Noun: копия экземпляр дубликат образец
Verb: копировать переписывать списать воспроизводить


a copy of a document duly certified - копия документа, должным образом заверенная

advertising copy - текстовая часть рекламы (в отличие от изображения)

for a true copy - "копия верна", правильность копии удостоверяется

to authenticate a copy - заверять копию

to copy onto a disk - скопировать на диск

to copy a file - скопировать файл

copy / copying / duplicating machine - копировальный аппарат

pirated copy - контрафактный экземпляр

key copy - копия ключа

backup copy - дублирующая копия

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I'll send a copy to you. - Я пришлю вам копию.

To copy a file, press F3. - Чтобы скопировать файл, нажмите клавишу F3.

He bought a copy from a newspaper vendor. - Он купил у продавца газет один экземпляр.

When you make out the bill, please give me a copy. - Когда будешь выписывать чек, дай мне, пожалуйста, копию.

I received a comp copy of her book. - Я получил бесплатный экземпляр ее книги.

So this is just a copy? - Так это всего лишь копия (а не оригинал)?

His music was copied widely. - Его музыке многие подражали.

a faithful copy of the portrait - точная копия портрета

an advance copy of a new book - сигнальный экземпляр новой книги

Copy the file to your hard drive. - Скопируйте этот файл на жёсткий диск.

She's a carbon copy of her mother. - Она — точная копия матери. / Она — вылитая мать.

This painting is a copy of the original. - Эта картина является копией оригинала.

a slavish copy of the original - копия, слепо подражающая оригиналу

an artless copy of European art - нехитрый образец европейского искусства

Print a hard copy of the report. - Напечатайте / сделайте / бумажную копию отчета.

The hardback costs £16.99 a copy. - Книга в твёрдом переплёте стоит 16,99 фунтов за экземпляр.

The record sold a million copies. - Запись разошлась миллионным тиражом.

The speech was copied word for word. - Выступление было скопировано слово в слово.

I always keep a backup copy on disk. - Я всегда храню на диске резервную копию.

She managed to get a hold of a copy. - Ей удалось достать копию.

Free copies are available on request. - Бесплатные копии предоставляются по запросу /по требованию/.

She made a copy of the designer dress. - Она сделала копию этого дизайнерского платья.

The copy closely matches the original. - Копия точно соответствует оригиналу.

a unique copy of an ancient manuscript - уникальный образец древней рукописи

We caught him copying out of the book. - Мы застали его за списыванием из книги.

an autographed copy of his latest book - экземпляр его последней книги с автографом автора

Their competitors soon copied the idea. - Их конкуренты вскоре переняли эту идею.

I sent off for a copy of the photograph. - Я выслал копию этой фотографии.

I'll need a carbon copy of that receipt. - Мне понадобится точная копия этой квитанции.

She sent me a copy of her report by fax. - Она прислала мне по факсу копию своего отчёта.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you copy down something that someone has said or written, you write it down exactly.

If you copy down something that someone has said or written, you write it down exactly.

Связанные термины:

copy in: to send someone a copy of an email or letter being sent to another person

back copy: A back copy of a magazine or newspaper is the same as a → back issue .

body copy: the main part of an advertisement, as opposed to headlines, etc

copy boy: an employee who runs errands in a newspaper office

copy desk: a desk where copy is edited

copy down: If you copy down something that someone has said or written, you write it down exactly .

copy-edit: to prepare ( copy ) for printing by styling, correcting, etc

copy shop: a business that provides copies of documents or prints documents

copy-text: a manuscript or earlier published version of a text, used as the basis for an emended, scholarly edition

fair copy: a clean copy of a document on which all corrections have been made

hard copy: A hard copy of a document is a printed version of it, rather than a version that is stored on a computer.

show copy: a positive print of a film for use at an important presentation such as a premiere

soft copy: information that can be viewed on a computer screen rather than that which is printed on paper

top copy: (in a duplicated document) the sheet on which something is actually typed or written

carbon copy: If you say that one person or thing is a carbon copy of another, you mean that they look or behave exactly like them.

copy editor: a person whose work is editing and correcting the grammar, punctuation, etc. of articles or manuscripts, as in a newspaper office or publishing house

copy holder: one who reads aloud from the copy as the proof corrector follows the reading in the proof

copy press: a simple machine for printing many copies of a document

copy taster: a person who selects or approves text for publication, esp in a periodical

copy typist: a typist whose job is to type from written or typed drafts rather than dictation

master copy: an original copy, stencil, tape, etc, from which duplicates are made

pirate copy: an illicitly reproduced copy of a DVD, video, book, game, etc

proof copy: a copy of (a book, story, etc) made from trial impressions made from composed type, or print-outs (from a laser printer, etc) for the correction of errors

review copy: a copy of a book sent by a publisher to a journal, newspaper, etc, to enable it to be reviewed

rough copy: a preliminary version of an essay, letter, book, or speech

advance copy: a copy of a book, speech etc released to the media, reviewers, etc before it is published, delivered, etc and before it is necessarily in its final state

Chinese copy: an exact copy of an original

copy machine: a machine that copies documents or pictures

hardback copy: A copy of a book, newspaper, or CD is one of many that are exactly the same.

knocking copy: advertising or publicity material designed to denigrate a competing product

specimen copy: a copy of a document regarded as typical of that type of document

copy protection: a routine that is included in a program by its publisher to prevent the software from being duplicated except for a single backup copy

a carbon copy: a person or thing that is very similar to someone or something else

copy and paste: to copy (information in a computer document ) and put it somewhere else in the document

presentation copy: a copy of a book given by the publisher or author

copycat: A copycat crime is committed by someone who is copying someone else.

camera-ready copy: type matter ready to be photographed for plate-making without further alteration

well-thumbed copy: A copy of a book, newspaper, or CD is one of many that are exactly the same.

blind carbon (copy): a carbon copy of a letter sent to someone other than the addressee, with no indication on the original letter that such a copy has been sent

copyholder: one who reads aloud from the copy as the proof corrector follows the reading in the proof

copying machine: a machine that makes copies of original documents, esp. by xerography

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Однокоренные слова:

copy out - выписывать, делать выписки, копировать, скопировать

Связанные слова: