Adjective: кредитный
Noun: честь зачет аккредитив долг
Verb: записывать в кредит кредитовать верить доверять


commercial credit - коммерческий кредит

to smb.'s credit - к чьей-л. чести

to get a credit for a course - получить зачёт по предмету

credit crunch - ограничение кредита

to ease credit - устанавливать льготы на кредит

credit card fraud - мошенничество с кредитными картами

irrevocable unconfirmed letter of credit - неподтверждённый безотзывный аккредитив

to give credit to smb. / smth. - поверить кому-л. / чему-л.

to lose credit, to run out of credit - потерять доверие

credit of witness - доверие к свидетелю

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This is much credit to you. - Это большая честь для вас.

He is a man of (the highest) credit. - Он человек отличной репутации.

We credit your account with $100. - Мы пополним ваш счёт на сто долларов.

The book does him great credit. - Он может гордиться тем, что написал эту книгу.

Can I pay by credit card? - Могу ли я заплатить кредитной картой?

Your children really do you credit. - Вы и в самом деле можете гордиться своими детьми. / Ваши дети действительно делают вам честь.

His credit record checks out. - Его кредитная история подтверждается /прошла проверку/.

a credit card with no annual fee - кредитная карта без ежегодной платы

We found his statement hard to credit. - Его утверждение показалось нам не заслуживающим доверия.

He was given credit for his work. - Он удостоился похвалы за свою работу.

She's a credit to her profession. - Она делает честь своей профессии.

I found it a very hard tug to keep up my credit. - Мне стоило больших усилий сохранить моё доброе имя.

Insert your credit card here. - Вставьте кредитную карту сюда.

To Jamie's credit, he remained calm. - К чести Джейми, он сохранил спокойствие.

Both of them claimed credit for the idea. - Оба они приписывали себе эту идею.

In France there was no public credit, no communion of interests. - Во Франции не было общественного доверия, не было общности интересов.

The credit of inventing coined money has been claimed for the Persians. - Честь изобретения чеканных монет приписывали персам.

Most new cars are bought on credit. - Большинство новых автомобилей покупается в кредит.

Neither of them possessed a credit card. - Ни у кого из них не было кредитной карты.

He got involved in a credit card scam. - Он был втянут в аферу с кредитными картами.

Her success redounds to the credit of her teachers. - Её успех делает честь её учителям.

Charges like these may seem to deserve some degree of credit. - Может показаться, что подобные обвинения заслуживают известного доверия.

We happily accept credit cards. - Мы с радостью /охотно/ принимаем кредитные карты.

Farm Credit Administration - Администрация по делам фермерского кредита (в США)

Commodity Credit Corporation - Ведомство по выдаче кредитов на производство первичных товаров

The bank canceled my credit card. - Банк аннулировал мою кредитную карту.

We accept all major credit cards. - Мы принимаем все основные кредитные карты.

the bank's newly issued credit card - недавно выпущенная данным банком кредитная карта

National Credit Union Administration - Национальная администрация кредитных союзов (в США)

The store doesn't accept credit cards. - Магазин не принимает кредитные карты.

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Связанные термины:

on credit: with payment to be made at a future date

credit card: A credit card is a plastic card that you use to buy goods on credit. Comparecharge card .

credit hour: A credit hour is a credit that a school or college awards to students who have completed a course of study.

credit line: an acknowledgment of origin or authorship, as in a newspaper or film

credit memo: A credit memo is an official written acknowledgement that money is owed back to a customer .

credit note: A credit note is a piece of paper that a shop gives you when you return goods that you have bought from it. It states that you are entitled to take goods of the same value without paying for them.

credit risk: a person or institution judged to be unlikely to be able to repay a loan

credit side: the side of a balance sheet showing income and assets

credit slip: A credit slip is the same as a → credit note .

credit swap: A credit swap is a kind of insurance against credit risk where a third party agrees to pay a lender if the loan defaults, in exchange for receiving payments from the lender.

tax credit: A tax credit is an amount of money on which you do not have to pay tax.

carbon credit: Carbon credits are an allowance that certain companies have, permitting them to burn a certain amount of fossil fuels .

credit agency: an agency that checks whether people are able to pay for goods and services they wish to buy on credit, and provides them with a credit rating

credit bureau: an agency that is a clearinghouse for information on the credit rating of individuals or firms

credit check: a check performed by a company selling goods on credit to establish if a potential customer is creditworthy

credit crunch: A credit crunch is a period during which there is a sudden reduction in the amount of money that banks and other lenders have available to lend .

credit entry: an accounting entry showing income or capital assets

credit limit: the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

credit rating: Your credit rating is a judgment of how likely you are to pay money back if you borrow it or buy things on credit.

credit sales: sales for which the customer does not need to pay immediately

credit score: A borrower's credit score is a number calculated by a credit bureau to express how likely they are to be able to pay back their loans .

credit terms: the terms and conditions under which an institution extends credit to a person

credit titles: a list of those responsible for the production of a film or television programme

credit union: a cooperative association whose members can obtain low-interest loans out of their combined savings

export credit: a loan extended to an importer by a bank in the country of the exporter in order to finance an export operation

family credit: (formerly, in Britain) a means-tested allowance paid to low-earning families with one or more dependent children and one or both parents in work: replaced by Working Families' Tax Credit in 1999

Social Credit: (esp in Canada ) a right-wing populist political party, movement, or doctrine based on the socioeconomic theories of Major C. H. Douglas ; the federal party in Canada was dissolved in 1993

store credit: A store credit is a document offered by a store to a customer who returns an item not eligible for a refund . It can be used to buy other goods at the store.

advanced credit: credit toward a degree allowed to a student by a college for courses taken elsewhere or for high scores on preliminary examinations

consumer credit: Consumer credit is money that is lent to people by organizations such as banks, building societies, and shops so that they can buy things.

credit account: a credit system by means of which customers may obtain goods and services before payment

credit balance: the amount of money that a client of a financial institution has in his or her account, in securities, etc

credit charges: the charges applied by credit card companies to customers buying goods on credit

credit control: (in a business) the practice of maximizing revenue by making sure that customers are a good credit risk

credit-crunched: adversely affected by a credit crunch

credit history: a record of how promptly a person pays back loans, credits, etc, over time

credit manager: a person employed in a business firm to administer credit service to its customers, esp. to evaluate the extension and amount of credit to be granted

credit squeeze: the control of credit facilities as an instrument of economic policy, associated with restrictions on bank loans and overdrafts, raised interest rates, etc

credit standing: reputation for discharging financial obligations

credit transfer: A credit transfer is a direct payment of money from one bank account into another.

do credit to: to bring approval or honor to

commercial credit: credit issued by a bank to a business to finance trading or manufacturing operations

confirmed credit: a letter that a buyer can request from their bank to confirm to the seller of something that they will receive payment

credit facilities: a type of loan made by a bank

give credit to: to have confidence or trust in; believe

line of credit: a declaration by a bank that it will extend credit to a borrower up to a specified maximum amount

revolving credit: a letter of credit for a fixed sum, specifying that the beneficiary may make repeated use of the credit provided that the fixed sum is never exceeded

to sb's credit: If something is to someone's credit, they deserve praise for it.

universal credit: (in Britain ) a state benefit to assist people who are unemployed or have a low income

Bank Giro Credit: a British giro system operated by clearing banks to enable customers to pay sums of money to others by credit transfer

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Однокоренные слова:

creditable - похвальный, делающий честь
creditor - кредитор
discredit - дискредитация, сомнение, недоверие, дискредитировать, позорить, не доверять
credited - пользующийся доверием, получивший кредит
crediting - кредитование

Связанные слова: