Noun: конец


a chink in the curtains - щель в шторах

bed curtains - балдахин; полог

the sun has faded the curtains - занавески выгорели на солнце

do you like the hang of the curtains - вам нравится, как повешены занавески

trouser curtains - подкладка пояса брюк

window-curtains - оконные занавески

bead curtains - toffee strings

beef curtains - гениталии

faded curtains - выцветшие шторы

draw to the curtains - задёрнуть занавески

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She closed the curtains. - Она закрыла шторы.

New curtains will cozy the room up. - С новыми занавесками комната будет уютнее.

Ella drew the curtains and switched the light on. - Элла задернула шторы и включила свет.

The yellow curtains contrast with the blue bedcover. - Жёлтые занавески контрастируют с голубым покрывалом.

The curtains are made of expensive fabric. - Эти шторы сшиты из дорогой ткани.

The curtains are so thin that the light shines through. - Занавески настолько тонки, что сквозь них проходит свет.

Did you measure the windows before buying the curtains? - Ты измерила окна, прежде чем покупать занавески?

Shall I open the curtains? - Мне открыть занавески?

He swept the curtains aside. - Он отдёрнул занавески в сторону.

Bright curtains will help the room. - Яркие занавески оживят комнату.

The curtains undulated. - Шторы колыхались.

Are those curtains lined? - Эти шторы на подкладке?

She made the curtains herself. - Она сама смастерила эти занавески.

The sun had faded the curtains. - Занавески выгорели на солнце.

The curtains aren't quite level. - Шторы висят не совсем на одном уровне.

The breeze fluttered the curtains. - Ветерок развевал занавески.

A breeze blew the curtains inwards. - Ветерок задул занавески внутрь.

The curtains were an inch too short. - Шторы были на дюйм короче, чем нужно.

Curtains separated the hospital beds. - Больничные койки были отделены друг от друга занавесками.

The breeze made the curtains flutter. - Лёгкий ветерок развевал занавески.

A gentle breeze stirred the curtains. - Занавески раздувал лёгкий ветерок.

It was a plain room with no curtains. - Это была простая комната без занавесок.

Flames were licking (at) the curtains. - Пламя лизало шторы.

The new curtains add charm to the room. - Новые занавески добавляют помещению шарма.

I washed the curtains and starched them. - Я постирала и накрахмалила занавески.

Curtains and walls were color coordinated. - Цвета штор и стен сочетались между собой.

The curtains repeat the wallpaper pattern. - Узор на занавесках повторяет узор на обоях.

It will be curtains for us if we're caught. - Если нас поймают, нам крышка.

She opened the curtains to let in the light. - Она распахнула шторы, чтобы впустить в комнату свет.

the bright yellow coloration of the curtains - ярко-жёлтая расцветка штор

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Связанные термины:

curtain: Curtains are large pieces of material which you hang from the top of a window.

cafe curtains: short, straight curtains, esp. for covering the lower part of a window, hung from a rod by means of sliding rings

it's curtains: said to mean that it is the end of something

net curtains: curtains made of a thin light mesh fabric of cotton, nylon, or other fibre

chintz curtains: curtains made of chintz

blackout curtains: thick, lined curtains designed to shut out all daylight and keep a room in complete darkness

act curtain: a curtain for closing the proscenium opening between acts or scenes

air curtain: an air stream across a doorway to exclude draughts, etc

café curtain: a short curtain suspended directly downward from a series of rings sliding on a horizontal rod so as to cover the lower and sometimes upper portions of a window

door curtain: a curtain that fills a doorway

drop curtain: a curtain that is suspended from the flies and can be raised and lowered onto the stage

fire curtain: theatreanother name for safety curtain

Iron Curtain: People referred to the border that separated the Soviet Union and the communist countries of Eastern Europe from the Western European countries as the Iron Curtain .

net curtain: Net curtains are curtains made of thin cloth that people hang across their windows to stop people outside seeing into their houses in the daytime .

bamboo curtain: (esp in the 1950s and 1960s) the political and military barrier to communications around the People's Republic of China

final curtain: → the final curtain

glass curtain: a transparent or translucent curtain covering the interior of a window opening

safety curtain: a curtain made of fireproof material that can be lowered to separate the auditorium and stage in a theatre to prevent the spread of a fire

shower curtain: a plastic curtain which covers the entrance to a shower

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Однокоренные слова:

curtain - занавес, занавеска, завеса, конец, крышка, занавесить, занавешивать, завешивать

Связанные слова: