Noun: контакт связь связи соприкосновение
Adjective: контактный связной связывающий
Verb: соприкасаться касаться прикасаться устанавливать связь


to come into contact with smth. - дотрагиваться до чего-л.

contact lenses - контактные линзы

to face up a contact - зачищать контакт

to firm a contact - установить контакт

to get in contact with smb. - связаться [наладить контакт] с кем-л.

high contact - тесное касание

flight visual contact - визуальный контакт в полете

radar contact - радиолокационный контакт

ohmic contact - омический контакт

point contact - точечный контакт

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Children delight in contact with animals. - Дети в восторге от общения с животными.

We stay in contact by email. - Мы остаёмся на связи с помощью электронной почты.

I have lost contact with them. - Я потерял с ними связь. [Я с ними не общаюсь.]

You can contact me on this number. - Со мной можно связаться по этому номеру.

The surfaces contact at this point. - Поверхности соприкасаются в этой точке.

She decided to contact the manager direct. - Она решила связаться напрямую с директором.

Contact your local dealer to order. - Для размещения заказа обратитесь к вашему местному дилеру.

She contacted everyone on the list. - Она связалась с каждым, кто был в списке.

I'm not in direct contact with them. - Я не контактирую (общаюсь) с ними напрямую.

People who are lying tend to avoid eye contact. - Люди, которые лгут, стараются избегать зрительного контакта.

It is always a job to contact him. - Выйти с ним на связь — всегда непросто.

He has a lot of contacts in the media. - У него много связей в СМИ.

North American Contact Dermatitis Group - Североамериканская (рабочая) группа по контактным дерматитам

The paper ignited on contact with sparks. - Бумага воспламенилась при контакте с искрами.

The wire must not contact the metal cover. - Провода не должны соприкасаться с металлической крышкой.

Some diseases are communicated by contact. - Некоторые болезни передаются в результате контакта с больным.

Could you help me look for my contact lens? - Не могли бы вы помочь мне отыскать мою контактную линзу?

He was the principal contact man and fixer. - Он был главным посредником и координатором.

We are out of contact for many years already. - Мы уже много лет не общаемся.

We had already established contact with the museum. - К тому времени мы уже наладили связи с музеем.

Ice hockey is a contact sport. - Хоккей — контактный вид спорта.

in direct contact with the voters - посредством прямого контакта с избирателями

They forget to solder the contacts. - Они забывают припаять контакты.

The pilot made contact with the base. - Пилот связался с базой.

For details, contact your course tutor. - Для получения подробной информации обратитесь к своему лектору.

come into contact with a terrorist group - войти в контакт с террористической группировкой

He lost contact with his extended family. - Он потерял связь со своими дальними родственниками.

Litmus paper turns red on contact with an acid. - Лакмусовая бумага краснеет при контакте с кислотой.

He made a half-hearted attempt to contact them. - Он предпринял нерешительную попытку с ними связаться.

For a second, his hand was in contact with mine. - На секунду его рука коснулась моей.

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Связанные термины:

contact man: an intermediary or go-between

eye contact: a direct look between two people; meeting of eyes

contact high: a state of altered consciousness caused by inhaling the drugs other people are smoking

contact lens: Contact lenses are small plastic lenses that you put on the surface of your eyes to help you see better, instead of wearing glasses .

contact print: a photographic print made by exposing the printing paper through a negative placed directly onto it

contact sheet: a contact print, usually of all frames of a developed roll of negative print film, used as a proof print

contact sport: a sport that involves physical contact between participants, such as rugby

human contact: Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.

radio contact: communication or contact by means of radio waves

contact address: an address where a person can be contacted

contact breaker: a switching device used in the distributor of an internal-combustion engine which controls the timing of the spark that ignites the spark plug

contact cement: an adhesive that sets when the surfaces it is applied to are brought in contact with each other

contact centre: an office where staff carry out an organization's telephone transactions

contact details: the information required to contact someone, such as an address or telephone number

contact flight: a flight in which the pilot remains in sight of land or water

contact flying: flying an airplane in conditions of good visibility so that the course and altitude can be determined by observing points or objects on the ground; VFR

contact number: a person's telephone number

direct contact: Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.

initial contact: Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.

contact dermatitis: dermatitis caused by direct contact with an irritating substance, as an allergen or chemical

contact magazine: a magazine in which to place adverts to make contacts, esp sexual ones

frequent contact: Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.

personal contact: Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.

contact insecticide: an insecticide that kills on contact, rather than after ingestion or absorption

gas oil contact: In a reservoir, gas oil contact is the area containing a mix of gas and oil, below which there is mainly oil and above which there is mainly gas.

soft contact lens: a flexible hydrogel lens worn on the surface of the eye to correct defects of vision

to lose contact: If you lose contact with someone who you have been friendly with, you no longer see them, speak to them, or write to them.

contact the charity: A charity is an organization which raises money in order to help people who are sick or very poor, or who have a disability .

in contact (with sb): If you are in contact with someone, you regularly meet them or communicate with them.

to make eye contact: If you make eye contact with someone, you look at them at the same time as they look at you, so that you are both aware that you are looking at each other. If you avoid eye contact with someone, you deliberately do not look straight at them because you feel awkward or embarrassed .

make contact (with sb): If you make contact with someone, you find out where they are and talk or write to them.

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Однокоренные слова:

contactor - контактор, замыкатель
contacts - контакт, связь, связи, соприкосновение, связаться, соприкасаться, прикасаться

Связанные слова: