Noun: кривизна искривление изгиб кривая


center of curvature - центр кривизны

flight path curvature - кривизна траектории полета

angle of curvature - угол кривизны, угол изгиба

saddle-shaped curvature - седлообразная кривизна

upper curvature - верхняя кривизна

vectorial curvature - векторная кривизна

zero curvature - нулевая кривизна

course curvature - линия отклонения от курса

space curvature - пространственная кривая

degree of curvature - порядок кривой

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the curvature of the Earth's surface - кривизна поверхности Земли

a disease that can cause curvature of the spine - заболевание, которое может вызвать искривление позвоночника

The machine measures the eyeball's degree of curvature. - Данный аппарат измеряет степень кривизны глазного яблока.

Связанные термины:

curvature of field: a monochromatic aberration of a lens or other optical system in which the focal surface is curved, the refracted image of an object oriented perpendicular to the axis of the lens lying on a curved surface rather than in a plane perpendicular to the axis

curvature of space: a property of space near massive bodies in which their gravitational field causes light to travel along curved paths

centre of curvature: the point on the normal at a given point on a curve on the concave side of the curve whose distance from the point on the curve is equal to the radius of curvature

radius of curvature: the absolute value of the reciprocal of the curvature of a curve at a given point; the radius of a circle the curvature of which is equal to that of the given curve at that point

curvature of the spine: a condition in which the spine is abnormally curved

Однокоренные слова:

incurvature - сгибание

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