Adjective: непрерывный постоянный сплошной продолжительный
Noun: длительная форма глагола


continuous functional - непрерывный функционал

continuous at a point - непрерывный в точке

continuous from above - непрерывный сверху

continuous from below - непрерывный снизу

continuous from the left - непрерывный слева

continuous from the right - непрерывный справа

equably continuous - уравновешенно непрерывный

semi-uniformity continuous - квазиравномерно непрерывный

separately continuous - раздельно непрерывный

strongly continuous - сильно непрерывный

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This continuous wet weather is getting me down. - Эти постоянные дожди портят мне настроение.

A continuous line has no gaps or breaks in it. - Непрерывная линия не содержит ни разрывов, ни промежутков.

One could hear continuous weeping from the adjacent room. - Из соседней комнаты доносился непрерывный плач.

He was desolated by continuous despair. - Он был безутешен из-за вечной безысходности.

Continuous change results in lack of memorability. - Постоянные перемены приводят к отсутствию чего-то запоминающегося.

The batteries provide enough power for up to five hours of continuous use. - Эти батареи обеспечивают достаточную мощность до пяти часов непрерывной работы.

The plastic is extruded as a strong, continuous sheet. - Пластмасса штампуется в виде прочного сплошного листа.

Much of the goodness has been leached from the soil by the action of continuous heavy rain. - Большой слой плодородной почвы был смыт непрерывными ливнями.

A continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light. - Непрерывное перемещение электронов в солнечных атомах приводит к излучению света.

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Связанные термины:

continuous wave: an electromagnetic wave, esp. a radio wave, with a constant amplitude and frequency

continuous miner: a person who works in a mine

continuous process: A continuous process is a process in which the product comes out without interruption and not in groups.

continuous-release: denoting a formulation of a medicinal drug taken orally that releases the active ingredients over several hours, in order to maintain a relatively constant plasma concentration of the drug

continuous waves: radio waves generated as a continuous train of oscillations having a constant frequency and amplitude

present continuous: See present progressive

continuous assessment: If pupils or students undergo continuous assessment, they get qualifications partly or entirely based on the work they do during the year, rather than on exam results.

continuous creation: the theory that matter is being created continuously in the universe

continuous function: a mathematical function such that a small change in the independent variable, or point of the domain, produces only a small change in the value of the function

continuous improvement: If there is an improvement in something, it becomes better . If you make improvements to something, you make it better.

continuous processing: the systems in a plant or factory for the manufacturing of products, treating of materials, etc, that have been designed to run continuously and are often computer-controlled

continuous spectrum: a spectrum that contains or appears to contain all wavelengths but not spectrum lines over a wide portion of its range . The emission spectrum of incandescent solids is continuous ; bremsstrahlung spectra consisting of a large number of lines may appear continuous

continuous stationery: paper that is perforated between pages and folded concertina fashion, used in dot-matrix, line, and daisywheel printers

continuous pipeline operation: Continuous pipeline operation is technology for valves and corrosion protection to allow fluids to flow through pipes without interruption .

past progressive: a verb form consisting of an auxiliary be in the past tense followed by a present participle and used esp. to indicate that an action or event was incomplete or in progress at a point of reference in the past, as was sleeping in I was sleeping when the phone rang

perfect progressive: a verb form including the auxiliary have followed by been and a present participle, noting the continuation of an activity or event, its incompleteness or interruption, and its connection to the temporal point of reference, as in I've been waiting for over an hour, They had been talking about her before she came into the room, or In July, he will have been living here for two years

miner: A miner is a person who works underground in mines in order to obtain minerals such as coal, diamonds, or gold .

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Однокоренные слова:

discontinuous - прерывистый, прерывающийся, прерываемый, перемежающийся
continuously - беспрерывно

Связанные слова: