Noun: корова самка кита самка носорога самка слона
Verb: запугивать усмирять терроризировать


cow in / with calf - стельная корова

milk cow - молочная корова, дойная корова

silly cow - дурёха, тупая корова

to cow someone into submission - подчинить кого-л.

cow dung - навоз

elephant cow - слониха, самка слона

a cow in milk - дойная корова

poll cow - комолая корова

sweet milk taken from the cow - свежее парное молоко (молоко из-под коровы)

sea cow - ламантин, сирена

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I refuse to be cowed by their threats. - Я не позволю им запугать меня угрозами.

Don't let yourself be cowed down by the director's heavy scolding. - Не позволяй себе бояться нападок директора.

The cows need to be milked twice a day. - Коров нужно доить два раза в день.

'Moo-cow' is a child's term. - "Коровка" — это детское слово.

The protesters had been cowed into submission by the police. - К тому времени угрозы полицейских уже заставили протестующих подчиниться.

Связанные термины:

ant cow: an insect, esp an aphid, that excretes a sweet honey-like substance that is collected and eaten by ants

Cow Gum: a colourless adhesive based on a natural rubber solution

moo-cow: the mature female of any species of cattle, esp domesticated cattle

sea cow: any sirenian mammal, such as a dugong or manatee

brown cow: a drink made by mixing cola and milk

cash cow: In business, a cash cow is a product or investment that steadily continues to be profitable .

cow bail: either of two small wooden bars placed across the tops of the stumps to form the wicket

cow cocky: a dairy farmer who works alone

cow dung: cow manure

cow pilot: → sergeant major (sense 3 )

cow pony: a horse used by cowboys when herding

cow shark: any large primitive shark, esp Hexanchus griseum, of the family Hexanchidae of warm and temperate waters

cow town: a town in a cattle-ranching region, esp. one with stockyards, slaughterhouses, etc.

dairy cow: a cow which is used to produce milk

empty cow: a cow that does not produce calves during the breeding season

milch cow: a source of easy income, esp a person

cow cockies: a dairy farmer who works alone

cow college: an agricultural college

cow killer: a large velvet ant ( Dasymutilla occidentalis ) of the S and E U.S.: the wingless female has a powerful sting

cow parsley: a common Eurasian umbelliferous hedgerow plant, Anthriscus sylvestris, having umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers

cow parsnip: any tall coarse umbelliferous plant of the genus Heracleum, such as H. sphondylium of Europe and Asia, having thick stems and flattened clusters of white or purple flowers

cow pillow: (in India) a large cylindrical pillow stuffed with cotton and used for reclining rather than sleeping

cow-spanker: a dairy farmer

sacred cow: If you describe a belief, custom, or institution as a sacred cow, you disapprove of people treating it with too much respect and being afraid to criticize or question it.

a cash cow: a source of money that continues to produce a large amount of profit over a long period, without needing a lot of funding .

have a cow: to become very upset or angry

springing cow: a cow about to give birth

a sacred cow: a belief, opinion or tradition that people are not willing to criticize, question or change

cowpat: A cowpat is a pile of faeces from a cow.

spatterdock: a yellow water lily

mad cow disease: Mad cow disease is a disease which affects the nervous system of cattle and causes death .

six-gilled shark: any large primitive shark, esp Hexanchus griseum, of the family Hexanchidae of warm and temperate waters

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Однокоренные слова:

cower - приседать, сжиматься, съеживаться
cowish - медленно двигающийся, неуклюжий
cowan - непосвященный, не член масонской ложи, непрофессионал, сующий нос не в свои дела

Связанные слова: