Adjective: составной сложный комбинированный сложноцветный
Noun: смесь растение семейства сложноцветных что-либо составное


composite construction - составная конструкция

composite object - составной объект

composite algorithm - составной алгоритм

composite number - составное число

composite material - композиционный материал

composite transistor - составной транзистор

composite resistor - композиционный резистор

composite resolution - сводная резолюция

sales force composite - совокупное мнение торговых агентов

composite sample - смешанный образец

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The author builds up a useful composite picture of contemporary consumer culture. - Автор выстраивает полезную сложную картину современной потребительской культуры.

He spotted a man who resembled the police composite. - Он заметил человека, который был похож на составленный полицейскими фоторобот.

The movie's special effects included the use of many composite photographs. - Специальные эффекты этого фильма включали использование большого количества фотомонтажа.

The child's character was a composite of two girls I knew. - Прототипами этого детского персонажа послужили две мои знакомые девочки.

Связанные термины:

composite vote: a voting result arrived at through averaging or combining other votes

carbon composite: Carbon is short forcarbon dioxide . [...]

composite family: the large and varied plant family Compositae (or Asteraceae), typified by herbaceous plants having alternate, opposite, or whorled leaves and a whorl of bracts surrounding the flower heads, which are usually composed of a disk containing tiny petalless flowers and a ray of petals extending from the flowers at the rim of the disk, some flower heads being composed only of a disk or a ray and some plants having clusters of flower heads, and including the aster, daisy, dandelion, goldenrod, marigold, ragweed, sunflower, thistle, and zinnia

composite function: a function obtained from two given functions, where the range of one function is contained in the domain of the second function, by assigning to an element in the domain of the first function that element in the range of the second function whose inverse image is the image of the element

composite material: A composite object or item is made up of several different things, parts, or substances. [...]

composite motion: a motion in a deliberative body that combines elements of several related motions

composite number: a positive integer that can be factorized into two or more other positive integers

composite school: a secondary school offering both academic and nonacademic courses

composite photograph: a photograph formed by superimposing two or more separate photographs

composite colour signal: a colour television signal in which luminance and two chrominance components are encoded into a single signal

polymer matrix composite: A polymer matrix composite is a material consisting of a composite made stronger by adding fibers or particles to it.

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Однокоренные слова:

composition - состав, композиция, структура, сочинение, композиционный
compositive - синтетический
compositor - наборщик

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