Noun: компания предприятие фирма общество
Adjective: фирменный ротный


to take charge of a company - возглавить компанию

airborne signal company - авиарота связи

dance company - танцевальный ансамбль

daughter company - дочерняя компания

very dubious company - очень подозрительная компания

may I have the honour (of your company at dinner) - окажите мне честь (отобедать со мной)

to make an offer for a company - предложить цену за компанию

to oversee all the company's advertising - следить за всей рекламой компании

pharmaceutical company - фармацевтическая компания

company's product - продукция компании, товары компании

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Who started this company? - Кто основал эту компанию?

Three is a company. - Трое в самый раз. / Троих достаточно.

Present company excepted. - К присутствующим это не относится.

Yonder company are fools. - В той компании такие дураки.

John Jones and Company - Джон Джонс и компания (в названиях фирм)

Drapers' Company - Гильдия драпировщиков

They formed a company. - Они основали компанию.

Grocers' Company - Гильдия бакалейщиков

The company is doing well. - Дела у компании идут хорошо. / Компания преуспевает.

He is unfit to run a company. - Он неспособен руководить компанией.

I work for an insurance company. - Я работаю в страховой компании.

Most glad of your company. - Мне так приятно быть в вашем обществе.

Two's company, three's none. - Третий лишний.

The company blew in $52,000. - Руководство компании пустило на ветер пятьдесят две тысячи долларов.

The company is confident of success. - Компания уверена в успехе.

The company is thinking big. - Руководство компании мыслит масштабно.

Hector had company in his house. - В доме Гектора были гости.

You must keep the company amused. - Вы должны занимать гостей.

Company halt! - Рота — стой!

She works for a big company. - Она работает на крупную компанию.

The company had to retrench. - Компании пришлось сократить штат.

The company is badly managed. - Компания плохо управляется.

The company has a few new hires. - Компания наняла несколько новых сотрудников.

My company is not a one-horse show! - Моя фирма — не какой-то дешёвый балаган!

The company survived the recession. - Компания пережила спад.

The company made a profit this year. - В этом году компания принесла прибыль.

The company is no tiddler. - Эта компания — не какая-нибудь мелочь.

a subsidiary of a US company - дочернее предприятие американской компании.

He runs the company by fiat. - Он руководит этой компанией авторитарным методом.

The company spirited him up. - Беседа воодушевила его.

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Связанные термины:

and company: You can say and company after mentioning a person's name, to refer also to the people who are associated with that person.

company car: A company car is a car which an employer gives to an employee to use as their own, usually as a benefit of having a particular job, or because their job involves a lot of travelling .

company law: the area of law that deals with business enterprises

company man: an employee who puts allegiance to the company for which he works above personal opinion or friendship

in company: When you are in company, you are with a person or group of people.

City Company: (in Britain) a corporation that represents one of the historic trade guilds of London

close company: a company under the control of its directors or fewer than five independent participants

company time: the regular hours during which employees are expected to work

company town: a town built by a company for its employees

company union: an unaffiliated union of workers usually restricted to a single business enterprise

dance company: a group of dancers, usually including business and technical personnel

ferry company: a company that operates a ferry or ferries

film company: a company dedicated to the making of motion pictures

fire company: an insurance company selling policies relating to fire risk

free company: a band of mercenary soldiers during the Middle Ages

have company: If you have company, you have a visitor or friend with you.

hire company: a company that hires things out to people

keep company: If you keep company with a person or with a particular kind of person, you spend a lot of time with them.

opera company: a company that puts on productions of operas

part company: to end a friendship or association, esp as a result of a quarrel ; separate

shell company: A shell company is a company that another company takes over in order to use its name to gain an advantage .

stock company: a business enterprise the capital of which is divided into transferable shares

tour company: → another name for tour operator

trust company: a commercial bank or other enterprise organized to perform trustee functions

bubble company: a company whose shares are highly valued and then plummet

closed company: a company under the control of its directors or fewer than five independent participants

company doctor: a businessperson or accountant who specializes in turning ailing companies into profitable enterprises

company manners: rules of politeness that people, esp children, are supposed to observe in the presence of other people

company officer: a captain or lieutenant serving in a company

company pension: a pension scheme run by a company for its employees

energy company: a company that produces energy, such as electricity

express company: to transform ( ideas ) into words; utter ; verbalize

finance company: A finance company is a business which lends money to people and charges them interest while they pay it back.

haulage company: a firm that transports goods by lorry

holding company: A holding company is a company that has enough shares in one or more other companies to be able to control the other companies.

limited company: a company whose owners enjoy limited liability for the company's debts and losses

listed company: A listed company is a company whose shares are quoted on a stock exchange.

livery company: one of the chartered companies of the City of London originating from the craft guilds

logging company: a company that fells trees and sells timber

parent company: a company that owns more than half the shares of another company

polite company: You can refer to people who consider themselves to be socially superior and to set standards of behaviour for everyone else as polite society or polite company.

private company: a limited company that does not issue shares for public subscription and whose owners do not enjoy an unrestricted right to transfer their shareholdings

public company: A public company is a company whose shares can be bought by the general public.

quoted company: a company whose shares are quoted on a stock exchange

record company: a commercial organization that makes and sells musical recordings

ship's company: the crew of a ship including the officers

theatre company: an organization that produces theatrical performances

trading company: a company that is owned by the people who have bought shares in that company

utility company: a company which supplies utilities, such as gas, electricity, phones, etc

associated company: a company which is largely controlled by its parent company because the latter owns anything up to 50% of the shares

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Однокоренные слова:

carriage-company - избранное общество
companion - компаньон, спутник, товарищ, сопровождать, парный
accompany - сопровождать, сопутствовать, аккомпанировать
fire-company - общество страхования от огня
sub-company - дочерняя компания, дочерняя или подконтрольная компания, подконтрольная компания

Связанные слова: