Noun: папа папочка


deadbeat dad / mom - неплательщик / неплательщица алиментов

dad-blasted - проклятый

dad-blamed - проклятый

grand-dad - дедушка

ho dad - скучный тип; хвастун; зануда

ho-dad - скучный тип; хвастун; зануда

mom and dad - родители; предки

dad-fuel interface - поверхность раздела между оболочкой тепловыделяющего элемента и ядерным топливом

deadbeat dad - неплательщик алиментов; алиментщик

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Her mom and dad both said she can't go. - Её мама и папа оба сказали, что она не сможет пойти.

My dad did most of the cooking for dinner because he usually got home earlier than my mom. - Большую часть еды для ужина готовил папа, потому что он обычно возвращался домой раньше мамы.

Связанные термины:

do-dad: an unnamed thing, esp an object the name of which is unknown or forgotten

dad bod: an untoned and slightly plump male physique, esp one considered attractive

Dad rock: a type of classic rock music that tends to appeal to adults, often played by middle-aged musicians

dad dancing: enthusiastic but inelegant dancing to pop music, regarded as typical of middle-aged men

NASCAR dad: a stereotypical representation of a White working-class American male with a family

Dad's army: an affectionate or humorous term for the British Home Guard during World War II

deadbeat dad: a father who neglects his responsibilities as a parent, esp. one who does not pay child support to his estranged wife

Dad and Dave: stereotypes of the unsophisticated rural dweller before World War II

ho-daddy: one who engages in the sport of surfing or, esp., one who spends much time on beaches with surfers for vicarious excitement

granddad: → grandfather

mum-and-dad investor: a small-scale non-professional investor

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