Noun: конференция совещание заседание съезд


to convene / hold a conference - проводить конференцию

peace conference - мирные переговоры

staff conference - встреча руководства компании с её сотрудниками

conference hall - конференц-зал

to speak at a conference / rally - выступать на конференции, митинге

press conference - пресс-конференция

computer conference - телеконференция

meet-me conference - конференцсвязь по расписанию

conference matrix - конференс-матрица

opening of a conference - открытие конференции

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The conference was slated for summer. - Совещание было назначено на лето.

We received a grant to attend the conference. - Мы получили разрешение на участие в конференции.

The boss called us in for a conference. - Начальник созвал нас на совещание.

Mr Dickson is in conference. - Мистер Диксон на совещании.

He won't be attending the conference. - Он не будет присутствовать на конференции.

national conferences on women's health - национальные конференции по охране здоровья женщин

He presented a motion to the conference. - Он представил собранию своё предложение.

The company sent me to the conference. - Руководство компании отправило меня на конференцию.

They patched him into the conference call. - Они подключили его к селекторному совещанию.

I'd like to see you organize a conference! - Хотелось бы посмотреть, как у вас получится организовать конференцию!

Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe - Совещание по безопасности и сотрудничеству в Европе, СБСЕ

They are in the conference room talking business. - Они в конференц-зале, говорят о делах.

All-European Conference on Security and Cooperation - Общеевропейское совещание по вопросам безопасности и сотрудничества

a high-level conference on arms control - совещание на высшем уровне по вопросам контроля над вооружениями

The conference center offers a health spa. - Конференц-центр предоставляет услуги спа.

There were 300 attendees at the conference. - На конференции было триста участников.

The conference ended with a plenary debate. - Конференция завершилась пленарными дебатами.

Demonstrators have sabotaged the conference. - Демонстранты сорвали проведение конференции.

The conference is open to all party members. - Конференция открыта для всех членов партии.

She's the winningest coach in the conference. - У неё самое большое количество побед среди всех тренеров конференции.

The media gave the conference scant coverage. - Средства массовой информации уделили (работе) конференции мало внимания.

Around 350 delegates attended the conference. - В конференции приняло участие около трёхсот пятидесяти делегатов.

Simon's been selected to go to the conference. - Саймона выбрали для поездки на конференцию.

We're driving up to Chicago for the conference. - Мы едем на конференцию на север, в Чикаго.

Conference rooms were equipped at great expense. - На оборудование конференц-залов были потрачены большие деньги.

the champions of the American Football Conference - победители Американской футбольной конференции (одна из двух конференций НФЛ)

Dillon made the announcement at a news conference. - Диллон сделал это заявление на пресс-конференции.

Eva's busy drafting her speech for the conference. - Ева занята составлением своей речи для выступления на конференции.

She organized the conference with great precision. - Она организовала конференцию очень чётко.

He spent an hour in conference with the president. - Он провёл час на совещании с президентом.

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Связанные термины:

case conference: a meeting at which all the parties involved in a medical, legal, or social work case come together to discuss it

conference call: A conference call is a phone call in which more than two people take part.

Conference pear: a variety of pear that has sweet and juicy fruit

conference room: A conference room is a large room in a hotel where a number of people can have a conference.

news conference: A news conference is a meeting held by a famous or important person in which they answer journalists ' questions .

web conference: a conference in which participants in distant locations are able to communicate with each other by logging into a website

audio conference: a meeting that is conducted by the use of audio telecommunications

conference centre: a large venue designed for conferences often consisting of a large hall as well as a number of smaller lecture rooms and other facilities

conference speech: A speech is a formal talk which someone gives to an audience .

conference table: a large table, often rectangular, around which a number of people may be seated, as when holding a conference

Lambeth Conference: the decennial conference of Anglican bishops, begun in 1867

peace conference: a conference where representatives of warring governments or countries sign a treaty to end conflict

press conference: A press conference is a meeting held by a famous or important person in which they answer journalists ' questions .

sales conference: a meeting where members of one or several sales teams, perhaps of different companies, are brought together to discuss issues and problems concerning sales

summit conference: the highest point or part, esp of a mountain or line of communication ; top

video conference: A video-conference is a meeting that takes place using video conferencing .

conference committee: a committee made up of members from both houses whose task is to eliminate any differences between versions of legislation on the same subject passed in the different chambers

conference facilities: Conference facilities are large rooms and pieces of equipment that a hotel provides so an organization can have conference there.

Bretton Woods Conference: an international monetary conference held in 1944 at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, which resulted in the establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

meetings and conference manager: A meetings and conference manager at a hotel is responsible for organizing business meetings and conferences there.

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Однокоренные слова:

conferencing - конференц-связь, организация и проведение научно-технических совещаний

Связанные слова: