество учёных.

He is a pillar of the community. - Он является столпом данного сообщества.

for the greater good of the community - на благо общества

Economic Community of West African States - Экономическое сообщество западноафриканских государств

She grew up in a bilingual community. - Она выросла в двуязычном окружении.

Unemployment remains an evil that touches the whole community. - Безработица остаётся злом, которое касается всего общества.

an upstanding member of the community - уважаемый член общества

He comes from an advantaged community. - Он происходит из благополучных кругов общества.

Economic Community of Central African States - Экономическое сообщество центральноафриканских государств

They are trying to preserve the cultural integrity of the community. - Они пытаются сохранить культурную целостность сообщества.

Community Act - Закон о Европейском экономическом сообществе

the isolation of the mountain community - обособленность данного горного поселения

Farmers are the backbone of this community. - Фермеры составляют костяк этого сообщества.

The town remains a very isolated community. - Город по-прежнему остаётся очень изолированным сообществом.

Miami's Hispanic community - Латиноамериканское сообщество Майами

the Scots community in New York - шотландская община в Нью-Йорке

We'll need input from community nurses. - Нам понадобится помощь участковых медсестёр.

a sense of community and social cohesion - чувство общности и социальной сплочённости

a community riven by religious differences - сообщество, раздираемое религиозными разногласиями

The community warmly received the refugees. - Общественность тепло приняла беженцев.

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Связанные термины:

community card: (in certain card games) a card that every player can use to form a hand in combination with the cards that he or she alone has been dealt

community care: help available to persons living in their own homes, rather than services provided in residential institutions

community chest: a fund raised by voluntary contribution for local welfare activities

community home: a home provided by a local authority for children who cannot remain with parents or relatives, or be placed with foster parents

community life: the life and activities of a community

faith community: a community of people sharing the same religious faith

gated community: A gated community is an area of houses and sometimes shops that is surrounded by a wall or fence and has an entrance that is guarded.

closed community: a plant community that does not allow for further colonization, all the available niches being occupied

community action: campaigns undertaken by the people living in a particular place

community center: a meeting place, often a complex of buildings, where the people of a community may carry on cultural, recreational, or social activities

community centre: A community centre is a place that is specially provided for the people, groups, and organizations in a particular area, where they can go in order to meet one another and do things.

community charge: (formerly in Britain ) a flat-rate charge paid by each adult in a community to his or her local authority in place of rates

community church: an independent or denominational church in a particular community

community college: A community college is a local college where students from the surrounding area can take courses in practical or academic subjects .

community council: (in Scotland and Wales ) an independent voluntary local body set up to attend to local interests and organize community activities

community hospital: (in the US) a local hospital

community language: a language spoken by members of a minority group or community within a majority language context

community leader: a leading figure in a community

community medicine: medical services for a particular area

community policing: Community policing is a system in which police officers work only in one particular area of the community, so that everyone knows them.

community property: the joint ownership of the property of a husband and wife

community school: a school offering some nonacademic activities related to life in a particular community and often serving as a community centre

community service: Community service is unpaid work that criminals sometimes do as a punishment instead of being sent to prison .

community singing: singing, esp of hymns, by a large gathering of people

community spirit: willingness and desire to participate in activities that promote a community

community worker: someone who works for the benefit of a community, esp for a social service agency

European Community: an economic and political association of European States that came into being in 1967, when the legislative and executive bodies of the European Economic Community merged with those of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Atomic Energy Community: subsumed into the European Union in 1993

farming community: a community where farming is the main industry

French Community: an international association consisting of France and a number of former French colonies : founded in 1958 as a successor to the French Union

global community: the people or nations of the world, considered as being closely connected by modern telecommunications and as being economically, socially, and politically interdependent

rating community: an online community based around a website that allows members to rate each other's photographs, qualifications, etc, as well as those of applicants, and which only those approved by existing members are allowed to join

speech community: a community consisting of all the speakers of a particular language or dialect

student community: → the student community

village community: an early form of community organization in which land belonged to the village, the arable land being allotted to the members or households of the community by more or less permanent arrangements and the waste or excess land remaining undivided

community association: (in Britain) an organization of people and groups working for the common good of a neighbourhood, usually operating under a written constitution registered with the Charity Commissioners

community education: the provision of a wide range of educational and special interest courses and activities by a local authority

community policeman: a police officer assigned to a particular area

Community Programme: (in Britain ) a former government scheme to provide temporary work for people unemployed for over a year

community relations: the particular state of affairs in an area where potentially conflicting ethnic, religious, cultural, political, or linguistic groups live together

retirement community: a specially designed place where retired people live

therapeutic community: a group-based form of therapy for people with mental health problems, sometimes residential

Valencian Community: region comprising three provinces of E Spain : 8,998 sq mi (23,305 sq km); pop. 4,029,000; cap . Valencia

the student community: the body of students in further and higher education, considered as a whole

community care programme: help available to persons living in their own homes, rather than services provided in residential institutions

community health centre: a medical centre that serves a particular area

community-service order: (in Britain) a court order requiring an offender over seventeen years old to do unpaid socially beneficial work under supervision instead of going to prison

East African Community: an association established in 1967 by Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania to promote closer economic and social ties between member states: dissolved in 1977, but reformed in 1999, and joined in 2007 by Burundi and Rwanda ; South Sudan became a member in 2016

community antenna television: a television service in which programmes are distributed to subscribers' televisions by cable rather than by broadcast transmission

community correctional center: (in the US) a detention centre

community support officer: a uniformed officer who is not a member of the police force but who has certain powers to be exercised in supplementing the role of the police, esp crowd control, tackling anti-social behaviour, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

intercommunity - общность, совместное владение

Связанные слова: