Verb: резать вырезать резаться отрезать
Noun: сокращение снижение разрез порез
Adjective: отрезанный сниженный нарезанный порезанный


to cut costs to the bone - снизить цены до минимума

to cut / reduce a budget - сократить смету, урезать смету

to cut / slip one's cable - отдать концы, умереть

to chum the fish with cut-up shrimp - приманивать рыбу измельчёнными креветками

to cut in a circuit - включаться в цепь

to cut / break / sever the connection - порвать всякую связь, разорвать отношения

cross-cut file - поперечный напильник

to cut one's finger - порезать себе палец

to cut the hedge - стричь (живую) изгородь

to cut across the field - пойти напрямик через поле

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This knife cuts well. - Этот нож хорошо режет.

Cut the cake. - Разрежь пирог.

I had a cut finger. - Я порезал палец.

The meat cuts easily. - Это мясо легко режется.

The baby cut a tooth. - У малыша прорезался зуб.

The actor's agent gets a 10 percent cut. - Агент этого актёра получает десять процентов комиссии.

The knife does not cut. - Нож не режет.

Cut the orange in half. - Разрежьте апельсин пополам.

Do you want me to cut the cake? - Ты хочешь, чтобы я разрезал торт?

We spoke to her, but she cut us. - Мы заговорили с ней, но она сделала вид, что не заметила нас.

This bread cuts easily. - Этот хлеб легко режется.

The boat cut the water. - Корабль разрезал водяную гладь.

Put a bandage on that cut. - Наложите на порез повязку.

I cut myself while shaving. - Я порезался, когда брился.

Who has cut the tablecloth? - Кто прорезал скатерть?

Let's cut for dealer. - Давайте снимем колоду и определим, кто будет сдавать.

Let's cut across the field. - Давайте срежем (дорогу) через поле.

This cuts into my earnings. - Это урезает мои доходы.

The new tooth is cutting. - Прорезывается новый зуб.

He's always cutting class. - Он постоянно прогуливает.

Cut along the dotted line. - Разрежьте вдоль пунктирной линии.

He is a cut above the rest. - Он на голову выше /гораздо лучше/ всех остальных. (идиом. a cut above — гораздо лучше кого-либо по какому-либо признаку)

He uses the ax to cut wood. - С помощью этого топора он рубит дрова.

Cut the report to four pages. - Сократите доклад до четырёх страниц.

Make a small cut in the paper. - Проделайте в бумаге небольшой разрез /надрез/.

Jane cut the cord with a knife. - Джейн разрезала шнур /верёвку/ ножом.

He put a bandage over the cut. - Он наложил на порез повязку.

a two-inch cut in the cloth - двухдюймовый разрез в ткани

He cut his chin while shaving. - Он порезал подбородок, когда брился.

She fell and cut her head open. - Она упала и раскроила себе голову.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

precut: any precut item

price cut: a reduction in the price of a good or service

cut in: If you cut in on someone, you interrupt them when they are speaking.

cut it: If you say that someone can't cut it, you mean that they do not have the qualities needed to do a task or cope with a situation .

cut up: If you cut something up, you cut it into several pieces.

cut off: If you cut something off, you remove it with a knife or a similar tool .

cut out: If you cut something out, you remove or separate it from what surrounds it using scissors or a knife .

low-cut: Low-cut dresses and blouses do not cover the top part of a woman's chest.

pay cut: a decrease in pay or salary

tax cut: a reduction made by the government in the amount of tax that people pay

boot-cut: (of trousers ) slightly flared at the bottom of the legs

brush cut: → crew cut

buzz cut: a close-cut haircut, carried out with an electric razor

clean-cut: A man or boy who is clean-cut has a neat, tidy appearance.

clear-cut: Something that is clear-cut is easy to recognize and quite distinct .

crew cut: A crew cut is a hairstyle in which the hair is cut very short .

cut along: to hurry off

cut back: If you cut back something such as expenditure or cut back on it, you reduce it.

cut dead: to snub completely

cut down: If you cut down on something or cut down something, you use or do less of it.

cut glass: Cut glass is glass that has patterns cut into its surface.

cut-grass: any grass (esp. Leersia oryzoides ) having tiny hooks along the edges of the blades that cause scratches on the human skin

cut loose: to become free from the influence or authority of other people

cut lunch: a sandwich lunch carried from home to work, school, etc

cut-offs: Cut-offs are short pants made by cutting part of the legs off old pants.

cut-price: Cut-price goods or services are cheaper than usual .

cut-rate: Cut-rate goods or services are cheaper than usual .

cut short: to stop abruptly before the end

cut time: → alla breve

final cut: the final edited version of a film, approved by the director and producer

fine-cut: (of tobacco ) finely cut or shredded

half-cut: partially severed or divided

jump cut: a break in continuity in the normal sequence of shots

navy cut: tobacco finely cut from a block

open cut: an excavation made in the open rather than in a tunnel

power cut: A power cut is a period of time when the electricity supply to a particular building or area is stopped, sometimes deliberately.

razor cut: a fluffy hairstyle, usually tapering at the neck, trimmed by a razor

ready-cut: (of wood, tiles, glass, etc) cut to size before being sold

rose-cut: (of a gemstone ) cut with a hemispherical faceted crown and a flat base

rough-cut: a first edited version of a film with the scenes in sequence and the soundtrack synchronized

short cut: A short cut is a quicker way of getting somewhere than the usual route.

step cut: a cut consisting of a rectangular girdle, often faceted, with two or more tiers of narrow facets running parallel to the girdle on both the crown and the pavilion : used esp. in stones in which color is more important than brilliance

water cut: The water cut is the ratio of the water which is produced in a well compared to the volume of the total liquids produced.

bastard cut: (of a file ) having medium teeth ; intermediate between a coarse cut and a fine cut

bikini cut: a horizontal surgical incision in the lower abdomen, often used for a hysterectomy or a Cesarean delivery, so called because it leaves a less noticeable scar than does a vertical incision

branch cut: a method for selecting a single-valued function on a subset of the domain of a multiple-valued function of a complex variable

crinkle-cut: (of chips or crisps ) having a striated or furrowed surface

Culebra Cut: the SE section of the Panama Canal, cut through Culebra Mountain . Length: about 13 km (8 miles)

cut across: If an issue or problem cuts across the division between two or more groups of people, it affects or matters to people in all the groups.

cut corners: to save time, money or effort by not following the correct procedure or rules for doing something

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Однокоренные слова:

cut away - срезать, отрезать, обкалывать, удалять, убегать, отрезать что-л.
cut back - возвращаться, идти обратно, повторить данный ранее кадр
cut down - урезать, сокращать, рубить, вырубать, свернуть, сражать, губить, ушивать одежду
cut in - врубать, врезать, включать, вклиниваться между машинами
cut off - отрезать, обрезать, отсекать, прерывать, выключать, отстригать, обрезывать
cut out - вырезать, выключать, выкраивать, выпиливать, кроить, раскраивать, вытеснять
cut over - вырубать лес
cut under - продавать дешевле
cut up - разрезать, раскритиковать, взрезать, подрывать, разрубать на куски, уничтожать

Связанные слова: