Noun: контракт договор соглашение подряд
Verb: сокращаться сокращать сжимать сжиматься
Adjective: контрактный договорный подрядный


breach of contract - нарушение контракта

material breach of contract - существенное нарушение контракта

to celebrate a contract - заключать договор

contract clause - статья договора

clause in contract - пункт, статья, условие договора

to complete a contract - выполнять договор

to abrogate / cancel / repudiate a contract - аннулировать контракт, расторгнуть соглашение

to breach / break / violate a contract - нарушать условия контракта

to carry out / execute a contract - выполнять условия договора

to consider a contract - рассматривать контракт

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We agreed a new four-year contract. - Мы согласовали новый четырёхлетний контракт.

She contracted her lips into a frown. - Она сморщила свои губы, нахмурившись.

He hopes shortly to contract his expenses. - Он надеется вскоре сократить свои расходы.

The contract runs out next week. - Контракт истекает на следующей неделе.

They approved the terms of contract. - Они утвердили условия контракта.

Attached to this contract is ... - В приложении к настоящему договору…

Metal contracts as it cools. - При охлаждении металл сжимается.

Society is indeed a contract. - На самом деле, общество — это своего рода соглашение.

He's asking for a contract extension. - Он просит о продлении контракта.

The term of the contract is 60 months. - Срок действия договора составляет шестьдесят месяцев /пять лет/.

They inked the contract. - Они подписали контракт.

The contract runs for a year. - Срок действия контракта — один год. / Контракт действителен в течение года.

He is signed to a three-year contract. - Он подписал трехлетний контракт.

They are hesitant about signing a contract. - Они сомневаются, нужно ли подписывать контракт.

We'll notify her to draw up a contract. - Мы дадим ей задание составить контракт.

The company secured a $20 million contract. - Компания обеспечила себе контракт на двадцать миллионов долларов.

I tore up the contract. - Я разорвал контракт.

The court validated the contract. - Суд подтвердил силу контракта.

I wish to be released from my contract. - Я хотел бы освободиться от обязательств по контракту.

The terms of the contract are negotiable. - Условия договора могут обсуждаться.

The contract should be faxed to him today. - Договор нужно отправить ему сегодня по факсу.

I'll see after the details of the contract. - Я прослежу за деталями контракта.

The contract was all sewn up. - Контракт был составлен полностью.

He was sued for breach of contract. - Он был ответчиком по делу о нарушении контракта.

The contract was signed by both parties. - Договор был подписан обеими сторонами.

Her efforts were rewarded with a new contract. - Её усилия были вознаграждены новым контрактом.

They inked a new contract. - Они подписали новый контракт.

The judge voided the contract. - Судья признал контракт недействительным. / Судья аннулировал этот договор.

an elastic clause in a contract - "эластичный" пункт в договоре

The contract is legally binding. - Договор имеет юридическую силу.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a company contracts out work, they employ other companies to do it.

If a company contracts out work, they employ other companies to do it.

Связанные термины:

contract law: the branch of law that deals with contracts

contract out: If a company contracts out work, they employ other companies to do it.

contract work: the work specified in a short-term contract, esp as opposed to regular employment

land contract: a contract in which a purchaser of real estate, upon making an initial payment, agrees to pay the seller stipulated amounts at specified intervals until the total purchase price is paid, at which time the seller transfers his interest in the property

contract bridge: the most common variety of bridge, in which the declarer receives points counting towards game and rubber only for tricks he or she bids as well as makes, any overtricks receiving bonus points

contract killer: a person hired to commit a murder

contract price: a price for goods or services named in a contract

quasi-contract: an implied contract which arises without the express agreement of the parties

social contract: (in the theories of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, and others) an agreement, entered into by individuals, that results in the formation of the state or of organized society, the prime motive being the desire for protection, which entails the surrender of some or all personal liberties

under contract: If you are under contract to someone, you have signed a contract agreeing to work for them, and for no-one else, during a fixed period of time.

contract killing: a murder carried out in fulfilment of a contract

forward contract: a contract to buy or sell an asset at a point in the future at a previously agreed price

service contract: a contract between an employer and a senior employee, esp a director, executive, etc

voidable contract: a contract or agreement that is capable of being made of no legal effect or made void

breach of contract: the act of breaking the conditions of a contract

gratuitous contract: a contract for the benefit of the person for whom it is made, without a reciprocal promise of benefit to the maker

maintenance contract: a formal agreement between two parties which states that one party will keep a building, vehicle, machine, etc, belonging to the other party in good condition by regularly checking it and repairing it when necessary

rescind a contract: If an insurer rescinds an insurance contract, it terminates it because facts have been concealed or misrepresented by the proposer.

sweetheart contract: a contract arranged by collusion between union officials and an employer with terms disadvantageous to union members

contract of service: a written agreement between an employer and an employee, that, taken together with the rights of each under statute and common law, determines the employment relations between them

fixed cost contract: a contract in which the costs do not vary

fixed-price contract: a contract in which the price is preset and invariable, regardless of the actual costs of production.

fixed-term contract: a contract for a particular and fixed period

yellow-dog contract: a contract with an employer, now illegal, in which an employee agreed not to join a trade union during his or her employment

zero-hours contract: A zero-hours contract is a contract where the employer does not have to provide regular work for the employee, but the employee has to be on call in case they are needed to work.

contract of employment: a written agreement between an employer and an employee, that, taken together with the rights of each under statute and common law, determines the employment relations between them

antenuptial marriage contract: a contract made between two people before they marry, agreeing on the distribution of their assets in the event of divorce

put out a contract on: to hire or attempt to hire an assassin to kill (someone)

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Однокоренные слова:

contract in - , обязаться участвовать или принять участие
contract out - обязаться не принимать участия, выйти, давать работу по контракту

Связанные слова: