Noun: чашка чаша кубок чашечка
Verb: придавать чашевидную форму ставить банки


china cup - фарфоровая чашка

breaker cup - наковальня прерывателя

cup brush - чашечная проволочная щётка; чашкообразная щётка

burner cup - распылительная головка

centering cup - центрирующий колокольчик; центрирующее кольцо

cup of char - стакан чаю

chick-walled cup - толстостенная гильза

cup chin in hands - подпереть ладонями подбородок

the cup has a chip - на чашке щербина

cup and cone fracture - чашечный излом

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He drank a cup of coffee - Он выпил чашку кофе

Would you like another cup? - Хотите еще чашечку?

Will you stay for a cup of tea? - Вы останетесь на чашечку чая?

Would you like another cup of tea? - Хотите ещё чашечку чая?

Let's go and have a cup of coffee. - Давайте пойдём выпьем по чашечке кофе.

I sat with my chin cupped in my hand. - Я сидел, обхватив рукой подбородок.

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. - Он обхватил её лицо руками и поцеловал.

Germany's World Cup team - сборная Германии на чемпионате мира

Think you're winning a cup, Sir. - Думаю, сэр, Вы выиграете кубок.

They've won the European Cup twice. - Они дважды выиграли Кубок Европы.

He cupped his mouth with his hands and shouted at us. - Он сложил ладони рупором и закричал на нас.

The dispatcher cupped his hand to my ear and shouted. - Диспетчер приложил руку к моему уху и закричал.

Jazz just isn't my cup of tea - I prefer classical music. - Джаз не в моём вкусе, я предпочитаю классическую музыку.

She held it in the cup of her hand. - Она держала это на ладони.

He borrowed a cup of sugar. - Он взял взаймы стакан сахара.

put the flag back in the cup - поставить флаг обратно в лунку (о гольфе)

The winner will take home the cup. - Победитель увезёт этот кубок домой.

He put the cup back in the saucer. - Он поставил чашку обратно на блюдце.

The handle of the cup was missing. - У чашки не хватало ручки.

He's gone to get me some fruit cup. - Он отошёл, чтобы принести мне коктейль "фрут-кап" /фруктовый коктейль/. (брит. fruit cup — коктейль с фруктами на основе джина или водки)

Bees filled the waxen cups with honey. - Пчёлы наполнили эти восковые "чашечки" мёдом.

He wore a jock strap with a metal cup. - Он носил спортивный бандаж /"ракушку"/ с металлической чашкой.

They drank cheap wine from plastic cups. - Они выпили дешёвое вино из пластиковых стаканчиков.

Helen took the coffee cups into the kitchen. - Елена отнесла кофейные чашки на кухню.

She put her cup and saucer down on the table. - Она поставила чашку с блюдцем на стол.

Mathew picked up the cup and sipped his coffee. - Мэтью поднял чашку и отпил кофе.

The school kept the cups is a special glass case. - В школе эти кубки хранились на специальной витрине.

I had to cup my hand to my ear in order to hear him. - Мне пришлось приставить к уху руку, чтобы его услышать.

He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted at us. - Он сложил руки рупором и заорал на нас.

Luke was sitting at his desk, one hand cupping his chin. - Люк сидел за своим столом, обхватив рукой подбородок.

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Связанные термины:

FA Cup: an annual knockout competition for a silver trophy, open to all member teams of the Football Association

cup tie: In sports, especially football, a cup tie is a match between two teams who are taking part in a competition in which the prize is a cup.

egg cup: An egg cup is a small container in which you put a boiled egg while you eat it.

elf-cup: any of various cup-shaped ascomycetous fungi of the order Pezizales, often strikingly coloured, such as the orange-peel elf-cup ( Aleuria aurantia ), which is bright orange inside and dirty white outside, and the scarlet elf-cup ( Sarcoscypha coccinea )

tin cup: a cup made out of tin, esp. one used by beggars to solicit money

acorn cup: the woody cuplike base that holds the nut from an oak tree

cup coral: any of several species of coral in which the polyp forms and houses itself in a cup-shaped depression in the skeleton

Cup Final: the final of any cup competition

cup size: a measurement of the parts of a bra that actually hold the breasts

cup-tied: (of a team) unable to play another fixture because of involvement in a cup tie

Davis Cup: an annual international lawn tennis championship for men's teams

dice cup: a container, usually cylindrical and open at the top, in which dice are shaken to give them a random position and from which they are then thrown or rolled

Dixie cup: a small disposable paper cup

fruit cup: a variety of fruits served in a cup or glass as an appetizer or dessert

grace cup: a cup, as of wine, passed around at the end of the meal for the final toast

paper cup: a disposable drinking cup made of paper

Ryder Cup: → the Ryder Cup

sippy cup: infant's drinking cup with a tight-fitting lid and perforated spout

World Cup: an international competition held between national teams in various sports, most notably association football

claret cup: an iced drink made of claret, brandy, lemon, sugar, and sometimes sherry, Curaçao, etc

coffee cup: A coffee cup is a cup in which coffee is served . Coffee cups are usually smaller than tea cups.

cup-holder: a device for holding a cup upright, esp in a motor vehicle

custard cup: a heat-resistant porcelain or glass cup in which an individual custard is baked

grease cup: a container that stores grease and feeds it through a small hole into a bearing

loving cup: a large vessel, usually two-handled, out of which people drink in turn at a banquet

painted cup: → Indian paintbrush

Stanley Cup: (in North America) the trophy presented annually to the champions of the National Hockey League

stirrup cup: a cup containing an alcoholic drink offered to a horseman ready to ride away

suction cup: a cup-shaped device made of flexible material that is used to draw out a substance or adhere to a non-porous surface by means of suction

America's Cup: an international yachting trophy, first won by the schooner America in 1851 and held as a challenge trophy by the New York Yacht Club until 1983

badminton cup: a long refreshing drink of claret with soda water and sugar

Bledisloe Cup: a trophy competed for, usually annually, by New Zealand and Australia since 1932

bouillon cup: a small, bowl-shaped vessel, with two handles, in which bouillon is served

Calcutta Cup: a trophy competed for annually by England and Scotland since 1879

communion cup: a chalice from which a communicant drinks

cup of tea: a favorite or well-suited thing, activity, etc.

measuring cup: a standard cup, usually one holding either 8 oz or 16 oz, with marks to show fractional amounts and with a lip for pouring, used to measure ingredients in cooking, esp. liquid ingredients

Melbourne Cup: an annual horse race run in Melbourne, since 1861

moustache cup: a cup with a partial cover to protect a drinker's moustache

half-cup bra: a bra that covers three-quarters of the breasts rather than all of the breasts

huntsman's-cup: any of various pitcher plants of the genus Sarracenia, whose leaves are modified to form tubular pitchers

the Cup Final: the annual final of the FA Cup soccer competition, played at Wembley, or the Scottish Cup, played at Hampden Park

the Ryder Cup: the trophy awarded in a professional golfing competition between teams representing Europe and the US

teacup: A teacup is a cup that you use for drinking tea.

one's cup of tea: one's chosen or preferred thing, task, company, etc

death cap: a poisonous woodland saprotrophic basidiomycetous fungus, Amanita phalloides, differing from the edible mushroom ( Agaricus ) only in its white gills (pinkish-brown in Agaricus ) and the presence of a volva

something is not your cup of tea: said to mean that you are not very interested in something

sb's cup of tea not your cup of tea: If you say that someone or something is not your cup of tea, you mean that they are not the kind of person or thing that you like.

there is many a slip twixt cup and lip: said to mean that a plan may easily go wrong before it is completed, and you can never be sure of what will happen

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Однокоренные слова:

cupful - полная чашка
cupping - применение банок
cupped - чашевидный, имеющий форму чаши, чашеобразный
cupper - игра на кубок между колледжами Оксфордского университета

Связанные слова: