Noun: цилиндр баллон барабан валик
Adjective: цилиндрический


to charge a cylinder - заполнять баллон

oxygen cylinder - кислородный баллон

gas cylinder - баллон для сжатого газа

cylinder head - крышка цилиндра

cylinder block - блок цилиндров

light-collecting cylinder - светособирающий цилиндр

mapping cylinder - цилиндр отображения

measurable cylinder - измеримый цилиндр

oblique cylinder - наклонный цилиндр

parametrized cylinder - параметризованный цилиндр

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He used oil or grease to lubricate the cylinder. - Для смазки цилиндров он пользовался маслом или жиром.

true up the cylinder of an engine - отрегулировать цилиндр двигателя

calculate the volume of a cylinder - вычислить объём цилиндра

Then the cylinder is rotated 180 degrees. - Затем цилиндр поворачивается на сто восемьдесят градусов.

The gases are stored in cylinders. - Газы хранятся в баллонах.

Связанные термины:

air cylinder: a cylinder containing air, esp one fitted with a piston and used for damping purposes

cylinder head: the detachable metal casting that fits onto the top of a cylinder block . In an engine it contains part of the combustion chamber and in an overhead-valve four-stroke engine it houses the valves and their operating mechanisms

cylinder seal: a cylindrical seal of stone, clay, or precious stone decorated with linear designs, found in the Middle East and Balkans: dating from about 6000 bc

gas cylinder: a pressurised container used to store liquefied petroleum gas

six-cylinder: having six chambers in a reciprocating internal-combustion engine, pump, or compressor within which the pistons move

twin-cylinder: (of an engine) having twin cylinders

two-cylinder: (of an engine) having two cylinders

cylinder barrel: the metal casting containing a cylinder of a reciprocating internal-combustion engine

cylinder block: the metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling channels or fins of a reciprocating internal-combustion engine

cylinder liner: A cylinder liner is a thin-walled hard metal cylinder inserted into a cylinder block of an engine and in which the piston runs .

cylinder press: a printing machine on which the type forme is carried on a flat bed under a revolving paper-bearing cylinder

master cylinder: a large cylinder in a hydraulic system in which the working fluid is compressed by a piston enabling it to drive one or more slave cylinders

oxygen cylinder: a metal cylinder containing oxygen under pressure

pitch cylinder: an imaginary cylinder passing through, and coaxial with, the threads of a screw so that its intersection with opposite flanks of any groove is equal to half the thread pitch

slave cylinder: a small cylinder containing a piston that operates the brake shoes or pads in hydraulic brakes or the working part in any other hydraulically operated system

cylinder capacity: the cylinder volume that is swept by the pistons of an internal-combustion engine

graduated cylinder: a thin, cylindrical container that is scaled, usually in milliliters: used as in a laboratory to measure and pour exact amounts of a liquid

opposed-cylinder: (of an internal-combustion engine) having cylinders on opposite sides of the crankcase in the same plane

vascular cylinder: → stele (sense 3 )

hot-water cylinder: a vertical cylindrical tank for storing hot water, esp an insulated one made of copper used in a domestic hot-water system

cylinder head gasket: (in an automobile engine) a gasket placed between the cylinder and the cylinder heads to avoid leaks of coolant and compression

cylinder vacuum cleaner: a type of vacuum cleaner in which dirt, dust, etc, is sucked into a hard cylinder rather than a bag

crown saw: a hollow cylinder with cutting teeth forming a rotary saw for trepanning

flatbed press: a printing machine on which the type forme is carried on a flat bed under a revolving paper-bearing cylinder

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