Noun: крем сливки цвет кремовый цвет
Adjective: кремовый кремового цвета
Verb: пениться снимать сливки отстаиваться добавлять сливки


cream biscuit - печенье с кремом

almond cream - миндальный крем

cream of champagne - пена шампанского

emollient cream - смягчающий крем

ice-cream cup - вафельный стаканчик

ice-cream mould - мороженица

cream beating machine - кремовзбивальная машина

jam / cream puff - слоеное пирожное с джемом / кремом

rich cream - густые сливки

burn cream - крем от ожогов

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We ate a tub of ice cream. - Мы съели ведерко мороженого.

Whip the cream until thick. - Взбейте сливки до загустения.

We had ice cream for afters. - На сладкое мы ели мороженое.

Cream has a high fat content. - У сливок высокая жирность.

We got creamed 45-6. - Мы продули (со счётом) 45-6. / Нас разгромили со счётом 45-6.

Mix the soured cream with ketchup. - Смешайте сметану с кетчупом /томатным соусом/.

The kids binged on ice cream. - Дети объелись мороженым.

Use this cream to gently moisturize dry skin. - Использование этого крема нежно увлажняет сухую кожу.

She indulges in ice cream. - Она часто объедается мороженым.

Mummy, can I have an ice cream? - Мамочка, можно мне мороженое?

Go and buy yourself an ice cream. - Иди и купи себе мороженое.

a skin cream that contains aloe vera - крем для кожи, содержащий алоэ

The cream contains vitamin A to nourish the skin. - Крем содержит витамин А питающий кожу.

Cream with your coffee? – Yes, just a dash, please. - Тебе кофе со сливками? – Да, только чуть-чуть, пожалуйста.

a small dish of ice cream - небольшая тарелка мороженого

The cream rinses off easily. - Крем легко смывается.

She creams her face every night. - Каждый вечер она наносит на лицо крем.

Dot the cream all over your face. - Точечно нанесите крем на всю поверхность лица.

She ate the whole tub of ice cream. - Она съела целое ведёрко мороженого. (tub of ice cream - большая упаковка мороженного в пластиковом контейнере)

Skim cream from the surface of milk. - Снимите сливки с поверхности молока.

a blend of cream and eggs - смесь сливок и яиц

They pigged out on ice cream. - Они объелись мороженым.

The cream was thick and yellowy. - Сливки были густые, с желтизной.

She has a job scooping ice cream. - Она накладывает мороженое покупателям с стаканчики. (это её работа)

She dabbed some cream on her face. - Лёгким касанием она нанесла немного крема на лицо.

The ice cream ran in the warm sun. - Мороженое на солнце растаяло.

This cream soothes aching muscles. - Этот крем облегчает мышечные боли.

the plainness of vanilla ice cream - простота ванильного мороженого

He was creamed in the first round. - Он потерпел поражение в первом раунде.

He creamed the car on the turnpike. - Он всмятку разбил свою машину на автомагистрали.

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Фразовые глаголы:

To cream off part of a group of people means to take them away and treat them in a special way, because they are better than the others.

To cream off part of a group of people means to take them away and treat them in a special way, because they are better than the others.

Связанные термины:

cream jug: a small jug for serving cream

cream of: creamed puré e of

cream off: To cream off part of a group of people means to take them away and treat them in a special way, because they are better than the others.

cream tea: In Britain, a cream tea is an afternoon meal that consists of tea to drink and small cakes called scones that are eaten with jam and cream. Cream teas are served in places such as tea shops .

egg cream: a drink of chocolate syrup, soda water, and milk

eye cream: a cream used round the eyes

ice cream: Ice cream is a very cold sweet food which is made from frozen cream or a substance like cream and has a flavour such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry .

sun cream: a chemical, usually in the form of a cream, applied to exposed skin to block out all or almost all of the ultraviolet rays of the sun

cold cream: an emulsion of water and fat used cosmetically for softening and cleansing the skin

cream cake: a cake containing a filling of cream

cream puff: a shell of light pastry with a custard or cream filling

cream sauce: a white sauce made from cream, butter, etc

cream soda: a carbonated soft drink flavoured with vanilla

face cream: Face cream is a thick substance that you rub into your face in order to keep it soft.

full-cream: denoting or made with whole unskimmed milk

hair cream: a cosmetic preparation used to improve the condition of, and/or to style the hair

hand cream: a cream that you put on your hands to make them feel softer and smoother

heavy cream: Heavy cream is very thick cream.

light cream: Light cream is thin cream that does not have a lot of fat in it.

salad cream: Salad cream is a pale-yellow creamy sauce that you eat with salad.

shoe cream: cream for polishing shoes

sour cream: Sour cream is cream that has been artificially made sour by being mixed with bacteria. It is used in cooking .

barrier cream: a cream used to protect the skin, esp the hands, from dirt and from the action of oils or solvents

beauty cream: a cosmetic cream

caramel cream: a dessert made of eggs, sugar, milk, etc, topped with caramel

clotted cream: Clotted cream is very thick cream made by heating milk gently and taking the cream off the top . It is made mainly in the southwest of England.

cream cheese: Cream cheese is a very rich, soft white cheese.

cream-colored: yellowish-white

cream cracker: Cream crackers are crisp dry biscuits which are eaten with cheese.

cream sherry: a full-bodied sweet sherry

custard cream: a biscuit consisting of two layers with a filling of vanilla-flavoured paste

double cream: Double cream is very thick cream.

glacier cream: a barrier cream, esp against ultraviolet radiation, used when climbing above the snow line

pastry cream: a creamy custard, often flavoured, used as a filling for éclairs, flans, etc

shaving cream: Shaving cream is a soft soapy substance which you put on your face before you shave .

single cream: Single cream is thin cream that does not have a lot of fat in it.

soured cream: cream soured by lactic acid bacteria, used in making salads, dips, etc

vaginal cream: A vaginal cream is cream for treating vaginal infections, applied with a special applicator .

whipped cream: cream that has been beaten with a whisk or similar utensil to incorporate air and produce expansion

Bavarian cream: a cold dessert consisting of a rich custard set with gelatine and flavoured in various ways

cream-coloured: cream in colour

cream-crackered: exhausted

vanishing cream: a cosmetic cream that is colourless once applied, used as a foundation for powder or as a cleansing or moisturizing cream

whipping cream: Whipping cream is cream that becomes stiff when it is stirred very fast .

Devonshire cream: a thick cream made from scalded milk, esp in SW England

exfoliating cream: a granular cosmetic preparation that removes dead cells from the skin's surface

foundation cream: that on which something is founded; basis

ice-cream cone: a conical edible wafer for holding ice cream

ice-cream soda: An ice-cream soda is a dessert made from ice cream, fruit-flavoured syrup, and soda water. It is usually served in a tall glass.

ice-cream van: a mobile shop that sells ice cream and confectionery

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Однокоренные слова:

creamy - сливочный, кремовый, жирный
creaming - отстаивание
creamed - взбитый, сбитый, протертый, поданный под белым соусом
creamer - молочный порошок, кувшин для сливок, сливочник, кувшинчик для сливок

Связанные слова: