Noun: угол уголок край корнер
Verb: загонять в угол завернуть за угол скупать припереть к стене
Adjective: угольный


hole and corner transactions - тайные махинации

corner cube laser - лазер с уголковым отражателем

to capture / corner / monopolize a market - монополизировать рынок

to plant a police officer on every corner - поставить по полицейскому на каждом углу

puss in the corner - детская игра в "свои соседи"

at the corner of a street - на углу улицы

to take the corner of the room - занять угол комнаты

around corner - за углом

to be in a tight place / corner - быть в трудном положении

in every corner - везде, повсюду

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We turned round the corner. - Мы свернули за угол.

Take a right at the corner. - На углу поверните направо.

Just whack your bags in the corner. - Брось свои сумки в угол.

The kitten hunched in a corner. - Котёнок съёжился в углу.

A shadow flickered round the corner. - За углом мелькнула тень.

He took the corner like a rally driver. - Он завернул за угол, как настоящий гонщик.

The pull-up on the corner opens at five. - Закусочная на углу открывается в пять.

A rat will fight a man if cornered. - Если крысу загнать в угол, она нападёт на человека.

He dropped me off at the corner of the street. - Он высадил меня на углу улицы.

Drill a hole in each corner. - Просверлите отверстие в каждом из углов.

A cornered animal can be dangerous. - Животное, загнанное в угол, может быть опасным.

Later, he cornered Jenny on the stairs and asked her what was wrong. - Потом он поймал Дженни на лестнице и спросил, что не так.

a corner on the silver market - монополия на рынке серебра

the northeast corner of the state - северо-восточная область этого штата

He pushed the table into a corner. - Он оттолкнул столик в угол.

A shovel and rake stood in the corner. - Лопата и грабли стояли в углу.

He unhasped the door in the corner. - Он отпер находившуюся в углу дверь.

I spotted an empty table in the corner. - Я заметил в углу пустой столик.

A tall dark man was sitting in the corner. - В углу сидел высокий смуглый мужчина.

The spies are picarooning at every corner. - Шпионы рыскают повсюду.

One corner of the kitchen was completely blinded. - В одном углу кухни было совсем темно.

He ducked around a corner. - Он нырнул за угол.

The bus stopped at the corner. - Автобус остановился на углу.

The parade halted by a busy corner. - Парад остановился на оживлённом перекрёстке.

the northeastern corner of the state - северо-восточная область этого штата

some hidden corner within your psyche - какой-то скрытый уголок вашей души

A tear appeared in the corner of his eye. - В уголках его глаз появились слёзы.

The book will tuck into the corner of your bag. - Эта книга поместится в уголке вашей сумки.

There was a light at every corner. - На каждом углу стояли фонари.

the southeastern corner of the state - юго-восточная область этого штата

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Связанные термины:

amen corner: in some rural Protestant churches, the seats to the minister's right, once occupied by those leading the responsive amens

corner flag: a flag placed on a short pole marking a corner of a football pitch

corner kick: a free kick taken from the corner of the field after the defending side has played the ball behind their own goal line

corner rack: A corner rack is a shelving unit designed to fit into corners to maximize space .

corner shop: A corner shop is a small shop, usually on the corner of a street, that sells mainly food and household goods.

the Corner: an area in central Australia, at the junction of the borders of Queensland and South Australia

blind corner: a corner where the view of the road ahead is completely obscured or very restricted

cater-corner: US and Canadian informalanother name for cater-cornered

catty-corner: Something that is catty-corner or kitty-corner from another thing is placed or arranged diagonally from it.

coffin corner: any of the corners of a football field formed by a goal line and side line: punts are sometimes directed to a coffin corner so that the ball will go out of bounds near the opponent's goal line

corner house: a house situated on the corner of two streets

corner store: A corner store is the same as a → corner shop .

kitty-corner: [ US ] → catty-corner

short corner: a free hit from the goal line taken by the attacking side

chimney corner: a recess that contains a seat in a large open fireplace ; inglenook

hospital corner: a corner of a made-up bed in which the bedclothes have been neatly and securely folded, esp as in hospitals

neutral corner: either of the two corners of the ring not used by the boxers between rounds

penalty corner: a free hit from the goal line taken by the attacking side

clear a corner: In football, hockey, and some other sports, a corner is a free shot or kick taken from the corner of the pitch .

in your corner: supporting you and helping you

around the corner round the corner: If you say that something is around the corner, you mean that it will happen very soon . In British English, you can also say that something is round the corner .

fight your corner: to state your opinion openly and defend it strongly

hole-and-corner: furtive or secretive

round the corner: close at hand

the amen corner: the part of a church, usually to one side of the pulpit, occupied by people who lead the responsive amens during the service

turn the corner: to begin to recover from a serious illness or a difficult situation

in a tight corner: in a situation which is difficult to deal with or escape from

catty-cornered: → cater-cornered

cornerstone: The cornerstone of something is the basic part of it on which its existence, success, or truth depends .

kitty-cornered: → cater-cornered

just around the corner: about to happen

around the corner/round the corner: If you say that something is around the corner, you mean that it is very near. In British English, you can also say that something is round the corner .

in a corner/in a tight corner: If you are in a corner or in a tight corner, you are in a situation which is difficult to deal with and get out of.

paint yourself into a corner: to find yourself in a difficult situation where you have to act in a certain way

in a tight corner/in a tight spot: If you are in a tight corner or in a tight spot, you are in a difficult situation.

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Однокоренные слова:

cornered - с углами, припертый к стене, в трудном положении
cornering - движение на повороте, уголкование, угловое скольжение
cornerwise - наискось, по диагонали, образуя угол, в виде угла, углом

Связанные слова: